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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


6.1.1 INTERNATIONAL: Colin Fudge - Chair of the EU Urban Environment Expert Group; Chair EU Sustainable Cities and Towns campaign; Chair OECD Urban Indicators International Panel; Urban Environment Adviser to European Commission Environment and Research DGs; Visiting Professor European University Florence; Member of the International Advisory Board for the Swedish Research Councils and academic adviser to the Urban Sustainability Research programme 1996- ongoing; and with Janet Rowe support to the Swedish presidency of the EU; Robin Hambleton - Board Member of North American Urban Affairs Association; Expert adviser to the EU Committee of the Regions on urban indicators, and to OECD on Distressed Urban Areas; Chair of Executive Committee of European Urban Research Association; Member, International Advisory Committee, ESRC 2001,Continuing; Murray Stewart - member of the NATO Challenges of Modern Society Committee of Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods; adviser to the Local Government Development programme in Poland; external PhD examiner Universite Toulouse le Mirail; Vincent Nadin - adviser to the Union Européenne des Promoteurs-Constructeurs (UEPC); to METREX: the European Network of Metropolitan Spatial Planning Authorities; to the OECD Territorial Development Committee and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Committee on Human Settlements; Rob Atkinson - International referee Danish Research Councils Welfare and Urban Development research programme; Bob Grimshaw - co-ordinator of the Facilities Management programme at the University of Toronto; Joint co-ordinator of Conseil International du Batiment (CIB Working Group 70); CIB representative on EuroFM; Stuart Farthing – Winner of CNRS/Ministere de la Recherche visiting research award Maison des Sciences de la Ville, University de Tours 2000; consultant to WHO on urban indicators 1996-97; Hugh Barton – Honorary Research Fellow, University of Auckland 1997; Ron Griffiths and Janet Rowe - Visiting Senior Research Fellows University of Chile; Nigel Taylor - Visiting Professor University of Bologna; Martin Symes - Associe du Centre Nationals de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Laboratoire des Operations Urbaines Espaces Societes Temporalites, Universities Paris X and XII.

6.1.2 NATIONAL: Robin Hambleton - member of the Academic Advisory Panel to Ministers on Local Government; Special Adviser to the Joint Committee of the House of Lords and the House of Commons on the Draft Local Government (Organisation and Standards) Bill; Board member of the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) England and Wales; member of the JRF Local/Central Relations Committee; Special Adviser, House of Commons Environment Sub-Committee. Murray Stewart - member of the Social Exclusion Policy Action Team 17 'Joining It Up Locally' (and commissioned author of its evidence based research volume); national member of the Core Cities group; adviser to DETR on Community Planning, Treasury GIDA review; academic adviser to the Regional Co-ordination Unit. Deputy Chairman Lloyds TSB Foundation. Colin Fudge - member of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) and of DETR Research Committee (Planning); the Ministerial Committee on Urban Design; Vincent Nadin - policy adviser to the English Regional Associations; Bob Grimshaw – Chair BIFM Professsional Development Committee, Member BIFM Executive; DETR Sustainable Construction Business Advisory Group. Tony Scrase – vice-chair RESCUE (British Archaeological Trust), and policy adviser to the English Historic Towns Forum. Martin Symes – BURA Best Practice Awards Committee.

6.1.3 REGIONAL AND LOCAL: Colin Fudge - member of Sustainability South West, member of SWERDA European Working Group, Board member of Western Partnership for Sustainable Development. Murray Stewart - member of GOSW Social Exclusion Partners Group, of SWERDA Urban Advisory Group, Board Member Bristol Regeneration Partnership. Jim Claydon – Elected member RTPI, Chair SW RTPI, SWERDA Infrastructure Advisory Group. Peter Malpass, Pat Moynihan and Peter Bolan – Board members of Knightstone, Solon, and Brunel Care respectively. Janet Rowe - member of the Western Partnership for Sustainable Development. Nick Oatley - Board Member of Bristol and Area Community Enterprise Network (BACEN); Chairman of the Bristol City Steering Committee on the Social Economy Audit. Richard Parnaby is president of the Welsh Institute of Architects and elected member of RIBA Council. Clara Greed RTPI EO Committee, ASI Board Member; Richard O’Doherty is Regional Economic Consultant to the Chief Economist of the Environment Agency;


6.2.1 Conferences Papers: 130 international conference papers and 114 UK conference papers have been delivered by the 26 staff declared as active – an average of 5.0 (international) and 4.4 (UK) per head. In addition undeclared research assistants have produced 17 articles/chapters, 28 international conference papers, and 23 national conference papers.

