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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

1.0 Editorships and editorial boards
: senior editor of monograph series Studies in European Regional Cultures (Liverpool UP), commissioning editor of monograph series Progress in European Ethnology (Ashgate). Maclean: member of editorial board of Modern and Contemporary France with a brief for economic and social affairs, and joint guest editor of its vol.9, issue 3 on ‘France and Globalisation’. Scriven: executive editor of journal Sartre Studies International (Berghahn).
Shaw: member of advisory board, German as a Foreign Language (internet journal), and of editorial panel of Modern German Studies. Treffers-Daller: member of the editorial boards of Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (Cambridge UP), and Impact: Studies in Language and Society (Benjamins).
2.0 Reading for publishers and journals
Refereeing: Beeching: Applied Linguistics. Gold: Mediterranean Politics. Kockel: International Journal for Sustainable Development and Irish Studies Review; and reader for Cork UP and Liverpool UP. Konstadakopulos: Policy and Politics and South European Society and Culture. Maclean: Business History, Modern and Contemporary France and Modern Language Review and reader for Cambridge UP. Scriven: reader for Macmillan, Berghahn and University of Wales Press.
3.0 Learned societies and other national / international organisations
: member of executive committee and research committee, Association for French Language Studies. Claus: invited member of Österreichische Gesellschaft für Film- und Medienforschung, Vienna. Hershon: accredited researcher with the Association Internationale d’Etudes Occitanes (Vienna), the Occitan Centre (CIRDOC), Beziers, France, and the Alliance Israélite, Paris; invited member of Association Internationale d’Études Occitaines. Jäckel: member of scientific committee, European Audiovisual Summer School and Chair 1997-98. Kennard: member of executive committee, UACES, with responsibility for postgraduate affairs. Kockel: member of executive committee (1997-2000) and advisory board (2000 -) of European Centre for Traditional and Regional Cultures; member of Commission on Intercultural Communication, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde (1999-). Maclean: committee member of Association of Modern Contemporary France (1995-96). O’Donohoe: committee member, UK Society for Sartrean Studies. Prützel-Thomas: member of executive committee, Association for the Study of German Politics. Scriven: President of UK Society for Sartrean Studies (1992-98); committee member of the Association of University Professors and Heads of French (since 1997); committee member of the Groupe d’Etudes Sartriennes, Paris (since 1994); RAE panel member for European Studies (2001). Shaw: RAE panel member for German and Related Languages (1996); member of Heads of German Steering Group (1996-); Chair of Women in German Studies (WIGS) (since 1995); invited member of the
Legal Professions Group of the international Research Committee on the Sociology of Law.
4.0 Invited conference and other papers
: invited papers at CineGraph annual ‘Internationaler filmhistorischer Kongress’ in Hamburg (1997), and conferences by Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, and by Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach/ Universität Mainz. Jäckel: invited papers at conferences on European film in Italy (1998), Canada (2000), Finland (1998), UK (1998,1999).
Kockel: keynote address at EU PACTE conference, Shannon 1997, invited plenary papers at UNESCO Symposium, Romanian Academy 1997, International Symposium on Anthropological Fieldwork, Frankfurt 1997, ECPR/WLGA conference, Cardiff 1998, and 32nd biennial congress, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde, Halle/Saale 1999; other invited papers Gdańsk (1996), Heinrich-Böll-Academy Ireland, Achill 1997, Frankfurt 1998, Cork, 1999, Munich 2000. Konstadakopulos: invited paper at UN/EU conference in Seville 1997.
Maclean: invited papers at City Business School (1999), Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Montpellier (1998), and inaugural conference of French Politics group of the Political Studies Association (1998). O’Donohoe: invited papers to Groupe d’Etudes Sartriennes, Paris (1995, 1998). Scriven: invited paper at the North American Sartre Society biennial conference in Los Angeles (1999). Shaw: invitations by the Rhineland Palatinate Ministry of Justice to speak at the Deutsche Richterakademie, Trier (1995), and by the Presidents of German Solicitor-Notaries Chambers to speak at their annual meeting (2000). Treffers-Daller: keynote address to a colloquium on language change, University of Neuchâtel. Velu: invited papers at the universities of Stirling and Leeds (1999).
