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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

RESEARCH GRANTS, FELLOWSHIPS, AND AWARDS: The 3 Cities Project (Kennedy/Balshaw) was established with £100,219 from the AHRB for 1997-2000, followed by continued funding for the Research Fellow from the University of Birmingham for 2000-2003. Since August 1996, School of Historical Studies Research/Conference Grants totalling £6,136 have been granted to staff. Funding to the Centre for Canadian Studies, from the Canadian High Commission's Foundation for Canadian Studies and from private sources has increased from £10,250 in 1997/98 to £12,599 in 2000/01 in response to the active visiting speaker programme and conference participation, as well as continuing partial support of the salary of Fuller. Fuller was the recipient of the Molson Travel Award in June 1999. Kennedy received a British Academy Travel Award for summer 1998 and held a Rockefeller International Fellowship at the University of Iowa from January to April 1999. Laville was a nominee for the Bernath Award for Best Article on US Foreign Policy, Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, 1998. Simmons was awarded a British Academy Study Leave Fellowship for the 1997/1998 academic year.
GRADUATE PROGRAMMES IN AMERICAN AND CANADIAN STUDIES: Recent and current postgraduates have received ten AHRB Three-Year/One-Year Studentships, the Central European University Fellowship, the University of Kansas Exchange Fellowship, the University of Birmingham Hills Scholarship (three years), an Anglo/Jewish Association Scholarship, Faculty of Arts Home Scholarship (three-years), School of Historical Studies Home and Overseas Scholarships (three years), and 20 Departmental Merit Bursaries. In addition to 11 publications in refereed academic journals and collections, recent and current postgraduates have presented papers at annual gatherings such as the British Association for American Studies, the British Association for Canadian Studies, the Society of Historians for American Foreign Relations, and the Over Here/BAAS Postgraduate Conference.
KEYNOTE/PLENARY SPEAKERS (INTERNATIONAL): Kennedy: "Socail and Secure" conference, Roosevelt Centre, Middleburg, Holland, June 1995; International conference on American Studies, University of Iowa, April 1999; "Future of American Studies" conference, Dartmouth College, June 2000; plus "Literature and Society", Ghent University, Belgium, April 2000. Lucas: Guest speaker, British Institute in Paris, February 1998 and February 1999; Roundtable discussant, Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, Toronto, June 2000; Visiting Scholar, Erfurt University (Germany), November 2000.
: Fuller: Centre for Canadian Studies conference, Birkbeck College, February 1999; Gair: Welsh Association of American Studies conference, March 1996; Kennedy: "Reading the American City" conference, University of East Anglia, June 1998; Lucas: After-Dinner Lecture, British Association for American Studies, Birmingham, April 1997.
MAJOR CONFERENCE PAPERS (INTERNATIONAL): Balshaw: "Visions of the Future for the European and American City" conference, European Science Foundation, University of Ghent, May 1999, "Looking Back with Pleasure" conference, African American Literature and Culture Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2001; Fuller: Annual conference, ACCUTE, Ottawa, May 1998; Gair: American Culture Association, Chicago, April 1994; Jack London Symposium, Pasadena, California, July 1994; Popular Culture Association conferences, Las Vegas, April 1996, Orlando, April 1998, San Diego, April 1999; Jack London Symposium, Santa Rosa, California, October 1996; Kennedy: "Reading the American City" conference, National University of Singapore, September 1999; Irish Association for American Studies conference, Derry, March 2000; Laville: Berkshire Conference on Women’s History, North Carolina, May 1996; American Historical Association, New York, January 1997; Lucas: Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations conferences, Waltham, Massachusetts, June 1994, Washington, D.C., June 1997, Toronto, June 2000; Popular Culture Association conference, San Diego, April 1999; Wilson: American Literature Association conferences, Baltimore, May 1998, Cancun, Mexico, December 2000
Balshaw: British Association for American Studies (BAAS) conferences, Cambridge 1995; Glasgow 1999; "Passing" conference, Winchester, September 1997; „American Cultural Encounters“, Goldsmiths, June 1998; "Crossroads in Cultural Studies" conference Birmingham, June 2000; Balshaw/Kennedy: "Literature, Film, and Modernity", University of London, January 2000; Gair: BAAS conferences, Cambridge, 1995; Birmingham, 1997; Swansea, 2000, "Textual Relations: Britain and America" conference, Bristol, July 1999; 3 Cities conference, Birmingham, September 1999; "Crossroads in Cultural Studies" conference, Birmingham, June 2000; Kennedy: BAAS conference, Cambridge, 1995; 3 Cities conference, Nottingham, May 1998; "Cities" conference, Staffs University, September 1996; "Masculinity and Imperialism" conference, July 1995; Laville: BAAS conference, Cambridge 1995; Lucas: BAAS conference, Cambridge, April 1995; Simmons: BAAS conference, Swansea, April 2000.
