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Links to Bank of England.
Andrew Clare, of the Bank of England, has recently been appointed Professor Associate. He has 27 papers published or forthcoming, in journals or as chapters in books, in the period 1996-2000. He will bring us further research expertise, participating in Brunel research projects, involving Brunel staff in Bank research, attending seminars and advising younger members of staff and research students. In addition, Davis retains strong research links with the Bank and lectures at the Bank's Centre for Central Banking Studies.

Collaborative Work.
We make budgetary provision to support visiting scholars, and thus to develop and sustain collaborative work. In 1999-2000 this enabled Giuliana Palumbo (EUI Florence) to visit for one-month and Luc Bauwens (CORE) to visit for two weeks. Collaborative work being undertaken with researchers outside the University includes the following (the member of the Department is listed with the institution of their collaborator):
Bennett: LBS, Heriot-Watt, Swansea, St. Andrews, York.
Davis: NIESR, City, Oxford, Banque de France.
Georgellis: University of Illinois (Chicago), Nottingham, Orleans.
Ioannidis: Cardiff, Imperial College.
Iossa: Universite Libre de Bruxelles, EUI Florence, Naples and York.
Luintel: Durham, European Commission, Leicester, Loughborough, South Bank.
Madsen: Adelaide, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, EUI Florence, Western Australia.
Martin: Queen Mary, Manchester.
Seccia: CORE.
Sessions: Loughborough, Leicester, George Mason, Greifswald, Paris II.

From 1996 to 2000, members of the Department have refereed for over 50 different journals, including American Economic Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economica, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, Journal of Business Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of the Economics and Business, Journal of Futures Markets, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

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