6.2.2 Editorial Board Membership 1996-2000: Facilities (Grimshaw R.); Housing Studies (Malpass); International Journal of Geographic Information (Wyatt); Journal of Architectural and Planning Research (Symes); Journal of Facilities Management (Grimshaw R.); Journal of Urban Affairs (Hambleton), Local Economy (Oatley - ed. New Initiatives); Planning Practice and Research (Nadin – editor, Griffiths, Taylor, Oatley); Policy and Politics (Hambleton); Property Investment and Finance (Wyatt); Roof (Malpass); Fudge and Hambleton edit Macmillans Public Policy and Politics series (22 volumes). Greed edits Longmans Exploring Town Planning Series.

6.2.3 Collaboration and Networks : The Faculty (through Professors Hambleton and Stewart) provides the leadership to and secretariat of the European Urban Research Association (EURA), an international network of urban scholars and researchers. This now has 131 members (33 institutions and 98 individuals) in 26 countries, and involves a twice-yearly newsletter. UWE has supported the organisation of EURA workshops in Brussels, Venice, Paris, Oslo, Dublin, and Copenhagen (2001). Over 200 people have attended from 40 research organisations in 25 countries. EURA has received financial backing from ESRC and DG XVI as well as the North American Urban Affairs Association.

The Cities Research Centre received three successive ESRC seminar series awards for Urban Policy seminars (Hambleton, Griffiths, Oatley). The Centre is also engaged with City Words - a cross-national network exploring the language and lexicography of ‘edge city’ (Oatley) on behalf of the French CNRS; with the English Historic Towns Forum (whose local authority members promote and reconcile prosperity and conservation in historic towns); with BURA (Fudge, Symes, Stewart) through research and policy advice, with the European Network for Community Safety and Crime Prevention (co-ordinated by Shaftoe); and with the International association of people-Environment Studies IAPS (Symes). The WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Policy is formally linked to the WHO Centre for Urban Health, Copenhagen, and collaborates with the Environment Centre at the University of Tokyo (Takano and Fudge 2001). The Bristol Centre was one of a minority of centres re-designated by WHO for the period 2000-2004.

The Centre for Environment and Planning has played a major network leadership role in relation to SPECTRA and is active in a range of other European planning networks. Fudge (as Chair of the EU Urban Environment Expert Group) leads four cross-national research projects supporting implementation of the 'Urban Communication' following the Vienna Urban Forum; he also chairs OPUS (the Open Platform for Urban Sustainability) bringing together European networks, EC, The European Environmental Agency and the European Parliament in a programme of policy research and collaborative development. There is formalised collaboration with the Planning Inspectorate on planning appeals

6.2.4 Conferences Organised: Faculty staff have been formally involved in the organisation of the following international conferences: 2nd and 3rd European Sustainable Cities and Towns Conferences (Fudge - Lisbon 1996 and Hanover 2000); Governing Cities: Urban Perspectives (Stewart and Hambleton, Brussels 1997); Urban and Environment and Sustainability: Developing the Agenda for socio-economic research (Fudge for DG Research, Brussels 1997); Towards a European Urban Agenda, (Stewart and Hambleton Venice 1998); City and Culture: Cultural Processes and Urban Sustainability (Fudge and Griffiths, Stockholm 1998); European Cities in Transformation, (Stewart and Grimshaw, Paris 1998); International Healthy Cities (with WHO) (Fudge and Harrison, Athens 1998); Innovations in Urban Governance (Hambleton, Oslo 1999); Cities in the Region (Sweeting and Hambleton, Dublin 2000).

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