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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Throughout its evolution, certainly over the past fifteen years, the staff of the Division have committed themselves to the creation of a research culture and to the infusion of that into their teaching. In the mid 1980s,the group decided that a Staff Development Policy, within which research was central, was necessary. As a result, all members of the Division are expected to publish: all do, and have been so doing for at least the last ten years, and, since 1992, with the help of modest but significant RAE funding.

At least three colleagues not included in this submission, but whose work is relevant to UOA65, were only excluded after much deliberation, given serious contributions to scholarship of national significance they have provided but which fall short of the criterion of international significance which we have used in formulating this submission. For example, one such colleague has produced (in addition to other work) a series of high-quality training videos for the nursing profession (The Nurse Tutor Series) which meet many of the criteria for the sort of non-standard "research" formats which the panel has encouraged.

The increasing profile of the group's standing in the wider academic community has manifested itself in a number of ways over the period, some of which have been alluded to in the previous section. Papers, lectures and addresses have been sought from members of the group in a variety of contexts. These include research seminar papers in a number of Scottish and English universities (eg Bradford, LSE, Sunderland, Manchester Metropolitan, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt). Conferences at which papers have been invited over the period have included the International Conference on Identity and Symbolic Representation, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris, 1996; the Association of Media, Cultural and Communication Studies ‘Back to the Present’ conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 1996; and the IV Conference on Culture and Power, University of Zaragoza, 1998. In 1998/99, one member of the group gave invited papers on collective identity in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, while another gave an invited paper on media policy in Oslo.

Locally, in the Glasgow area, invitations to members of the group have produced contributions ranging from an address on Baudrillard to Glasgow University Philosophical Society, to participation in a series of small-group discussions organized by Glasgow Science Centre to predict the appearance of Glasgow in the twenty first century, as the basis of a major exhibition. One group member has been very extensively involved in the formation and expansion of radio studies, both in the UK, and, through the Web, internationally, and also works as radio critic for a major daily and a major Sunday newspaper, in addition to which media-critical work he also frequently reviews media publications. Invitations to review substantial publications in academic journals are also made frequently to group members, as are invitations to review book proposals for publishers, while members of the group have also acted as PhD external examiners and as referees for research proposals. Most of those whose work is submitted here are, or have been, external assessors for undergraduate programmes throughout the UK.

Journals which have invited contributions from group members over the period include the Journal of European Area Studies and Culture, Sport, Society, while invited contributions of book chapters continue to be made quite frequently and at the time of writing extend some way into the future. In several recent instances, members of the group have been identified by editors of special editions of journals and by book editors as salient researchers in their fields, and the group interprets this as positive evidence of development in the last few years.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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