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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

A Beech
• Co-editor: Journal of Mental Health (1995 - present).
Associate Editor: International Journal of Offender therapy and Comparative Criminology (2001- ).
• Editorial board: Journal of Sexual Aggression (1997 - present).
• Keynote Address: International Soc. for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, Durban, Sept 2000.
Invited talk: on cognitive-behavioural treatment. East-West Conference, Prague, April 1999.

M Birchwood
• Vice President: International Early Psychosis Association (European matters and Research).
Committee member: MRC (Canada) advisory group on early intervention in Psychosis.
• Editorial Board: British Journal of Clinical Psychology; Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy.
Reviewer: Brit J Psychiatry, Psychol. Medicine, Aust & NZ J Psychiatry, Schizophrenia Research.
• Advisor & Patron: National Schizophrenia Fellowship (UK’s leading mental health charity).
• Keynote Address: Int. Soc. for Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia, Stavanger, Norway, June 2000.
Keynote Address: First Int. Conf. on Early intervention in Psychosis, Melbourne, June 1996.

D Booth
• Committee member: Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (U.S.A.) 1995-2000; BPS, Division of Teachers and Researchers in Psychology; Chair-elect for 2001.
• Co-Editor: Appetite: research on eating and drinking, (co-founder 1979; Academic Press).
Reviewer: Appetite, American Journal of Physiology, Biological Psychology, British Journal of Psychology, Experimental Physiology, Physiology & Behavior.
• Distinction: 2nd Roland Harper Lecture at Society for Chemical Industry, Nov. 1998.
• Invited lecture: Symposium on Visceral Afferents, St Petersburg, 1997.

K Browne
• Advisor to the World Health Organisation: co-authored proposal (2000) to EC on child abuse and neglect in Romania - grant of 20M Euro to be administered directly by WHO & UNICEF.
• Editor: Child Abuse Review (Wiley; 1992-1999).
Editorial Board: Aggression & Violent Behaviour; Trauma, Violence & Abuse.
• Invited talk: 'Violence in the Media – international perspectives', San Diego, Calif, Jan 1999.
Invited talk: 'Helping victims of family violence – theory & practice', Warsaw, Poland, Dec 1999.
• Prize: Social paediatrics prize 1996, Inst. of Child Health, Athens, Greece.

R Crisp
• Reviewer: British Journal of Social Psychology, European Journal of Social Psychology, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Substance Use, Perception, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
• Prize: British Psychological Society Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology, 2000.

M Georgeson
• Panel member: BBSRC Animal Sciences and Psychology committee (Oct. 1996-98).
Grant reviewer: EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC, Wellcome, Nuffield, Leverhulme; NSF, NIH (USA).
• Editorial Board: Perception, from Aug 1998; Vision Research, from Aug 2000.
Reviewer: Nature, Perception, Vision Research, Spatial Vision, Visual Cognition, Perception & Psychophysics, Proc. Roy Soc B, Current Biology, Q J Exp Psychology, J Opt Soc Am A.
• Invited talk: Human vision & Electronic imaging, SPIE conference, San Jose, Calif, 1996.
Keynote lecture: "Spatial Vision", European Conference on Visual Perception, Oxford, Aug 1998.

E Gilchrist
• Member of advisory committee for prison/probation service on domestically violent offenders.
• Grant reviewer: ESRC, on "Stalking", Oct. 2000.
• Invited talk: BPS Scientific Meeting 1998 on "Issues in working with domestically violent men".

G Harris
• Reviewer: J. Child Psychol & Psychiatry, J. Reproductive & Infant Psychology, Child Development.
• Invited talks: 'Psychology of feeding problems' Copenhagen, Nov. 1996; 'Managing feeding problems in early childhood'; Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, York, April 1998.

S Higgs
• Reviewer: Psychopharmacology, Brain Research, Behavioral Brain Research, Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior, Behavioral Pharmacology, Appetite, Q. Jl. Exp Psychology.
• Brit Assoc for Psychopharmacology/Smith Kline Beecham Young Psychopharmacologist 1998.

G Humphreys
• Member: MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health board; MRC Cross-board panel.
Member: Leverhulme Trust advisory panel.
• Founding editor: Visual Cognition.
Editorial board: Cognitive Neuropsychology, Neuropsychologia.
• BPS President’s Award, 1999.
BPS Cognitive Psychology Prize, 1999 (with Derrick Watson).
• Keynote address: German Experimental Psychology Society, 1998.
Keynote address: French Neuropsychological Society,1998.

R A Johnston
• Editorial Board: Visual Cognition.
• Reviewer: Q Jl Exp Psychology, Memory & Cognition, British Journal of Psychology.

