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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

In addition to the research papers listed staff of the Department have contributed 522 research papers and 70 invited reviews, £14.9m of research funding and 16 books edited. Research funding is listed as overall total values of all research awards in 1996-2000 and not expenditure. Within the research areas these are: Neurology: 62 research papers, 7 reviews, 7 book chapters. Research Grants total £3.07m. Infection and Immunity: 118 research papers, 22 reviews, 1 book, 5 patents held, 12 media interviews. Research Grants total £10m. Genetics: 61 research papers, 9 reviews, 3 patents held, 3 media interviews. Research Grants total £354K. Clinical Sciences: 140 research papers, 8 reviews, 10 books edited, 20 media interviews. Dobson has written 2 books on Oncology. Jeffcott has edited a major research work on exercise physiology. Research Grants total £900K. Animal Welfare, Behaviour and Nutrition: 141 research papers, 24 reviews, 3 books edited, 43 media interviews. Research Grants total £605K. Within the Department staff hold a total of 10 industrial consultancies and 8 Patents. Clinical income generated by clinical staff in the financial years 1995/6 to 1999-00 inclusive was £5.25m. £1.4m of this was made available for re-investment in building, equipment and staffing, and around half of this expenditure is highly relevant to research programmes.

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