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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Since the last RAE, the Centre of Biomedical Sciences has been committed to improving the quality and impact of its research. Focussed effort has resulted in clear improvement in the number and quality of publications submitted and a substantial increase in research income, as detailed in RA5. Our research effort since the last RAE has built upon the core of existing research strengths and has included the appointment of two full-time research-active lecturers and two Research Fellows (UWIC funded), whose research interests complement those of existing staff. Currently, the 8.7 staff submitted here are pursuing an exciting range of cutting-edge research, and the group boasts the following established indicators of peer esteem since 1996:

Publications & Presentations
· Of the research output submitted in RA2:
10% were in journals with an impact factor greater than 7.
26% were in journals with an impact factor between 3 and 7.
64% were in journals with an impact factor of less than 3.
· Five people (57% of staff) regularly serve as referees for internationally recognised journals:
Dr. R. Adams - British Journal of Haematology & Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
Dr. R.Cooper - Journal of Apicultural Research
Dr. M. Edwards - Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Dr. S-A Evans - Biorheology & Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
Dr. K. Jones - Clinical and Experimental Allergy
· Fifty-two presentations were made at international conferences (6.0 per head), from which 45 abstracts have been published.
· Thirty presentations were made at national conferences (3.4 per head), from which 27 abstracts have been published.
· One person has co-authored 2 book chapters (Dr. S. Hicks)
· Four people (46%) have written a total of 5 invited reviews of their subject (Dr. S-A Evans, Dr. S. Hicks (2), Mr. K. Morris, Dr. A. Thomas). These reviews are in addition to those papers submitted under RA2.
· Five people (57%) were invited to give a total of 8 presentations at national and international conferences (Dr. R. Adams, Dr. R. Cooper [3], Dr. S-A Evans, Dr. K. Jones, Mr. K. Morris).

· A substantial increase in total research funding from research and consultancy has been achieved. The total annual income from research & consultancy projects was £2,500 in 1996-1997. The equivalent figure is c£20,000 for 1999-2000.
· Recent awards include:
A SMART award from the Welsh Assembly to the Allergy Consultancy Unit (£58,700)
An award from the European Wound Management Association (£9,000)
A three year grant from Cancer Research Wales (£41,000).

Other points
· Dr. R. Adams has acted as a grant referee for The Wellcome Trust
· Seven people (80%) act as supervisors for a total of 13 Ph.D / M.Phil. students (Dr. R. Adams, Dr. N. Burton, Dr. R. Cooper, Dr. M. Edwards, Dr. S-A Evans, Dr. K. Jones, Dr. A Thomas)
· 20 memberships of national and international societies are currently held
· Dr. K. Jones in the University Subject Panel Representative for validation of the postgraduate diploma in dermatological nursing at UWCM
· Mr. K. Morris acts as a consultant in advanced statistical methodology at UWCM

Collaborative research with external organisations has long been a strength of this Centre, and this area has been expanded and enhanced since the last RAE. Current collaborations include:

· University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff;
Departments of Dermatology (Dr. M. Edwards)
Medical Microbiology (Mr. K. Morris)
Medicine (Dr. M. Edwards, Dr. K. Jones, Mr. K. Morris, Dr. A. Thomas)
Pathology (Dr. M. Edwards)
Pharmacology (Dr. A. Thomas)
Respiratory Medicine (Dr. K. Jones)
Wales Heart Research Institute (Dr. A. Thomas)
Wound Healing Research Unit (Dr. R. Cooper, Dr. M. Edwards)
Vascular Surgery
(Dr. R. Adams, Dr. S-A Evans)
Oncology (Velindre, Cardiff) (Dr. M. Edwards)
· Cardiff University
Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (Dr. M. Edwards)
· University of Birmingham
Cancer Research Campaign Institute (Dr. M. Edwards)
Dept of Physiology, The Medical School (Dr. R. Adams, Dr. S-A Evans)
· University of Bristol
Department of Anatomy (Dr. S. Hicks)
Department of Pathology & Microbiology (Dr. M. Edwards)
Department of Podiatry (Dr. R. Cooper)
· University College of Dublin, Veterinary College
Department of Veterinary Anatomy (Dr. S. Hicks)
· Agricultural University of Athens
Department of Anatomy & Physiology of farm animals (Dr. S. Hicks)
· University of Waikato, New Zealand
Department of Biological Sciences (Dr. R. Cooper)
· Bristol Royal Infirmary
Milne Centre for reproductive health (Dr. S. Hicks)
· Family Planning Clinic (Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust, and Bristol) (Dr. S. Hicks)
· Salisbury District Hospital (Centre of Medical Equipment) (Dr. R. Cooper)
· West Cumberland Hospital (Dept. of Vascular Surgery) (Dr. R. Cooper)

The Centre's excellent links with industry and commerce have been fostered by continued and expanded collaborations with various companies. Currently, research-active links exist with Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Dr. A. Thomas, Mr. K. Morris), Glaxo-Wellcome (Dr. A. Thomas, Mr. K. Morris), British Biocell International (Dr. A. Thomas, Dr. K. Jones) and Amersham-Pharmacia-Biotech (Dr. K. Jones, Mr. K. Morris).

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