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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Awards and Distinctions. Irvine and Cuthbert were founding Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Irvine is a Fellow of the Royal Society and was the Royal Society Kan Tong-Po visiting Professor (Hong Kong, 1998). McNaughton was Halliburton Professor of Physiology in King’s College London until 1999, and was appointed Sheild Professor of Pharmacology, Cambridge in 1999. He is an Honorary Professor of the University of Cardiff. Humphrey was appointed an honorary professor of Glasgow University, he was joint winner of the Royal Society Mullard Prize (1997), and he was awarded a Queen’s Award for Technology for the discovery of Imigran, and the Cameron prize (1996). He received an OBE in 1999 in recognition of his services to migraine research. Waring (1999) was appointed to a personal Chair and Edwardson (2000) to a personal Readership. These appointments follow stringent international peer review. Waring held visiting Professorships at the University of Texas at Austin (1998) and CalTech (1999). Taylor was awarded an ScD by Cambridge; he was a Lister Fellow until 1997, and became a member of the Lister Institute (1998). Barrand held a Fulbright Louise Buchanan Fellowship (1997-8) to work at the NCI, Bethesda. Fan held Honorary Professorships at Hong Kong Baptist University (1998) and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (1999), and was Broadhurst Distinguished Lecturer at Harvard (1996). Ford won the Robert E Beamish prize (1999) for the first author of the best paper published within the previous 3 years in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Genazzani was awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship (1998) and BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship (2000). Hinchliffe was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship (2000) and Carew held an MRC Fellowship until 1998. Koenig received the IUPHAR Receptor Mechanisms Research Award in 1998. Van Veen was awarded the Kluyver Award of the Netherlands Society for General Microbiology (1996), the Young Investigators Award by FEBS (1997), the Max Grüber Award in Biochemistry (1998), and he obtained a Fellowship from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (1997). Barnard was awarded the Eli-Lilly International Prize for Distinguished Research in Pharmacology (1998), elected a Foreign Academician of the Polish Academy of Science (2000), and honoured by the British Neuroscience Association as Distinguished British Neuroscientist (1997). Berge, Gergely, Smith and White were awarded Cambridge College Research Fellowships. Gergely was awarded the British Society for Cell Biology prize for Young Cell Biologist of the Year (1999). Carter (PhD student 1996-9) and Kidd (PhD student 1997-2000) were awarded Royal Society Travelling Fellowships (2000). White (PhD student 1996-9) and S A Honan (current PhD student) were awarded A J Clark Studentships by the British Pharmacological Society, and White was awarded the Glaxo Young Investigators Award (1997) by the British Pharmacological Society. Adkins (PhD student 1996-99) was awarded the prize for the best talk at the Newcastle meeting of the Physiological Society (1999). Sengupta (PhD student with Fan) was awarded a prize of £12.5k by Cambridge University Entrepreneurs for a business plan for a company aimed at exploiting traditional Chinese medicines (2000). Final year honours students received the Best U.K. Pharmacology Student of the Year Awards in both 1998 (Luo) and 1999 (Campbell) on the basis of their research projects.

