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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Involvement in Government and International Agencies.
During 1996-2000 Cave (who is also Vice Principal of the University) was a member of the Competition Commission (and its predecessor, the Monopolies Commission). He is an advisor on regulatory matters to OFTEL, the CAA and Postal Services Commission. He has undertaken studies on regulatory and competition issues for DG Competition and DG Information Society of the European Commission, and for the OECD. He has recently been appointed by the Treasury and the DTI to undertake a study on spectrum management and pricing in the UK, and report results to Ministers.

Davis has been a consultant to the ILO, OECD, World Bank, EBRD and Asian Development Bank. He has sat on key policy fora as the UK representative, including the OECD Committee on Financial Markets, the ECB Working Group on Macroprudential Assessment and the G-10 Working Group on Enhanced Disclosure by Individual Institutions.

Ioannidis and Iossa have acted as consultants to the Office of Fair Trading.

Editorial Activities.
Cave: co-editor of Information Economics and Policy; on the editorial boards of Education Economics, European Journal of Law and Economics, INFO and Telecommunications Policy.
Other members of editorial boards: Bennett (Economic Systems); Davis (Journal of Pension Fund Management and International Finance).
Bennett is guest editor of a forthcoming issue of Economic Systems on ‘Mixed Ownership,’ and Liu is guest editor of a forthcoming issue of Economics of Planning on the Chinese Economy.

International Speaking Invitations.
Members of both research groups have received numerous invitations to present papers abroad, fully funded, at conferences or departmental seminars.
From the ILE group, this includes Bennett (Prague, Munich and Leuven), Garino (Ancona and Milan), Georgellis (Bonn), Iossa (Bank of Italy, Brussels and Naples). Also, Sessions was a session organiser at the Western Economic Association Conferences, San Francisco, 1996, and Seattle, 1997.
From the MFE group, examples are Davis (The Basel Committee Research Conference, Amsterdam; Brussels (CEPR), the Dutch Planning Bureau, Harvard, Kiel, the Norwegian Central Bank, OECD, Paris-Nord, the Reserve Bank of Australia and SUERF in Vienna), Ioannidis (Athens, EC2 Conference, Dublin and Institut Francais du Petrol), Luintel (Brussels) and Madsen (Konstanz).

Other Distinctions.
Georgellis won a prize for giving one of the best three papers at the 4th International Conference of German Socio-Economic Panel Users, Berlin, July, 2000. He was visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, March 1999, and has been invited to publish in the Bank’s Review. Davis was a Visiting Professor at the Universite de Paris-Dauphine in 1996-7 and a visiting scholar at the IMF in 2000. He is a Research Fellow or Associate at the Financial Markets Group (LSE), the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and Birkbeck. Iossa was a Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute, summer 2000, and has recently been made an ESRC New Scholar (for 4 years) with the CEPR. Liu spent three months in 2000 as research fellow at the University of Singapore. Sessions was visiting professor at the Equipe de Recherche sur les Marches l’Emploi et la Simulation, Paris, for a month in 2000.

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