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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Public and professional appointments
is chair of the management history division of the US Academy of Management. Bovaird attended the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration and Finance in New York (2000). He is contracted by Routledge to edit its book series on public services management, and is a judge for the German National Quality Award for Public Services. Cicmil is a member of the international technical committee of the Intl Conference on ISO9000 and TQM. Evans is a member of the scientific committee of the Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations. French is a member of the planning committee of the Intl Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO). Green served as Treasurer of the Association for History and Computing (1993-99). Harvey was a member of the Research Grants Board of ESRC (1994-98), chairman of Central Middlesex NHS Trust (1995-99), and is a member of the CBI e-business council (2000-). Morris served as a member of the IPD national education committee (1997-2000) and the BUIRA management committee (1996-99). Nancarrow is a member of the Market Research Society Professional Standards Board. He advised OFLOT on issues relating to the national lottery (1996, 2000). Purcell is a member of the ESRC research unit on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance. She serves on the South West RDA equal opportunities committee and the AGR working party on mature graduates. Rowley served as HEFCE consultant to the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Advisory Network and with Purcell presented evidence to the DfEE Harris review of HE careers services. Simpson was consultant (1996-2000) to senior management at HM Customs & Excise, Southern Region. Stone undertook 57 major consultancy assignments for, amongst others, BT, BA, IBM, Cathay Pacific, NatWest, VW, and Zeneca. Thorne is a non-executive director of HM Customs & Excise South West Board.

Journal editorships
is editor of Business History (with Jones, Reading/Harvard) and Press is associate editor. Stewart is editor (with Rowley, City) of the Asia Pacific Business Review. Evans is editor of the Jnl of Consumer Behaviour. Booth is associate editor of the e-Jnl of Radical Organization Theory. French is associate editor of the Jnl of Organisational and Social Dynamics. Goodwin is associate editor of the Intl Jnl of Forecasting. Booth and Jordan are book review editors for Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. Chudry is reviews editor for Jnl of Database Marketing. Loeffler is reviews editor of Intl Public Management Jnl. Saad is reviews editor for the Intl Jnl of Enterprise Studies. From January 2002 Stewart will be editor and Danford reviews editor of Work, Employment and Society.

Membership of editorial boards
Jnl of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship (Booth); Capital and Class (Danford, Stewart); History and Computing (Harvey); Interactive Marketing (Stone); Intl Jnl of Public-Private Partnerships (Saad); Jnl of Behavioral Decision Making (Goodwin); Jnl of Consumer Behaviour (Nancarrow); Jnl of Database Marketing (Evans, Stone, Tapp); Jnl of East European Management Studies (Hollinshead); Jnl of Financial Services Marketing (Evans, Stone); Jnl of the Market Research Society (Nancarrow); Jnl of Marketing Communications (Evans); Jnl of Marketing Management (Evans); Jnl of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing (Evans, Stone); Jnl of Strategic Marketing (Evans); Managing Service Quality (Cicmil); Public Finance and Management (Loeffler); Qualitative Market Research (Nancarrow); Socio-Analysis (French); Work, Employment and Society (Danford, Purcell and Stewart).

Refereeing of research proposals and journal submissions
Staff have refereed for ESRC (Bovaird, Danford, French, Goodwin, Evans, Harvey, Purcell), Leverhulme (Harvey, Purcell) and JRF (Purcell). They have refereed for numerous academic journals in addition to the above, including British Jnl of Management (Booth, Bovaird, Morris), British Jnl of Industrial Relations (Danford, Morris), Business History (Green, Tailby, Upchurch), Economic History Review (Harvey), European Jnl of Industrial Relations (Purcell), European Jnl of OR (Goodwin), Jnl of Pub. Admin, Research and Theory (Loeffler), European Jnl of Supply Chain Management (Saad), Human Relations (Broussine, French, Hollinshead, Jones), Human Resource Management Jnl (Tailby), Industrial Relations (Danford), Intl Jnl of Hospitality Management (Purcell, Rowley), Jnl of Management Studies (Jordan, Purcell), Management Learning (French, Hollinshead, Simpson, Tailby, Thorne), Omega (Goodwin), Organization (French), Public Administration (Bovaird), Public Management Review (Thorne) and Urban Studies (Bovaird).

Academic networks and conferences
researchers, with colleagues at Warwick, secured funding for a Brazil-UK research network. Purcell was a founder member of an international network on flexible employment convened by SALTSA and is Associate Fellow of the Warwick Institute for Employment Research.. Danford, Stewart, Tailby, Upchurch participated in the ESRC Future of Work seminar programme. Stewart is a committee member of the Paris-based automotive industry research network GERPISA. Since 1996 ESRU members have presented 39 papers at major conferences, including International Labour Process (5), BUIRA (4), EGOS (2) and GERPISA (6). In ORGANISATION STUDIES, Thorne was a member of the ESRC new public management group. She serves on the steering committee for the 2002 international symposium on OB in Healthcare. French and Simpson were active within ISPSO. Since 1996 group members have presented 44 papers at major conferences, including BAM (5) and ISPSO (3). In MARKETING, Evans founded the DM Research Consortium involving eight universities. Stone gave 45 keynote addresses on CRM at conferences in 23 countries. Since 1996 other group members have presented 52 papers at major conferences, including Academy of Marketing (14), American Marketing Association (4), IMP (7) and Market Research Society (3). STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT researchers established the e-networks ‘know-org’ and ‘K-net’. Booth is active within the US Academy of Management in support of management history and critical management studies. Saad and Jones are active in the BAM special interest group on inter-organisational relations. Bovaird is a member of the Public Sector Productivity Group of the Intl Institute of Administrative Sciences. He is co-chair for Local Governance of the European Group for Public Administration. Since 1996 strategy researchers have presented 59 papers at major conferences, including BAM (13), Intl Symposium on Forecasting (4), Strategic Management Society (3), US Academy of Management (5), and EGOS (2). BUSINESS HISTORY researchers presented papers at the US Business History Congress, International Business History, American Historical Association, Economic History Society, and European Social Science History conferences. In 2001 researchers will participate in 20 international conferences, including EGOS in Lyon, where French and Simpson, Harvey and Maclean, Purcell, Tailby and Cam, and Nayak will present papers, and Critical Management Studies in Manchester, where Cicmil, Harrington, Hollinshead and Thorne will present papers. Thorne has been invited to present her work on discourse at the US Academy of Management conference (Aug 2001), when Booth and Jordan will present on management education. Purcell will be a plenary speaker at Employment and Society conference (Sept 2001).

Academic awards and prizes
won Academy of Marketing conference best paper awards in 1997 (international marketing) and 1999 (direct marketing); the Qualitative Market Research best paper award in 1998; the Marketing Intelligence and Planning best paper award in 1998; and the International Entrepreneurship conference best paper award in 1999. Bovaird won the BAM best paper on an innovative topic award in 1999. Booth, Jordan and Rippin won a best paper award at the BAM conference in 2000 for teaching and learning research. Evans was awarded a best paper prize at the international Marketing Communications conference in 1998. In the same year he won an IDM/Academy of Marketing award for research excellence in direct marketing. Shankar won the best paper in qualitative research at the 1999 Academy of Marketing conference.

Examination of doctoral theses

Staff examined 28 doctoral theses (1996-2000) at the universities of Augsburg, Aston, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol (2), Essex, Exeter, Glamorgan, Glasgow (2), La Trobe, Leeds, LSE, Manchester BS, Newcastle (Australia), Northumbria, Open, Plymouth, Royal Holloway (2), Sheffield Hallam, Stirling, Sussex and Warwick (2).

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