M Kebbell
• Wrote the Home Office guidelines on the assessment of witness evidence (Kebbell & Wagstaff, 1999, Face Value? Factors That Influence Eyewitness Accuracy. London: Home Office).
• Reviewer: Psychology, Crime and Law; Memory; Applied Cognitive Psychology; Legal and Criminological Psychology; Child Abuse Review.
• British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for 'outstanding younger scholars', 1997-2000.
• Invited talk: British Association for the Advancement of Science, Sheffield, Sept 1999.

A Lyons
• Member: Int. Conference Committee on Critical and Qualitative Approaches to Health Psychology.
• Reviewer: British Journal of Health Psychology; Journal of Health Psychology; Psychology and Health; Psychophysiology; Health, Feminism & Psychology.

A Meyer
• Grant reviewer: ESRC, National Science Foundation (USA).
• Associate Editor: Language and Cognitive Processes (2000 - ).
• Consulting Editor: Journal of Memory and Language (1998 - ).

I Mitchell
• Reviewer: Brain, European J. of Neuroscience, J. of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Journal of Neurochemistry, Neuroscience, Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews, Synapse.
• Grant reviewer: MRC, Wellcome Trust, Parkinson's Disease Society.
• Invited address: British Association of Psychopharmacology, Birmingham, March 2001.

C Oliver
• Member: committee of the Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes.
Member: Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation.
• Editorial board: J Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities; Tizard Learning Disability Review.
Reviewer: British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry.
• Keynote Address: Society for Study of Behavioural Phenotypes, Birmingham, Nov 1999.
Opening address: BPS Learning Disability Special Interest Group. Abergavenny, April 2000.

A Olson
• Reviewer: J. of Memory & Language, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Lang. & Cognitive Processes.
• Invited address: 'Understanding Language and Cognition', Harvard University, April 1997.

J Orford
• Editor: Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.
Editorial boards: Journal of Mental Health; International Gambling Studies.
• Invited talk: Alcohol Concern seminar, Royal College of Pathologists, London, July 2000.
Invited talk: European conference on community psychology Bergen, Norway, Sept 2000.
• Member: National Alcohol Research Forum, to review national research strategy.

P Praamstra
• Editorial board: Human Movement Science.
• Reviewer: Brain, Experimental Brain Research etc.
• Invited talk at ‘Executive control, errors and the brain’, Jena, 2000.
• Grant reviews: Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Austria.

J Riddoch
• Member: MRC Advisory board (MAB).
Member: Research and Development Committee, Stroke Association.
• Editorial board: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Cortex.
Reviewer: Brain, Cognitive Neuropsychology; Neuropsychologia etc.
• Invited talk: Attention & Performance XVIII, Windsor 1998.
Invited talk: ‘Cognitive and neural bases of spatial attention’, Como, 2000.

K Riggs
• Reviewer: Devel. Psychology, Brit. J. Devel. Psychology, Mind & Language, Visual Cognition.
• Grant reviewer: British Academy.
• Invited talk: European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Lisbon, 1998.

B Roberts
• Reviewer: J. Acoustical Society of America, J. Exp. Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, Perception & Psychophysics, Perception, Q. Jl. Exp. Psychology, Music Perception, Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
• Invited talk: Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 2nd Convention of the European Acoustics Association, Berlin, March 1999.

C Romani
• Reviewer: Cognitive Neuropsychology, Neurocase, Neuropsychologia.
• Runner-up award for the Best Paper in Journal of Experimental Psychology:General, 1999.

A Schofield
• Reviewer: Journal of the Optical Society of America A.
• Referee: International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications, 1997, 1999.

P Terry
• Reviewer: Psychopharmacology, Behavioural Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology
• Council member: Laboratory Animal Science Association (2000- )
• Invited talk: ‘Problems of drug dependence’, San Juan, 1996
Invited talk: British Psychological Society, London, 1997

G Thomas
• Invited member: Working Group of USA Social Science Research Council's Program on the Arts, to explore the changing role of photography in people's lives, July 2000.
• Reviewer: Developmental Psychology, Child Development, Journal of Exp. Child Psychology, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

L Wheeldon
• Grant reviewer: ESRC, National Science Foundation (USA).
• Reviewer: Journal of Memory and Language, Journal of Experimental Psychology.
• Invited talk: EPS Workshop on Lexical Access in speech production, University of Exeter, 1998.
Invited talk: Workshop on lexical representations, University of Konstanz, Germany, 1998.

