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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

During the reporting period, Huntley was invited to address the European Law Academy, Trier at its Conference on Telecommunications Law in Europe and to speak on telecommunications at the University of Westminster, the University of Bayreuth in Germany and by the Scottish Lawyers’ European Group. He has been invited to produce a Special Telecommunications Law Edition of Telecommunications Policy. He visited and lectured to postgraduates in Spring 1996, at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Between 1989 and 1999 he was adviser on Law, Polish Business Schools in Warsaw, Gdansk and Nowy Saçz. He continues as visiting professor in Anglo-American Business Law, Toulouse Business School, France (since 1989). He was a PhD examiner at the University of Edinburgh and the European University Institute at Fiesole in Italy. He was asked and agreed to act as a PhD supervisor at Aberdeen University (PhD awarded 1998) and the University of Westminster (current). He was UK National Reporter to the International Competition Law Association, 1994-1996, writing two national reports: on Unfair Competition in the United Kingdom and on the Control of Oligopolies under United Kingdom Competition Laws. He chaired the Panel on the Control of Oligopolies, in the 1994-6 conference cycle at Salzburg and Cambridge of the International Competition Law Association. He was invited to join the Association’s Ad Hoc Group on Intellectual Property and Competition Law. McKellar has been elected to the Executive Committee of BILETA. She is on the Scottish TLTP Committee and the Scottish Enterprise E-commerce Education Sub Group. In 1996 in the Glasgow Caledonian University Competition for Innovative Teaching Methods she was highly commended for her Civil Procedure Courseware CBL project and won second prize for The Virtual Court Action in 1997. Zahraa has maintained and improved his research contacts with the universities of Cairo, Damascus, Bahrain and Tripoli, the International Islamic University of Malaysia (where one of our PhD graduates is now Vice Dean of the Law School), the King Abdul Aziz University (Saudi Arabia),the Jordanian University and the Zayed University (Dubai). Maganaris is Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at the European Public Law Centre, University of Athens. The Centre’s directorate reflects a membership of 42 European Law Schools and is funded through its research and consultancy activities (predominantly EU funded projects). He has also carried out EU funded consultancy work in Lithuania for SMEs.

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