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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Within the RAE period, Lloyd was awarded the William Smith Medal of the Geological Society of London (1999) and the President's Award of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (2000). Hallam was awarded the Leopold von Buch Medal of the Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (1997). Awards to young researchers include the President’s Prize of the Palaeontological Association, awarded to Donoghue (1996) and J. F. Snell (2000), and the Institute of Petroleum's biennial George Sell prize to M. J. Welch (1999).
Peer esteem is also reflected in the large number of outside bodies and committees upon which members of the School sit. Research council appointments include- Mackay: member of the NERC Earth Science and Technology Board and the NERC Micro to Macro steering committee. Barker: member of EPSRC/NERC Waste and Pollution Management Steering Group. Tellam: member of EPSRC Waste and Pollution Management Committee, the EPSRC review college, and the inception committee and Technical Expert Group of the NERC LOCAR Programme. Westbrook: member of the BIRPS Review Group, RVS Users Panel and the Programme Review Group for SOC Challenger Division.
Other participation in research committees and learned societies includes: Hydrogeology Research GroupMackay: Secretary, Hydrology of the Earth's Crust, European Geophysical Society; Chairman of the International Peer Review Group on Spatial Variability for NIREX Limited (1997). Barker: Chairman of the Environmental and Industrial Geophysics Group, Geological Society of London; Technical Advisor (Geotechnical and Environmental Geophysics) for First Break; member of Joint Geological Society/CIRIA Working Party on Engineering Applications of Geophysical Techniques; Vice-President and UK Representative of the European Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society. Palaeobiology & Palaeoenvironments Research GroupSmith: Secretary, Palaeontological Association; Corresponding Member of the International Working Group on the Cambrian–Ordovician Boundary, International Commission on Stratigraphy. Tectonics & Basins Research GroupHutton: External advisor to the Earth Science Board of the Basic Science Grants Scheme, Republic of Ireland; external research assessor for the Department of Geology, University College Dublin. Thomson: UK National Correspondent, IGCP381 'Mesozoic Correlations of the South Atlantic'. J. Turner: Secretary, Tectonic Studies Group. Westbrook: Member of the ODP Program Planning Group on Gas Hydrates; Independent researchersIxer: Director and trustee, Council for British Archaeology; Chairman, Implement Petrology Group. In addition, members of the School hold 14 memberships on the councils or committees of 9 learned societies, and are editors or members of the editorial boards of 16 international journals. The staff of the School also refereed manuscripts for 52 ISI-listed international journals between 1996 and 2000.
International collaboration (non-industrial) is carried out between the Hydrogeology Research Group and the universities of Chang Mai (Thailand); Federale and Federale Rurale de Pernambuco (Brazil) and NGRI, India through government funded link schemes and the University of Waterloo (Canada). In Europe, close links are maintained with the universities of Barcelona, Montpelier and Valencia. The Palaeobiology & Palaeoenvironments Research Group maintains close collaboration with the Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland, the University of Uppsala, and the Institute of Geology Vilnius (Lithuania), and has strong links with the US Geological Survey, Northern Arizona University, the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, IVPP, Peking University & China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China. The Tectonics & Basins Research Group has collaborative research links with the universities of Barcelona, Bari, Gottingen, Miami, Madgeburg and San Diego, together with École Normale Superieure, Paris, IFREMER, Brest, GEOMAR, Kiel, and OGS, Trieste. Ashworth has collaborated with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Novosibirsk and at Irkutsk.
Industrial collaboration is undertaken between the Hydrogeology Research Group and the Environment Agency, BG Technology, BGS, Shell Research Ltd, Technos Ltd, Campus International Products Ltd, CES Ltd, Cleanaway, NIREX, RMC(Env) Ltd, Mott Macdonald plc, M. J. Carter Associates, ESI Ltd, Severn Trent Water, Geotechnical Developments, Tarmac. The Tectonics & Basins Research Group has joint research links with BHP Petroleum, ARCO, Enterprise Oil, Lasmo, Phillips Petroleum, Chevron UK, Triton, Ranger Oil, Western Geophysical, Soekor, Geotrack International, Shell UK Exploration and Production, Conoco UK, CSA Ltd (Ireland), Anglo American (Tanzania) and Navan Resources.
Members of the School have been active in organising international meetings. Notable amongst these were the 22nd General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy & Geophysics (Westbrook, chairman of organising committee), and the annual meetings of the Palaeontological Association (Smith & Thomas 1996) and the Tectonic Studies Group (J. Turner 1996). Symposia were convened by members of the School at a number of major meetings during the RAE period, including the International Geological Congress 2000 (J. Turner), Geoscience 2000 (Rivett, Smith, J. Turner), the European Geophysical Society General Assembly (Mackay 1997–2000, Rivett 1999), EUG 9, Strasbourg 1999 (Hutton), Geoscience 98 (Barker, Hutton, Westbrook), the International Meeting of Systematics & Evolutionary Biology (Hallam 1996) and the 1996 North American Palaeontological Convention (Smith). In addition, members of the School presented 33 invited keynote addresses at meetings and institutions.

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