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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

The staff associated with research in the School of Built Environment (SBE) see it as important that as well as producing scholarly research and supporting new researchers and new activities they are involved in the national and international research community and are also engaged in policy debates concerning their research. This is achieved in several ways: membership of national and international committees, membership of editorial boards of scholarly journals, hosting visiting scholars and practitioners, collaboration with other research centres, organising conferences and through consultancy. In addition staff are frequently consulted by government and other agencies on policy and related issues.

Much of the research carried out within SBE has a strong link to policy at the local, regional, national and international, level. A variety of examples have been mentioned from the work with DfID and DETR, to providing advice for the EU research and aid programmes. For example, in the transport area, Professors Browne, Jones and White and Dr Graham have presented papers at four European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) Round Table events during the past five years. Strong relationships exist between the research activities of the School and the provision of postgraduate teaching. There are also strong links with industry exemplified by the significant funding received across the range of disciplines.

Staff within the School play a major role on agenda setting bodies and professional committees and participate actively in the external research community. A number of examples have already been identified in the RA5, further examples are noted below.

National and international research collaborations
Staff have many collaborative links with other research institutions. In many cases these arise from international research programmes (EU studies in the Framework Programme for instance). In other cases the thematic interests of staff have led to these collaborations. For example, The Centre for Regional and Urban Governance has a number of collaborative links with researchers in other European countries and joint projects have been undertaken with the Institut Français d’Urbanisme (Dr Peter Newman), and the Humboldt Universität Berlin, Fachhochschule Berlin and Technische Universität Dresden (Dr Tassilo Herrschel). Members of the Centre have been invited to lecture at universities in Europe and the US and advised government agencies on trends in European urban governance. Future activities include hosting an international conference with the Royal Geographical Society and Regional Studies Association in Spring 2001, and completing a book on regional governance in Europe (Routledge). Members of the Centre have presented a considerable number of research papers at national and international conferences.

Other collaborations of note include: Allen (Judith): Scientific Manager, EC TSER research project "Social Exclusion in European Neighbourhoods". Scientific Manager and Deputy Coordinator for the EC Cities of Tomorrow project on "innovations in social housing management to promote social cohesion". Littler: Received Engineering Foresight Award leading to secondment to the Energy Research Institute, Chulakongkorn University, Thailand - research results displayed in April 2000 at RIBA during EC conference and invitation from British Council to mount exhibition on European Low Energy Design in Bangkok (January 2001). Newman: Collaborative research with the Institut Francais d’Urbanisme and the Centre d’Analyse et d’Intervention Sociologiques in Europe, and Hunter College, City University New York. Roberts: Invited participant at Urban Futures-Urban technological Futures International Seminar supported by ESRC Cities Programme (1998). Invited participant at seminar on Public Art and Public Space organised by University of Plymouth (2000).

Consortia and conference organisation
Staff in the School have been active participants in a range of conferences and consortia, among these are: Allen (Judith): Coordinator, European Network of Housing Researchers, Working Group on Housing Practices in Southern Europe Coordinating Committee, European Network of Housing Researchers. Browne: Chairman and organiser of European Logistics Association Research & Educators conference, Lisbon 1998; WCTR SIG Urban Freight convenor; Invited lecture to Jacques Cartier Colloquium held at University of Montreal October 2000 (City Distribution). Herrschel: Academic convenor of Regional Studies Association international conference on ‘The End of Socialism? Ten years After….’. Roberts: Co-organised British Sociological Association: Sociology and Environment Group Day Conference on Public Space (June 1999). White: Invited speaker (and chair of session) at ‘City Trans Asia ’99 Conference in Singapore, September 1999, presenting a paper on ‘The life cycle of urban public transport and alternative outcomes’.

Membership of important research advisory committees and panels
Staff from within the School serve on the following panels and committees: Browne: DETR VED Advisory Group; Member of Strategic Rail Authority ‘Future of rail freight’ working group member; Rapporteur ACEA on future logistics trends; Member of Research & Development Committee of European Logistics Association. Jones: Co-chair, International Travel Survey Methods Conference; DETR Planning Research Advisory Group; Commission for Integrated Transport (Advisor and Working Group member); Member of LINK Advisory Group; Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Transport Select Sub-Committee; Advisor to the Office of National Statistics on the National Travel Survey; Advisor to London Transport and Train Operating Companies on technical research issues; London First – various transport working groups (chair); Member, Independent Transport Commission; DGVII (Transport) Fourth Framework Programme, Monitoring Panel; DGVII (Transport) Five Year Evaluation Panel; Rapporteur, DGVII High Level Group on Infrastructure Charging. Smith-Bowers: Steering panel member of the Joint Housing Corporation & National Housing Federation initiative about future funding; Temporary housing in London - managing a research contract awarded to HACAS. White: Chairman of Transport Economists’ Group; Member of IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research) Advisory Board on Bus Subsidies Study; Member of Skills Foresight Panel for the Land Passenger Transport Industry.

Editorships and academic ownership of key journals
Allen (Judith): Member of Editorial Board of ROOF. Browne: Editorial Boards: Transport Reviews; International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications; International Supply Chain Management. Herrschel: Editor of theme issue on ‘Environment and post-socialism’ for Environment and Planning A. Jones: Editorial Boards: Transport Geography, Transport Policy, Transportation, Transportation Research A & B; LINK Programme Advisory Board (2 programmes); EPSRC Transportation Research Board (USA) Committee on Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting; International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (Board Member). Roberts: Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Urban Design. White: Member of editorial board Transport Reviews.

Evidence of dissemination and influence of research outputs on policy and practice

As noted in the introduction to RA6 staff see the importance of dissemination and the link to policy and practice. Examples of activities include: Allen (Judith): The project on Social Exclusion and European Neighbourhoods led to funding under the SRB5 programme, leading in turn to a preliminary base line study for an SRB6 bid. Invited participant in academic-and-practitioner ESRC Seminar on Institutional Capacity in 1998 (publication forthcoming) and to participate in a second more substantial ESRC seminar programme on Mainstreaming. Bailey: Member of expert panel preparing a Social Economy Framework for London, directed by Greater London Enterprises Ltd.; Member of the Civic Trust Advisory Group on community involvement; Project manager and conference organiser for the DfEE funded Discipline Network in Planning. Herrschel: Chair of the Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers Post-Socialist Geographies Research Group. Jashapara: Joint conference paper with Kisters (noted in RA2) won 'best paper award' when presented in November 2000; Organisation learning paper received 'Highly Commended Award' from MCB University Press.
Newman: Invited contributions to journals, for example on the new London government for Annales de Geographie; Invited public lectures – for example – Vienna Architecture Congress (1997); Urban Planning in Europe (Routledge, 1996) published in Edizione Scientifiche, 1999. Roberts: International conference paper translated and included in book published by Swedish Urban Environment Council. Edited special edition of Urban Design Quarterly on Public Art (practitioners journal).

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