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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

1. The staff listed in this submission have given 410 invited lectures during 1996-2000 at national or international meetings. These are as follows - Name (number of talks) and citation of one notable invited keynote, plenary or invited lecture:
Allen (30), Seventh International Symposium on Equine Reproduction, Pretoria. Blacklaws (5), Annual Congress of the
British Society of Immunology 2000. Blakemore (22), Novartis Symposium on Neural Transplantation & Neurodegeneration. Bradshaw (5), EU Symposium on Welfare and Meat Quality of Pigs during Transport. Broom (94), Hannover Expo Scientific Meeting 2000. Bryant (4), World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress, Amsterdam. Davies (2), Osteochondrosis into the New Millennium, Monterrey, Mexico. Dobson (6), Portugese National Small Animal Veterinary Congress. Ferguson-Smith (14), Presidential Address, European Society of Human Genetics Conference, Lisbon. Field (18), International Symposium of the Japanese Association of Antiviral Chemotherapy. Franklin (20), 4th Gordon Research Conference on Myelin, California. Herrtage (31), World Small Animal Veterinary Congress, Lyon. Holdstock (14), Havermeyer Workshop on Fetomaternal Control of Pregnancy, Barbados. Holmes (4), Havermeyer Workshop on Neonatal Equine Immunology, Guelph. Jeffcott (7), 5th International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology, Japan. Jeffery (2), European Congress of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Munich. Lachmann (20), Vanguard Medica Lecture, University of Surrey. Lloyd (4), Echinococcosis in South America, Colonia, Uruguay. McConnell (10), International Retrovirology Symposium, Arcachon. Maskell (47), International Union of Microbiological Societies Conference, Sydney. Mastroeni (9), University of Maryland Center for Vaccine Development, Baltimore. Miller (3), Fatty Acids in Human Disease, Maryland Biotechnology Institute, Maryland. Phillips (9), Agricultural Institute of Canada Conference, Prince Edward Island. Podberscek (4), 31st Congress International Society for Applied Ethology. Prague. Rens (6), Gordon Research Conference on Molecular Cytogenetics, Oxford. Slater (6), American Association of Equine Practitioners, San Antonio. Tiley (3), IXth Northern Lights Neuroscience Symposium, Prions and Lentiviruses, Reykjavik. Sargan (15), EU Retinal Molecular Genetics Meeting, Madrid. Taylor (13), World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesia, Thessaloniki. Yang (7), British Human Genetics Conference, York.
2. Election to National Academies, Awards, Medals, Honours.
two ScDs (Cambridge, Poland). Kentucky Equine Research Hall of Fame. Honorary Fellow of the Royal Agriculture Society of England. Blakemore: Personal Chair in Neuropathology (University of Cambridge), RCVS Edwards Medal in Pathology. Bradshaw: Winston Churchill Memorial Travelling Fellowship. Broom: Hon. DSc De Montfort University 2000. Hon. College Fellow, Myerscough College, University of Central Lancashire. Dobson: BSAVA Woodrow Award and Blaine Award. Ferguson-Smith: Fellow of the Royal Society, Sir JY Simpson Award for Research in Human Reproduction, Founder Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences, Honorary Membership of the Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists. Field: Sc.D (Cambridge), Pfizer Academic Award, Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. Herrtage: Blaine Award, BSAVA, Honorary Member of the Società Veterinari Piemontesi, ESVIM/Iams Prize for Clinical Research. Jeffcott: Hon. DSc (Sweden), Sefton Award for services to Equestrian Safety 1997, Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Veterinary College, University of London 1997, Kentucky Research Hall of Fame. Lachmann: Biological Secretary and Vice President of the Royal Society, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Gold Medallist of the European Complement Network, Fellow of four International Academies of Science. McConnell: Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh, Founder Fellow Medical Sciences, Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Wellcome Trust Medal for Veterinary Research. Taylor: RCVS Livesey Medal 1996, Animal Health Trust Outstanding Scientific Achievement, Personal Readership in Anaesthesia (University of Cambridge). Yang: Visiting Professorship, Kunming Institute of Zoology.
3. Membership of UK Government, EU and International Committees.
Staff of the Department are involved in 89 UK, EU or international Scientific Advisory Committees either as President, Chair or Member. Name, numbers and most notable memberships are:
Blacklaws (1), Vice Chair EU Cost Action 834 on Lentiviruses. Blakemore (3), UK Government Expert Group on Cloning; Panel Member of the Wellcome Trust Mental Health and Neurosciences Board. Broom (6), Chairman EU Scientific Veterinary Committee, Animal Welfare Section 1990-97. Dobson (4), Member of the Wellcome Trust Veterinary Medicine Panel. Evans (1), Advisory Committee for the Veterinary Formulary.
Ferguson-Smith (3), Member of Committee, BSE Inquiry. Franklin (2), Member of Scientific Committee of Myelin Project. Field (3), President of International Society for Antiviral Research. Herrtage (13), President of the European Board of Veterinary Specialization. Holdstock (2), Advisor to the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme. Holmes (1), Member of Committee for the International Workshop on Equine Differentiation Antigens. Jeffcott (5), President Veterinary Commission, Sydney Olympics. Lachmann (7), UNESCO International Bioethics Committee. Lloyd (3), Member WHO Visitation for Echinococcus control, Uruguay. Maskell (10), BBSRC Strategy Board Member & Agri-Food Committee Chairman. McConnell (8), Member of UK Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC). Miller (2), Expert Evaluator for European Commission. Phillips (2), Chairman of the MAFF Bovine Tuberculosis husbandry review panel. Podberscek (3), Council Member of the International Society for Anthrozoology. Sargan (2), Visiting Faculty Member for the Cornell Leadership Scheme. Taylor (8), founding President of the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia.
4. Membership of Editorial Boards of International Journals.
Staff of the Department have been invited to serve on the Editorial Boards of 33 major research journals. Number of boards and one citation are; Blakemore (1), Multiple Sclerosis. Ferguson-Smith (2), Editor in Chief - Prenatal Diagnosis. Field (5), Editor in Chief – Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy.
Franklin (3), Applied Neurobiology. Herrtage (1), Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. Jeffcott (6), Editor of International Equine Exercise Physiology 5 Japan 1998. Lachmann (5), Chairman of the Board of Directors for International Journal of Experimental Pathology. Maskell (1), Microbiology. Mastroeni (1), Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology. Podberscek (3), Editor, Anthrozoös. Taylor (4), Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. Tiley (1), International Antiviral News.

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