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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Examples of Conferences where papers have been presented
· International Labour Process Conference (Prof C Hales, Prof. L Clarke)
· Ways to Social Peace in Europe (Prof. L Clarke)
· 11th World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association (A Bryson)
· Work Employment and Society (E Michielsens and C Wall)
· Strategic Management Society, Phoenix and Berlin (A Haberberg and Dr A Rieple)
· European Association of Labour Economists Conferences (Prof J R Shackleton
· European Association of Labour Economists/Society of Labor Economists (US), 1st World Conference (Dr S Lissenburgh)
· Association of Public Policy Analysts and Managers, 20th Annual Conference, New York (Dr M White)
· ESRC workshop on "Models of Capitalism and Development", University of North Carolina (Dr M White)
· Deakin University Conference on "Policies and Services for Unemployment", (Dr M White)
· CNRS Seminar on "Qualifications et Employabilité", (Dr M White)
· Academy of Marketing Conference - Marketing Education Group (Dr D Mai)
· Global Trading Arrangements in Transition, Athenian Policy Forum (Dr S Motamen Samadian)
· 5th European Conference on Information Systems (E Coakes)
· 13th Society of Franchising Conference (Prof J Stanworth)
· 6th International Conference on Ethics in the Public Service (Prof R Theobald)
· 24th International Congress of Administrative Sciences (Prof R Theobald)

Radio/TV Appearances
The great majority by Prof J Stanworth and Prof J R Shackleton (some fifty each). A number
by Prof L Clarke, among others.

Think Tanks - Committees
· A Bryson: Advisor to the Low Pay Commission on the impact of a minimum wage on poverty.
· Prof. L Clarke: Cabinet Office , Office of Science and Technology, Foresight Construction Panel
· Dr G Herrmann: DTI Construction Associate programme of the Foresight Built Environment and Transport Panel
· Dr S Lissenburgh: Academic adviser to the Trade Union Congress Part-time Working Task Group.
· Dr Z Haque: Runnymede Trust: Commission on the Future of Multi-ethnic Britain
· Prof. S Madhavan: Special Advisor to House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities.
· Dr J Payne: Evaluation of Training for Work and the Take-Up of Student Loans (seminars for DfEE policy makers); Access to post-16 participation (House of Commons Education and Employment Committee seminar); Evidence-Based Policy Making; Post-16 Issues; Youth Cohort Study (ministerial seminars, DfEE).
· Dr A Rieple: Design Management Institute in Boston's Research Advisory Committee.
· Prof. J R Shackleton: Member of Academic Advisory Council, Institute of Economic Affairs; Committee of Inquiry on Workers' Rights, House of Commons
· Dr M White: Technical consultant to the European Commission on development of policies to combat long-term unemployment by the public employment services; European Union Meeting of Heads of Public Employment Services (seminar); Interpretation of research findings for policy (seminars for Employment Service, DSS, and DfEE)

National and International Collaborations
· Prof L Clarke: Centre d' Etudes at de Recherches sur les Qualifications (CEREQ), France; Groupe de Recherche sur l’Education et l’Emploi, University of Nancy France; Centre for Innovation in Vocational Education, Training and the Business Community, the Netherlands; Arbeit in Bausektor, Fachhochschule Dortmund, Germany; Institute of Migration Research and Intercultural Studies, University of Osnabrück, Germany Employment Relations Research Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Dept. of Planning, Technical University of Denmark; Juan March Institute Madrid; Monitor Lavora, Rome
· Prof. C Hales: Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership, University of Stockholm; Fernando Pessoa University, Porto
· Prof. M Hodd: Foundation Vice Chancellor, University of Bukova, Tanzania (1999-2000); East & Southern African Universities Research Programme (ESAURP)
· Dr S Motamen-Samadian: Universidad Autonoma Mexicana
· S O' Neil: Commissioned research for the Commonwealth Secretariat & Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Mauritius
· Dr M White: Collaborative research with overseas scholars: Professor Mark Considine, Department of Political Science, University of Melbourne, 1997; Professor Jeffrey Smith, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario,1999; Eight countries involved in "The Dynamics of European Poverty, Unemployment and Social Exclusion", European Commission Framework 4 Programme, 1996-99.

External Examining of Ph D's
Prof. J Burton, Prof. C Hales, Dr S Motamen-Samadian, Prof. J Stanworth

Examples of Refereeing for Major Journals
Prof J R Shackleton (Economic Journal, International Journal of Manpower, Economic Issues). Prof L Clarke (Construction Management and Economics); A Haberberg (Journal of Management Studies); Dr W Hollins (Design Management); Dr S Lissenburgh (Cambridge Journal of Economics); Dr A Rieple (Human Relations); Prof. J Stanworth (International Small Business Journal); K Tyler (Service Industries Journal), Dr N Zafiris (Economic Issues)

Prof. L Clarke, Dr M White

Dr W Hollins: Special issue of Design Management
Dr S Pitt:
Editor of annual book on the music industry

Prof R J Shackleton: Special issue of Economic Affairs. Editorial Board: Economic Issues.

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