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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


· Fogarty, member, Computing Peer Review College, since 1996 (re-elected 2000).
· Fogarty, principal investigator, Research Project GR/J71687, £59,585, 1994-97.
· Josephs, principal investigator, Research Project GR/M51567, £46,590, 1999-2000.
· Josephs, co-investigator, Research Project GR/H77736, £116,102, 1993-96.
· Nissanke, principal investigator, Research Project GR/L72459, £42,490, 1998-99.
· Whitty, member, Computing Peer Review College, since 1994 (re-elected 1996).
· Whitty, principal investigator, Research Project GR/K85025, £118,309, 1996-98.
· Whitty, principal investigator, Research Project GR/J18880, £333,791, 1993-96.

EC Framework Programmes

· Bowen, reviewer of IST project (MATISSE), 2000-03.
· Bowen, ProCoS, ESPRIT Working Group 8694, FP3, 120,000 ECU, 1994-97.
· Bowen, ProCoRSYS, ESPRIT KIT, EC-KIT142, 66,000 ECU, 1994-1997.
· Bowen, ProCoS-US, ESPRIT/NSF, EC-US027, 25,000 ECU, 1993-97.
· Bowen, UNU/IIST, ESPRIT KIT, EC-KIT010, 39,000 ECU, 1993-98.
· Fogarty, evaluator for FP4.
· Fogarty, DREAM, IST-1999-12679, FP5, 125,000 Euro, 2000-03.
· Fogarty, EvoNet, IST-1999-14087, FP5, 700,000 Euro, 2000-03.
· Fogarty, INGENET, Brite Euram subcontract, FP4, 36,000 ECU, 1997-2001.
· Fogarty, EvoNet, ESPRIT LTR Project 20.996, FP4, 650,000 ECU, 1996-2000.
· Fogarty, Surface Inspection of Rolled Steel, ECSC, FP4, 252,000 ECU, 1996-99.
· Hashim, evaluator and raporteur for FP4 and for the DTI.
· Hashim, TALENT, ESPRIT Project 22.151, FP4, 2,380,000 ECU, 1996-99.
· Hashim, PrOMInent, ESPRIT Project 23.009, FP3, 100,000 ECU, 1996-97.
· Josephs, ACiD-WG, IST-1999-29119, FP5, 465,000 Euro, 2000-04.
· Josephs, ACiD-WG, ESPRIT Microelectronics Project 21.949, FP4, 275,000 ECU, 1996-2000.

Other Research Awards and Research Consultancy

· Abdallah, British Council in Greece Academic Research Collaboration grant with matching support from the University of Athens, 1997-2000.
· Abdallah, British Council in Portugal Academic Research Collaboration grant with matching support from the Portuguese Ministry of Education, 1999-2000.
· Bowen, consultant to Collections Access project (DCF11) awarded £241,000 from UK Government Designation Challenge Fund, 1999-2002.
· Bowen, NATO Collaborative Grant (CARE4HW) for US/European travel, 1996-99.
· Fogarty, Hewlett-Packard External Research Programme, £138,000, 1995-97.
· Josephs, consultant to IBM UK Labs. on the development of formal specifications, 1990-96.
· Long, Debis IT Services UK Ltd., £12,000, 2000.
· Nissanke, Rockwell Collins (UK) Ltd., £26,000 and £30,000, 1996-97.
· Whitty, BT Laboratories, £33,000 and £19,500, 1996-97.
· Whitty, miscellaneous industrial consultancy, £8,000, 1996-97.
· Whitty, Engineering Foresight Award, Royal Academy of Engineering, £29,000, 1996-97.

Teaching Company Scheme

· Bowen, project with Polyhedron Software (TCS2078) £65,000, 1996-98.
· Long, six projects, based at the following companies: Accurate Business Solutions (TCS2482) £67,000, 1998-2002; Finsoft (TCS2603) £70,000, 1998-2000, and (TCS3403) £134,000, 2001-04; DPR Consulting (TCS2712), £142,000, 1999-2003; MediaTel (TCS2979), £134,000, 2000-03; New Information Paradigms (TCS3006), £123,000, 2000-04.

Editorships of International Journals

· Bowen, guest editor, two special issues of Museum International on "Museums and the Internet", 1999 and 2000.
· Bowen, guest member of Editorial Board, special issue of Theoretical Computer Science on "Dependable Computing", 2000.
· Fogarty, member of Editorial Board of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, since 1999.
· Fogarty, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, since 1998.
· Fogarty, member of Editorial Board of the Soft Computing Research Journal, since 1996.
· Fogarty, member of Editorial Board of Evolutionary Computation, since 1993.
· Josephs, guest editor, special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE on "Asynchronous Circuits & Systems", 1999.
· Plaks, guest editor, special issue of Journal of Supercomputing on „Engineering of Reconfigurable Hardware/Software Objects", to appear in 2001.
· Plaks, guest editor, special issue of Parallel Algorithms and Applications on "Advanced Regular Array Design", 2000.
· Whitty, Reviews Editor of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, until 1998.