Invitations to, and Organisation of, Major National and International Conferences. All academic staff have been speakers at major national/international meetings during the review period. The following list includes only the most noteworthy invited presentations. McNaughton: Bradykinin receptor Gordon Conference 1997; US National Academy of Sciences Symposium on Pain (1999). Irvine: Calcium Signalling Gordon Conferences (1997, 1999); Signal Transduction and Lipid Second Messengers, Keystone, (1998); 6th IUBMB Conference, Seoul (1999). Waring: International Symposium on Drug Regulation of Gene Expression, Bressanone (1999). Humphrey: Third Alexander Fleming Lecture (Imperial College, 1999); E J Ariens Lecture of the Dutch Pharmacological Society; 9th World Congress on Pain, Vienna (1999). Matthews: 8th International Biophysics Congress, New Delhi (1999). Taylor: Calcium Signalling Gordon Conference (1997), Modelling Calcium Signalling Symposium, Dresden (1999). Callingham: International Conference on Inflammopharmacology, San Francisco (1997). Dean: Computational Biophysics 2000, Nice. Edwardson: 8th International Symposium on Subtypes of Muscarinic Receptors, Boston (1998). Fan: 3rd World Congress on Inflammation, Tokyo (1997); Korean Symposium on Angiogenesis (1999). Genazzani: International Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Conference, Taormina (1999); Koenig: IUPHAR Meeting on Receptor Mechanisms, Merano (1998). Morton: International Workshop on Huntington’s Disease, Boston (1999). Richardson: International Symposium on Parkinson's Disease (1997); European Neuroscience Forum, Berlin (1998). Thorn: Chilean Physiological Society, Pucon (1999). Young: International Histamine Symposium, Japan (2000). Barnard gave plenary lectures at the Weizmann Institute, Israel (1996); Cajal Institute, Madrid (1998); Hong Kong University (2000).
Members of the Department have chaired or organised meetings, including the following: Physiological Society, King’s College London (1997) and Millennial meeting of British Pharmacological Society, Cambridge (McNaughton). 21st European Meeting on Hormones and Cell Regulation, Mt St Odile France (1996); Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Molecular Basis of Signal Transduction in Plants, London (1998); BPS/Biochemical Society Symposium on Targeting of Signal Transduction Pathway’, Cambridge (2000) (Irvine, last jointly with Taylor). International Conference on Ligands Acting on Nucleic Acids, Ascona (1996) and International Symposium on Drug Regulation of Gene Expression, Bressanone (1999) (Waring). 9th International Conference of Cerebral Vascular Biology, Cambridge (2001, Barrand). 9th International Amine Oxidase Workshop, Barcelona (2000, Callingham). Angiogenesis: Therapeutic Applications, Bethesda; 1st International Angiogenesis Symposium, China (1999) (Fan). International Conference on Nucleotide Signalling, Leipzig (1997), Asian and Oceanic Neuroscience Congress, China (2000) (Barnard). International Headache Research Symposium, Copenhagen (2000) (Humphrey).

Editorship of Major National or International Journals. Most academic staff serve have served as editors or editorial advisers. Irvine is an editor for Cell, Cellular Signalling, Current Biology and Molecular Pharmacology. Waring is a member of the Editorial Boards of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Anti-Cancer Drug Design, Journal of Molecular Recognition, and Current Medicinal Chemistry – Anti-Cancer Agents (and for 1979-98 for Molecular Pharmacology). Edwardson and Taylor are Editorial Advisers to the Biochemical Journal. Dean served on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, Advances in Molecular Similarity, and Perspectives in Drug Design and Discovery. Fan has been Editor-in-Chief of Angiogenesis since its foundation in 1997. Michel serves on the Editorial Board of British Journal of Pharmacology. Ferguson served on the Editorial Board of the Swiss journal: Pharmacology. Murrell-Lagnado serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of General Physiology. Richardson serves as an Editor for Journal of Neurochemistry, Synapse, Neurochemistry International, and as an Editorial Adviser for Biochemical Journal. Waring is a series editor for Cancer Biology and Medicine (Kluwer). Richardson co-edited ‘Adenosine Antagonists: a Novel Approach to the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease' (Academic Press, 2000). Fan co-edited ‘Immunopharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine’ (Beijing, 1999), and ‘The New Angiotherapy’ (Humana, 2001). Dean co-edited ‘Molecular Diversity in Drug Design’ (Kluwer, 1999). Humphrey co-edited 4 books, including 'Receptor Classification' (NY Acad. Sci, 1997), and 'The Triptans. Frontiers in Headache Research' (Raven Press). Barnard is Editor-in-Chief of Receptors and Channels, and on the Editorial Board of Molecular Neurobiology.

Membership of National and International Committees Irvine serves on the Council of the Royal Society and on its Research Fellowships Panel, he chairs the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Group of the Biochemical Society, and he was co-chairman of the BBSRC Integrated Cellular Responses Initiative. McNaughton is a member of the Wellcome Trust Neuroscience Panel (1998 – 2001), he was a member (1996–2000) of the BBSRC Biochemistry and Cell Biology Panel, he is chairman of the BBSRC Bio-imaging Initiative Panel (1999 – 2002), and will serve (2001-) on the BBSRC Neurone Panel. Callingham was Vice-President of the Institute of Biology (1994-8). Fan is a member of the Scientific Research Committee of the National Health Research Institute, Taiwan. Taylor serves on the Meetings Committee of the British Pharmacological Society. Humphrey is an executive member of IUPHAR, a founding member of its nomenclature committee, Chairman of the IUPHAR subcommittee on nomenclature of P2X receptors, and member and former Chairman of the somatostatin receptor nomenclature committee. Feniuk also serves on the latter committee. Young serves on the IUPHAR subcommittee on nomenclature of histamine receptors.

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