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ORGANISATION: "Masculinity and Imperialism", July 1995; British Assocation for American Studies, April 1997; "Textual Relations: Britain and America", April 1997; "Containing Culture: America in the 1950s", November 1997; "Dislocations" Inter-Disciplinary Canadian Studies Conference, 1998; "Regenerations" British Association for Canadian Studies Literature Group Conference, 1999; 3 Cities conference, "New York, Chicago, LA: Cultures and Representations", September 1999.
JOURNAL AND SERIES EDITORSHIPS: Fuller: Editor of special issue of British Journal of Canadian Studies; Editor of special issue of Women’s Studies International Forum; Gair: Co-editor, Over Here: Reviews in American Studies; Co-founder and editor, Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations; Member of Editorial Advisory Board, European Journal of American Culture; Kennedy: Co-editor, Over Here: Reviews in American Studies; Member of Editorial Advisory Board, European Journal of American Culture; Simmons: General editor, British Records Relating to America in Microform (British Association for American Studies); Wilson: Member of Editorial Board, British Association for American Studies on-line postgraduate journal; Kirsty Buckthorp, Andrew Johnstone, and Emma Lambert (Ph.D. candidates): Co-founders and co-editors, 49th Parallel: An Electronic Journal of American and Canadian Studies.
EXTERNAL EXAMINING: Fuller: M.A. candidate at Arcadia University (Nova Scotia); Gair: Ph.D. candidate at University of Cambridge; Kennedy: B.A. in American Studies, Brunel University; B.A. in American Studies, Kings College; Ph.D. candidates at University of Nottingham and University of Sussex; External Reader for University of Edinburgh Press, Pluto Press, University College London Press, Routledge, and D.C. Heath; Lucas: Master’s in Intelligence Services, University of Edinburgh; Ph.D. candidates at Durham, London School of Economics, Nuffield College, Oxford; Validation of B.A. Programme in American Studies, Cheltenham and Gloucester; External Referee for Professorial Candidates, University of Alberta and Northwestern University; External Reader for Diplomacy and Statecraft, Intelligence and National Security and the Journal for Strategic Studies; External Reader for Macmillan Press and Manchester University Press; Simmons: Ph.D candidate at University of Cambridge; External Reader for Hodder and Stoughton Press. ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: Fuller: Director, Regional Centre for Canadian Studies; Member, British Association for Canadian Studies Council Executive; Convenor, British Association for Canadian Studies Literature Group; Kennedy: Member, Executive Committee, British Association for American Studies; Simmons: Member, Publications Committee, British Association for American Studies.
MEDIA: Kennedy: Commentator, BBC West Midlands Radio; Laville: Essayist for the New Statesman; Lucas: Regular essayist for the New Statesman and contributor to The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Guardian, The Times; Commentator, BBC World Service (television and radio), Central Television, BBC West Midlands Radio, and BBC Wales Radio.
EXTERNAL TALKS: Balshaw/Fuller/Kennedy/Laville/Lucas: Presenters of the lecture series "Dreaming Nations", Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham; Balshaw: Guest lecturer, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Kennedy: Guest lecturer, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham: Guest lecturer, National Portrait Gallery, London; Wilson: Guest lecturer, Spitalfields Gallery, London.

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