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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Category A and C staff have lectured at international meetings, play an active role in membership of Specialist Journal Editorial Boards and have contributed chapters to books (eg Oxford Textbook of Medicine). Only selected significant responsibilities and achievements indicative of peer esteem are listed here.

Member MRC Medical Advisory Boards – Ahmed, Hewison, Maher, Savage, Stewart, Whittle; Fellows of Academy of Medical Sciences – Adams, Doe, Franklyn, Kerr, Langman, Sheppard, Stewart.

Adams. Sir Francis Avery Jones British Society of Gastroenterology Research Medal, Hans Popper Lecturer in Basic Science, University of Toronto Dame Sheila Sherlock Visiting Professor, International review panel US-Israel Binational Science Foundation. Ahmed. Fellow Molecular Medicine Society (USA), Award of Society for Gynecologic Investigation’s Blue Ribbon Presentation 2000, Lectures FASEB, International Symposium on Heme oxygenase. Bain. JDF (USA) Committee, Diabetes Board Academy of Finland. Barnett. JDF (UK) Medical Advisory Group, Advisor to European Medicines Group, CSM, MCA and NICE, Gold Medal British Medical Ophthalmological Society, Lectures RD Lawrence Lecture, American Diabetes Association, European Parliament. Barratt. Visiting Professor Karolinska Hospital, ICSL follow up study member, HFEA Spermatid working party. Beevers. President British Hypertension Society. Billingham. Chartered Statistician Royal Statistical Society. Bion. Advisor Commonwealth Scholarships Commission, Author Fundamentals of Intensive Care Medicine. Booth. Chair Academic Board and Nutrition Committee Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, Associate Editor Archives of Disease in Childhood. Bowman. Medical Advisory Board Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation of USA. Bradbury. James IV Travelling Fellowship Brazil, USA & South Africa, Lecturer European Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Brown. Co-Director LRF Differentiation Programme. Candinas. Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences. Clarke. Editor Cochrane Movement Disorders Collaborative Review Group. Doe. Distinguished research medal, Gastroenterological Society of Australia, Editor Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Chairman Research Advisory Committee RACP, Member NH and MRC Strategic Research Committee. Dunn. European Study Group for Pancreatic Cancer, Myeloma Overview Working Group, Early Breast Cancer Collaborative Group, LRF Clinical Trials Advisory Board, CRC Clinical Trials Grants Committee, MRC Data Monitoring Committee. Elias. Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Croonian lecturer, President British Association for Study of the Liver, Council Member BSG. Franklyn. Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecturer, American Thyroid Association Keynote Lecturer, International Congress of Endocrinology Plenary Lecturer, Honorary Senior Research Associate European Institute of Oncology (Milan), RCP Council Member, Associate Editor Journal of Endocrinology. Gammage. Scientific Committee European Society for Cardiology, BHF Fellowships Committee. Gough. Steering committee Human Biological Data Interchange, USA. Gray. Prix Raymond Bourgine for Achievement in Cancer Research (joint), International Steering Committee Member: Early Breast Cancer Trialists’, Colorectal Cancer and Hodgkin’s Disease Collaborative Groups. European Panorex study (chair), MRC Oracle, MRC Wisdom (chair); NIH Consensus Conference (breast cancer), UKCCCR Colorectal Cancer and Breast Cancer committees. Griffiths. Chair British Pacing and Electrophysiology multicentre Trials Group, Lead Investigator MAVERIC trial, Trial steering committee SAFE study and events committee SOFA trial. Grundy. Chair UKCCSG biological studies committee. James. Scientific Committee International Congress of Chemotherapy, UKCCCR Prostate cancer, Bladder cancer groups, NHSE working party on chemotherapy HRGs, Editor-in-Chief CancerHelp UK. Jankowski. Biology Committee International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus, International Gastric Cancer Linkage Group, Plenary Lecturer WHO and Ministry of Health Japan. Kendall. Chair Joint Formulary Committee (BNF), Member