Other National and International Committees

· Bowen, chair, Z User Group, since 1993.
· Bowen, corresponding member, ANSI X3J21 Tech. Comm. on Formal Description Techniques.
· Bowen, corresponding member, EWICS TC7 Tech. Comm. on Safety, Reliability and Security.
· Bowen, invited member, IEEE Technical Segment Committee on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems.
· Bowen, invited member, IEEE Software Engineering Standards Committee Safety Study Group.
· Bowen, invited member, IEEE Complexity in Computing Technical Committee.
· Bowen, member, IEEE Software Engineering Technical Council.
· Fogarty, member, Executive Board of the Int'l Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, since 1999.
· Fogarty, member, IEE Professional Committee on Neural and Evolutionary Computation, since 1999.
· Fogarty, member, Executive Committee of the Cluster of Networks of Excellence in Computational Intelligence (CoIL), since 1999.
· Josephs, member, Steering Committee of the IEEE Int'l Symposia on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits & Systems (Async), since 1996.
· Josephs, member, Steering Committee of the UK Asynchronous Forum, since 1997.

International Conference/Workshop Organisation

· Abdallah, co-chair, special session on "Formal Methods for Engineering Special-Purpose Parallel Systems", IEEE Int'l Conf. on Electronics Circuits and Systems, Lebanon, 2000.
· Abdallah, co-chair, workshop on "Symbolic Computation", Euro-Par'98, Southampton, 1998.
· Bowen, conference and programme chair, Int'l Conf. of Z Users (now Z and B Users), since 1992 (Limerick ’95, Reading ’97, Berlin ’98, York 2000, Grenoble 2002).
· Bowen, publicity chair, FM’99 World Congress on Formal Methods, Toulouse, France, 1999.
· Bowen, honorary chair, 1st Museums and the Web Conf., Los Angeles, USA, 1997.
· Fogarty, co-ordinating chair, EvoWorkshops and EuroGP, and general chair, ICES, Edinburgh, 2000.
· Fogarty, publications chair, EuroGP and EvoIASP, Goteborg, 1999 and of EuroGP, Paris, 1998.
· Josephs, co-chair, 5th IEEE Async Symposium, Barcelona, Spain, April 1999.
· Josephs, programme committee co-chair, 3rd IEEE Async Symposium, Veldhoven, The Netherland, April 1997.
· Josephs, co-organiser, five ACiD-WG workshops, one ACiD-WG summer school and one UK Asynchronous Forum, since 1996.
· Plaks, co-chair, 1st Int'l Conf. on Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms, Las Vegas, USA, June 2001.
· Plaks, co-chair, Int'l Workshop on Engineering of Reconfigurable Hardware/Software Objects, Las Vegas, USA, 1999, 2000.
· Selig, regional programme co-chair, IEEE/Robotics Society of Japan Int'l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Hawaii, USA, 2001.
· Selig, organiser, one-day tutorial on "Geometric Foundations of Robotics" at the IEEE Int'l Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Leuven, The Netherlands, 1998.

In addition, the School has been represented on a large number of programme committees.

MPhil/PhD External Examinerships

· Bowen and Fogarty, 4 at non-UK universities: University of British Columbia, Canada; Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; University of Paris 7, France; University of Vassa, Finland.
· Bowen, Fogarty, Hashim, Josephs, Nissanke and Whitty, 30 at UK universities: City (2x); East Anglia; Glasgow; Greenwich; Liverpool; London (Birkbeck, Imperial (11x) and University Colleges); Manchester; Open (2x); Strathclyde; Sunderland; Sussex (3x); Teeside; Ulster; York.

Keynote and Invited Addresses

· Bowen, 3rd Int'l Conf. on Reliability, Quality and Safety of Software-Intensive Systems, Athens, Greece, 1997.
· Bowen, 1st Museums and the Web Conf., Los Angeles, USA, 1997.
· Bowen, 2nd Joint Workshop on System Development, Cheju, South Korea, 1999.
· Fogarty, EuroGEN Conf. on Genetic Algorithms and Evolution Strategies in Engineering and Computer Science, Trieste, Italy, 1997.
· Fogarty, ERUDIT Conf. on Intelligent Technologies, Aachen, Germany, 1997.
· Selig, Int'l Workshop on Algebraic Frames for the Perception-Action Cycle, Kiel, 2000.
· Whitty, 5th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium, Brighton, 1997.

In addition, members of staff have frequently given seminars at other institutions at home and abroad.


· Abdallah, appointed a fellow of the Centre of Advanced Mathematical Science (headed by Sir Michael Atiyah) at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.
· Bowen, elected to the Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.
· Bowen, invited contributor (25 entries) to Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History, Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001.
· Bowen and Fogarty, both included in ResearchIndex’s listing of the top 10,000 most cited authors (http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/allcited.html) in Computer Science (ranking 2,793 and 4,474, respectively, in January 2001).
· Josephs, elevated to the grade of Senior Member in the IEEE.
· Whitty, runner up in the 1999 THES/OUP science writing competition.
· Whitty, invited contributor (20-page chapter on Computing) to Graph Connections, OUP, 1997.

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