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International Recognition

During 1998-2000, PSI hosted extended visits from Professor Jeffrey Smith of the University of Western Ontario and Dr Jim Riccio of the influential social policy research organisation Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC), New York. PSI staff have been active at international conferences and events at both the policy and academic levels.

Alan Marsh was one of the UK representatives at the Welfare-to-Work Seminar jointly organised by the British Consulate and the California Department of Welfare, UCLA, 1999. He made invited contributions to international seminars organised by the Foreign Office and the Treasury at Wiston House, Wilton Park on welfare-to-work issues in 1998 and 2000. He was a keynote speaker at the conference Beyond Dependency: Welfare and Work, in Auckland, New Zealand, in March 1997.

Isobel Allen was part of the UK delegation to the Fourth International Medical Workforce Conference in San Francisco in November 1999. She co-authored a paper on Women in Medicine. Stephen McKay presented papers at the conferences Workfare in Europe in Oslo in December 1996 and Families, Fathers and Children in Oslo in September 1997. Gerry Zarb presented keynote papers on the economics of independent living and funding for long-term care at international conferences in Dublin (1996), London (1998) and Turin (1999). Helen Barnes spoke by invitation at the conference Changing Family Forms organised by the Austrian Family Ministry in Vienna in June 1996.

Advice on Policy and Practice

Alan Marsh has been Chair of the Health Education Authority’s Expert Panel on Health Inequalities and Low-income Groups and was a member of their Expert Panel on Smoking Cessation. He was a member of QUIT, the Advisory Panel on Poverty and Smoking and the Advisory Panel for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation project on the Outcomes for Children of Mothers' Labour Market Participation. He makes frequent presentations to the Secretary of State for Social Security, Ministers and Officials on policy issues. He has made similar presentations to Australian and New Zealand Secretaries of State and Ministers. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bath 1995-1998.

Isobel Allen has had extensive links with Enfield and Haringey Health Authority. She has been a non-executive director since 1985 and chairs their Clinical Governance and Professional Support Committees. She is a non-executive director and member of West Haringey Primary Care Group. In December 2000, she was appointed non-executive director of the new Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Health Authority. She has been a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ working groups on Communications Standards for both Gynaecology and Obstetrics/Midwifery Procedures. She is also a member of their Consumers’ Forum. She was a Member of the Royal College of Physicians’ Working Party on Part-time working in Specialist Medicine and is currently Specialist Adviser to their Working Party on Women in Medicine.

Stephen McKay has been tutor to the DSS summer school since 1995. Gerry Zarb has been a Steering Group Member of the Department of Health Social Care Outcomes for Adults programme (1997-2000) and the DfEE/National Disability Council/Demos, Disability 2010 Programme (1999-2000). He provided ministerial briefings on disability benefits and civil rights for disabled people in 1997. He is a Steering Group Member of the European Centre for Excellence on Independent Living.

Editorship of Journals

Stephen McKay has been on the Editorial Board of the journal Benefits since 1996 and has acted as Production Editor since 1998.

Organisation of Conferences or Symposia

Isobel Allen leads the ADSS/PSI group (made up of members of Association of Directors of Social Services and PSI staff) which organises three meetings/seminars per year and an Annual Conference. These stimulate debate on social policy among an invited audience of practitioners, senior civil servants, researchers, academics and policy-makers. PSI subsequently publishes the papers in book form. During 1996-2000, she organised three Caring for People Who Live at Home conferences with opening presentations by government ministers. Gerry Zarb organised conferences on Social Security and Mental Health for the Social Services Advisory Committee (1996) and Deafness and Disability (1997). Following publication of the book Trial and Error in 1998, Helen Barnes organised a series of seminars attended by MPs and senior policymakers. The publication and seminars influenced child support reform. A Channel 4 series drew extensively on the book.

Awards or Prizes for Research

Alan Marsh was awarded an OBE for services to social policy research in the 2000 Birthday Honours list. The Future of Family Care for Older People, co-edited by Isobel Allen and Elizabeth Perkins, was short-listed for the Age Concern 1996 Seebohm Trophy for the book which best promotes the well-being and understanding of older people.

Research Impact

The Social Security Research Team’s Programme of Research into Low-income Families (PRILIF) and its successor, the Survey of Families with Children, were purpose-built to serve DSS policy requirements. The Government's use of a dual policy of combining wage supplementation and active case management in a welfare-to-work programme is to a large extent based on this work. Many specific features are traceable to PRILIF findings. The Social Exclusion Unit drew extensively on Isobel Allen’s 1998 book Teenage Mothers: Decisions and Outcomes in developing the Government’s strategy on teenage pregnancies. The General Medical Council pledged to implement all 18 recommendations in her year 2000 report on The Handling of Complaints by the GMC. In 1997 she was invited to become member of the Centre for Policy on Ageing in recognition of her research on public policy and older people. She makes regular appearances on radio and television and is quoted in the press on issues such as teenage pregnancies, medical workforce issues, older people, health and social care interface and maternity services.

Helen Barnes’ 1998 report on Disability and Employment – A Review of Research and Development Initiatives has been widely cited. She submitted invited evidence to the Social Security Select Committee Hearings on Child Support in September 1999 and presented her work on indicators of child well-being at a Parliamentary reception for NSPCC in July 2000. In 1999, Gerry Zarb produced a new practice guide on Local Authority Plans Implementation of Direct Payments Act in association with the Department of Health, the Local Government Association, the Association of Directors of Social Services and the National Centre for Independent Living (1999). He addressed the annual conferences of the Local Government Association (1996), the Association of Directors of Social Services (1997) and Social Services Research Group (2000).

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