CSM. Kerr. Nye Bevan Award for Innovation 2000, International Prize Research in Digestive Oncology, Commission for Health Improvement, Chairman of Cancer Services Collaborative, Chief Medical Officer’s Advisory Group on Cancer, National Cancer Forum, Visiting Professor University of Belgrade, Editor-in-Chief Annals of Oncology. Kilby. British Maternal Fetal Medicine Society Award. Langman. Chair DoH/MAFF Expert Advisory Group on Vitamins and Minerals, Chair Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation of the UK, Member Committee on Safety of Medicines of the UK (Chair Expert Working Group on MMR and Autism), Honorary Senior Research Associate European Institute of Oncology (Milan), President BSG. Latif. International Lung Cancer Chromosome 3p21.3 Tumor Suppressor Gene Consortium, Von Hippel Lindau Disease Family Alliance, Scientific Advisory Board for Breast Cancer Campaign, NIH Merit Award for Outstanding Researcher. Lip. William Withering Bicentenary Conference Lecturer RCP Edinburgh. Luesley. Chair UKCCCR Gynae Cancer Sub-committee, FIGO Expert Advisory Committee (Oncology). Maher. Editor Journal of Medical Genetics, Lectures International Congress of Neuropathology, Eurocancer, International Congress Hereditary Cancer Diseases. Mann. Nye Bevan Lifetime award 2000, European Women of Achievement Award, Chair Education and Training Committee of SI0P Europe and ESPHI, Chair UK Children’s Cancer Study Group, Chair Epidemiology and Registry Group, MRC Working Parties Leukemia in Childhood, Hemoglobinopathies and Embryonal tumours, DoH Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment. Mautner. DoH Gene Therapy Advisory Committee Working Groups. McConville. Co-ordinator, Neuroblastoma Biology Group, UK Children’s Cancer Study Group. Miller. American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society Joint Pulmonary Function Standards Task Force 2001. Morton. Chairman Multidisciplinary Audit of Colorectal Cancer. Murray. Lecture XIth Congress European Society of Ophthalmology. Mutimer. Visiting Professor Nasser Institute of Medicine Cairo, Plenary Lecture European Association of Liver Disease. Nash. President International Society of Biorheology, Maxime Hans Prize Biophysics and Biomechanical Engineeering, Co-president 10th International Congree of Biorheology and 3rd International Conference on Clinical Haemorheology. Neuberger. Visiting Professor Ochsner Clinic University of Philadelphia, Academic Committee RCP, Liver Advisory Group UK Transplant (DoH), Chairman Research Committee BSG, Editor Transplantation. Richards. International Familial Gastric Cancer Consortium Management Board. Savage. EU Collaborative Group for Treatment of Vasculitis, Visiting Professor Erlangen and Mannheim Universities, Searle. Presentation Gene Therapy G8 Summit. Seymour. Coordinator EU Gene Delivery Programmes (Synthetic Polymers for Targeted Delivery of Genes). Sheppard. 1998 Sir Arthur Sims Commonwealth Professorship, Clinical Endocrinology Trust Eastern European Visiting Professor, RCP Censor, Chair RCP and NHS Working Party on Acute Admissions, ICRF Council, Pitt-Rivers Lecturer British Endocrine Societies, UCLA Visiting Professor of Endocrinology, Pimstone Memorial Lecturer Society for Endocrinology SA, Executive Editor Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism. Sinclair. Academic Director European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, Executive Board European Academy of the Medicine of Ageing. Southwood. Keynote address Park City IV, USA, 1st International Congress on Spondyloarthropathies. Stewart. RCP Linacre Lecturer and Goulstonian Lecturer, MRC working party ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, Society for Endocrinology Council, Wellcome Trust Clinical Interest Group, RCP Academic Medicine Committee, Editor Clinical Endocrinology, Editorial Board British Medical Journal. Stockley. UK and European Task Forces on Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency, RCP Simms Lecturer, NHS Commissioning Group on Asthma, Chair BTS Task Force on Bronchiectasis. Wheatley. MRC Adult Leukaemia and Childhood Leukaemia Working Parties, UKCCCR Melanoma Subgroup. Whittle. Council RCOG, President Maternal Fetal Medicine Society, Chair UK Ante-Natal Screening Committee.

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