A Wing
• Member: Association for Attention and Performance advisory council, 1992-2000.
Member: MRC Advisory Board, Sept 2001-
• Consulting editor: Journal of Exp. Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 1999-
Editorial Board: Journal of Motor Behavior, 1992-

• Invited keynote address: German Experimental Psychology Society, April 2000.
Invited tutorial review: Attention and Performance XIX, Irsee, July 2000.

Aggregate information about research environment & culture

• PhD students

In summary, 90 research degrees (81 PhD, 9 M.Phil) were awarded in Psychology in the 5-year period 1996-2000: an average of 18 per year. More than half of our graduate students went on to an academic or research post at university level after completing their PhD's. Many of them hold lectureships at other UK universities.

• International collaborations: brief summary by research groups

Gp.1. Browne: Collaborations with Thailand, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Poland and Slovakia, funded by British Council. Crisp: Cairns (N. Ireland), N Miller (USA). Orford: Collaborators in Italy, Mexico and Australia.

Gp.2. Birchwood: EU project (Spain, Germany, Finland, Holland), Kavanagh (Australia). Meyer A: Levelt & Dobel (Netherlands), Bock & Irwin (USA). Oliver: Dalton (New York; NIH grant). Olson: Nickerson, Caramazza (USA), Semenza (Italy), Bundesen (Denmark). Romani: Pizzamiglio (Italy), Semenza (Italy), Martin (USA). Thomas: Lin (Hong Kong), Perotti (Eastman Kodak, USA).

Gp.3. Booth: H.R. Kissileff (New York); Europ. Inst. Science of Taste & Eating (France). Georgeson: Hess (Canada), Magnussen (Oslo). Roberts: Bregman (Canada). Schofield: Kingdom (Canada).

Gp.4. Higgs: Grigson (USA). Humphreys: Bundesen, Gade (Denmark), Boucart (EU grant; France); Wolfe, Jolicoeur, Kosslyn (HFSP grant), Chainay, Vernier (France), Han (USA), Shalev (Israel), Pollman, Mueller, von Muehlenen (Germany). Praamstra: Stegeman & van Oosterom (Holland). Riddoch: Kinsella (Australia, ARC grant). Terry: Tirelli (Belgium), Katz (USA). Wheeldon: Lahiri (Germany; funded 1997-99), Waksler (USA). Wing: Flanagan, Lederman (Canada), Ulrich, Vorberg (Germany), Dietrich et al (Alliance grant; France), Thonnard (ESA grant; Belgium).

• Conferences & Workshops organized

Birchwood: UK International Conferences on Early Intervention in Psychosis, Stratford, 1997, 2000.
Booth: International Conferences on Food Choice: coordinator, 1991-1999.
Browne: Program for the first National Conference on Child Protection in Romania, Dec 2000.
Georgeson & Schofield: meetings of the Midlands Vision Group, 1998, 1999, 2001.
Humphreys & Olson: 5th Neural Computation & Psychology Workshop, Birmingham, 1998.
Humphreys: Royal Society meeting on Selective Attention and Action, 1997.
Humphreys (with Forde, Aston) BPS-funded workshops on neuropsychology of everyday action.
Humphreys (with Riddoch, Meyer, Praamstra, Wing, Olson & Romani) – a bi-annual series of international meetings at the BBS on cognitive neuroscience, starting 2001.
Higgs: British Feeding & Drinking Group, Durham 1996, Birmingam 2001. Local organiser of international meeting on Brainstem Mechanisms in Ingestive Behaviour, Durham, 1997.
Meyer A: workshop on 'Use of eye movements in language research', Birmingham, Sept 2000.
Wheeldon: Konstanz University workshop on Lexical representation, 1998; BPS grant (£3K, with S Monsell & J Kay, Exeter) for 3 workshops on speech production in 2001.
Wing: workshop on Reach & Grasp, Birmingham Dec 2000; also 8th International Rhythm Perception & Performance (EPSRC £8K; Wellcome £4K; with N. Todd, Manchester).

• Public understanding of science

Birchwood: public lecture on Treatment of Schizophrenia, Trondheim, Norway, 2000.
Harris: BBC Radio 4, 'Fussy Eaters', Nov 1999; BBC TV and Local Radio Stations, 'Why children don't eat vegetables', June 2000.
Humphreys: public lecture to National Encephalitis support group, July 1998; Science Now, Radio 4, June 1999.
Mitchell: public lecture as part of Brain Awareness week, Birmingham, 1998.
Riddoch: regular lectures and workshops to therapists working in neuropsychological rehabilitation.
Wing: featured in radio programmes: World Service May 2000; Radio 4, 'Testbeds', Aug 2000.
Wing: co-organised short courses for industry on Active Touch, June 1999, April 2000.
Wing: organised Psychology contribution to University Millennium Science Fun Fair, July 2000.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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