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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Professor Davies was approached by the publishers Macmillan Reference to write the entry for
‘Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: England and Wales’ for their Encyclopaedia of Crime
and Justice
, due for publication in September 2001.

Collaborative research work
Use of Community Penalties in three jurisdictions: A collaborative project involving Professor
Davies, Jane Tyrer and Jukka-Pekka Takala and conducted with the co-operation of the Ministry of
Justice, Finland and in collaboration with the National Research Institute of Legal Policy, Helsinki.
This project extended the research work that Professor Davies was engaged in during his period of
employment as Senior Research Fellow in the California Attorney General's Office and as a visiting
scholar at the Berkeley Centre for the Study of Law and Society, and in the Law School at the
University of California, Davis. This project has resulted in research papers and a book entitled,
Penological Esperanto and Sentencing Parochialism: A Comparative Study of the Search for
Non-Prison Punishments,
Published in 1996.
2. Comparative sentencing of burglars [1997-2000]: Assessing judges’ attitudes towards sentencing
burglary. Collaborative project with Dr Paul Larsson, Department of Criminology, University of Oslo,
and Jukka-Pekka Takala of the National Research Institute of Legal Policy Research, Helsinki.

Director of Civitas: In November 2000 Professor Davies was invited to become the Director of the
Civitas Criminal Justice Unit.
Broadcasting: Professor Davies took part in a number of Local radio broadcasts plus You Decide, John Humphreys, ‘Should fewer people be sent to prison?“ 29 July 1997, BBC1 TV. Law in Action, Discussion with Dr Christopher Stone (Vera Institute, NY), Rani Shankardass (Penal Reform International) and Marcel Berlin on the future of crime policy, 27 January 2000, BBC Radio 4.
Reviewer: Professor Davies undertook reviews for the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice; for Longmans (1999) for a proposed criminal justice journal; and for Pearsons Education in 2000 for a text on sentencing.

Visiting Lectureships, Public lectures and Guest Lectures by invitation: Davies
1996 Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Staff research seminar on the Use of Non-custodial
Sentences, May 1996.
1997 Institute of Criminology, Cambridge. ‘Do the Courts in England make too much use of
Imprisonment?’ October 1997.
1998 Paul Hamlyn Public Lecture,TVU.‘Sentencing Policy: Should the public have a say?’ Ealing, May 1998.
2000 Rethinking English Homicide Law Conference in Oriel College, Oxford, 7-8 January 2000.
Respondent to the paper given by Martin Wasik ‘Sentencing in Homicide’.
2000 Annual Cavendish Scientific lecture to the West London Medico-Surgical Society, Postgraduate
Medical Centre, Charing Cross Hospital, London, May 2000. ‘Does Prison Work?’
2000 ‘The Criminal Justice System in England and Wales’ Lecture for the British Association for
Central and Eastern Europe’s
conference for Bulgarian prison governors and officials, September

Smartt: Conference Presentations
-‘Severe personality disordered prisoners. Socio-therapeutic community prisons in Europe’. –

American Society of Criminology [ASC] Annual Congress, San Francisco. November 2000.
-The Human Rights Act 1998: Prison policy and practice.’ Criminal Justice Associates, Inner London
Probation Service Day Conference, November 2000.
-‘Prison privatisation in England, the USA and now even in Germany. Recent trends.’ [Given in
German]. Keynote address at the International Prison and Prison Psychologists’ Congress‚Vollzug
2000 in neuen Grenzen,
Hanover, Germany, June 2000.
-'Privatisation of prisoner education in England and the United States’ (given in German). Keynote
address at the Annual General Meeting of the German Association of Teachers in Prison. Göttingen,
May 2000.
- ‘Restorative Justice. Current judicial trends in European legislations.’ American Society of
Criminology [ASC] Congress, Toronto, Canada, November 1999.
-‘Privatisierung im englischen Vollzugswesen’ [Privatisation of English Prisons]. Keynote speech,
German Prison Governors’ Association congress, Hanover, May 1999.
-‘Privatisation Explosion: Prison Industries in Europe.’ American Correctional Association and the
Correctional Industries Association, Annual Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, October 1998.
-‘Prison Industries: report on operations in ten European Countries.’ Keynote speaker, European
Prison Industries Governmental Forum
, Stockholm, Sweden, April 1998.
-‘Key developments in European Prison Industries’. ACA Conference, San Antonio Texas, January 98.
-‘Prison Labour Issues in Europe„ and ‘Pre-trial detention in England and Germany.’ ASC Annual
Conference, San Diego, California, USA, November 1997.
-‘Should punishment theories be applied to remand prisoners?’ Howard League Annual Conference,
New College, Oxford, September 1997.
-‘Prisons for profits? The state of prison industries in England.’ British Society of Criminology [BSC],
Annual Conference, Queens College, Belfast, July 1997.
-‘Prison Industries in eight European countries’, Keynote address, HM Prison Service Day Conference,
European Prison Industries Forum, London, April 1997.
-‘Prison Industries in England and Germany.’ Co-presentation with Dr. Jon Vagg, Institute of Sociology
and Law, International Congress on Prison Labour, Oñati, Spain, May 1996.
-‘Prison Industries in England and Wales’. Keynote address on behalf of HM Prison Service, the
European Prison Industries Forum, London, April 1996.

Reviewed Journals: Prison Service Journal; British Journal of Criminology; International Journal of
Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice; Zeitschrift für Strafvollzug und Straffälligenhilfe and Der

Consultancies: 1994-1998: European inter-governmental steering committee on prison labour and industries and Judicial Commission to the EU as part of the European Union of Women.
On-going research:
Therapeutic Communities in prisons, special hospitals and secure units. Collaborative research already set up with: Dr. Mark Morris, Principal Psychiatrist at Grendon Prison and Ursula Smartt, Principal Researcher at Grendon Prison. The additional advisory team members will be Dr. Eric Cullen, Forensic Psychologist and Dr. Roland Woodward, Psychologist and Director of the TC Unit at HMP Dovegate.
Harassment and stalking legislation with Professor Helmut Kury, Max Planck Institute, Germany.
Funded agency and contracted-out research
Collaborative research with Prof. H. Kury in stalking and harassment legislation, Max Planck Institute,
Freiburg, from 2000 – ongoing. German Ministry of Justice. Home Office: Feasibility study. Religious service in prison. 1998; The Kairos Prisons Ministry. HMP The Verne.1998; Feasibility study. Private Finance Initiative [PFI] of Prison Industries. 1996-1999; Feasibility study. European Prison Industries in 8 European countries. 1997-8; Prison Industries in Italy. 1997; Evaluation of Prison Industries in Belgium and The Netherlands. 199; Evaluation of German Prison Industries. 1996; Scottish Office: Feasibility study. Evaluation of Prison Industries in Scotland, 1997.

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