5.0 Conference organisation
: organiser of conference on ‘German Cinema Today’, Bristol, 2000. Konstadakopulos: co-organiser of an international conference on ‘Culture and Regional Economic Development’, Thessaly 2000. Maclean: Organiser of ‘The Mitterrand Era in Perspective’, Royal Holloway, Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (1996); co-organiser (with Jean-Marc Trouille) of an international conference on ‘France, Germany and Britain: Partners in a Changing World’ (Bradford 1999); UWE will organise a follow-up in 2002. Scriven: organiser of 6 annual conferences of the UK Society for Sartrean Studies (1992-98) at the Institute of Romance Studies and the Institut Français London; co-organiser of the IRS London international conference on French and British Television Broadcasting (1997) and of the RSA ‘Euro Seminar’ at the Watershed Bristol (1999). Shaw: organiser of the WIGS conference, Bristol 1999 (95 delegates); co-organiser of 1999 international workshop on women lawyers at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati/Spain. Treffers-Daller: organiser of International Sociolinguistics Symposium 2000 at UWE; International Conference on Bilingualism, April 2001 at UWE; co-organiser of session at an international symposium on bilingualism, Newcastle 1999.
6.0 Visiting Lecturerships, Phd Examinerships, Advisory Functions
: external PhD examiner, Reading and Southampton Universities (2000). Daller: DAAD visiting lectureships at the universities of Tashkent (1998) and Minsk (1999). Jäckel: visiting lecturer on British Film Institute’s MA programme. Kockel: visiting lecturer at University College Cork (1989-); member of steering group for establishment of a Centre for Irish-German Studies at University of Limerick (1995-97). Konstadakopulos: visiting fellow at Institute of South East Asian Studies in Singapore (2000), external PhD examiner, University of Bristol (2000)
. Scriven: external appointments and programme adviser, Oxford Brookes University (1999) and Middlesex University (2000). Shaw: external PhD examiner, Nottingham Trent (2000) and Bath University (2001); external adviser for 2 professorial appointments in German (Warwick, 1998; Coventry, 1999).
7.0 National / International Honours
: Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (1995), and elected fellow of Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (1999).
8.0 Research Funding
: £180 from the British Academy for conference paper at Association of French Language Studies, Quebec (2000). Claus: £14,000 AHRB Research Exchange (2000) for collaborative work on Hans Steinhoff with the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv in Berlin; AHRB Research Leave award for 2001/2002; £1,300 from the British Academy for a project an Carl Zuckmayer and Alexander Corda, and £1,200 from the Goethe Institute for a conference on German film (Watershed, Bristol, 2000). Heras: Batista i Roca Scholarship of the Anglo-Catalan Society (1996-98). Jäckel: £1,587 from AHRB for project on recent trends in cinematographic co-productions between France and Romania; CDN $3,550 from the High Commission of Canada (1997), also on coproductions; ECU 39,598 under Media 2 to set up European Audiovisual Summer School in Italy. Kockel: IR£270 from DAAD to chair session at Limerick (1997); US$700 from UNESCO to give paper in Bucharest (1997); DM900 and DM1,200 from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to present papers in Frankfurt/Main (1997) and Halle/ Saale (1999); DM570 from FORAREA to give paper in Munich (2000). Konstadakopulos: HERD grant of £22,942 for project on the learning behaviour of SME’s in the southwest of England (1998/99); £4,000 from the EU ASEA programme for research on regional economies in Singapore and Malaysia (1999); £4,000 from the Anglo-German Foundation for a comparative study of the knowledge-based economy 2000. Maclean: £67,000 by Reed Charity for a project on business élites (jointly with Harvey1998, see RA5); £3,890 jointly with Jean-Marc Trouille from Anglo-German Foundation; £410 from the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France; £200 from French Embassy for one-day international conference on European economic and industrial co-operation, Bradford University (1999); £500 from British Airways and £400 from the Institut Français for the 1996 annual conference of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France; £1,000 from the Association of Modern and Contemporary France for translation (1997). Saad: £20,508 from UK and EU governments for research and consultancy project on innovation processes in the construction industry (returned in Uoa43). Scriven: £1,203 from AHRB for a project on the ’Digital Millennium’ (1999); £464 from the British Council for a regional television broadcasting project (1998); £200 from the British Academy for conference travel (1998). Shaw
: 3 British Academy overseas conference grants (£200, £355, £280) to present papers at conferences on the legal profession in Peyresq, France (1996 and 2000) and Warsaw (1999); £2,000 from Institute of Education and Social Policy in Paris for consultancy and research on vocational education and training in Romania (1998). Treffers-Daller: £2,000 from the British Academy for Sociolinguistics Symposium 2000; £2,000 (British Academy) for International Conference on Biilingualism, 2001.

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