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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Invitations to present keynote addresses to international audiences include:
American Physiological Society, UW-Madison, USA - "Neural Control of Respiration“, 1996 (DT).
Czech Republic Physiol. Society, Charles Univ. Prague, CZ - "Modulation of Respiration“, 1998 (DT).
German Diabetes Association, Lubeck, GER - "Glutamine and Glycogen Synthesis“, 1997 (JB).
4th Oxford Glutamine Workshop - "Glutamine, anaplerosis & energy metabolism“, 2000 (JB).
National Centre of Medical Hygiene, Bulgaria - "Function of striated muscles exposed to low intensity 2450 MHz EMF“ (WHO International Project "Effects of EMF on Human Health“), 2000 (KM).
National Physiological Society Programme, Bulgaria - "Membrane mechanisms of generation and propagation of action potentials in nerve and muscle“, 1998 (KM).
Tianjin Medical University, PR China - "Application of ICA Analysis to Event-related EEG“, 2000 (TZ).

Journal manuscript and research grant reviews include:
Journals: Am. J. Physiology (TZ), Biol. Cybernetics (KM), Brain Research (DT), E. J. Appl. Physiology (DT), J. Exp. Biology (DT), J. Physiology (DT/TZ), Respir. Physiology (DT), Sport Engineering (DT). Research Grants: Nuffield Foundation Fellow Programme (DT), USDA – Exercise Physiology (DT).

Major collaborations with international partners include:
DT collaborates with Prof. G.S. Mitchell, UW-Madison, Wisconsin, USA; Prof. H. Bostock, Inst. Neurology, UCL; Dr. K. Shoemaker, Univ. W. Ontario, Canada; Dr. A. Bond, Inst. Psychiatry, KCL.
JB collaborates with Prof M. Rennie, Dundee Univ.; Prof. C. Williams, Loughborough Univ.; Prof. P. Greenhaff, Nottingham Univ.; Prof. A. Wagenmakers, Univ. Maastricht NL; Dr. N. Donaldson, KCL.
KM collaborates with Prof. N. Radicheva, BAS, Bulgaria; Dr. D.I. Stephanova, BAS, Bulgaria.
TZ collaborates with Prof. E. Johns, Univ. Birmingham; Prof. A. Cichocki, Riken Brain Inst., Japan.

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