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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Prof E.K.H. Salje FRS Humboldt Prize; Schlumberger Medal of Mineralogical Society; Monbusho Visiting Professor in solid state sciences (Japan);
Fellow of German Academy of Natural Sciences - Leopoldina, Abraham-Gottlob-Werner medal

Prof. M.J. Bickle Phaupe Prize of Geological Society Zimbabwe

Prof S. Conway Morris FRS Lyell Medal of Geological Society; Honorary Degree University of Uppsala; Honorary Fellow of European Union of Geosciences
Walcott Medal (National Academy of Sciences USA); Schuchert Award of the Paleontological Soc (US); G.G. Simpson Prize of Peabody Museum Yale; Selby Fellow Australian Academy of Sciences

Prof. H. Elderfield Fellow of the Geochemical Society of America and of the European Association for Geochemistry; Plymouth Marine Medal; NOAA outstanding scientific paper award; Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, Honorary Fellow of the European Union of Geosciences; Prestwich Medal of Geological Society; Lady Davis Visiting Professor Jerusalem

Prof I.N. McCave A.G. Huntsman Medal (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada); Shepard Medal of Society for Sedimentary Geology (USA); Wollaston Fund of Geological Society; John Murray Scholar of Royal Society

Prof D.P. McKenzie FRS Bowie Medal of the AGU; Hon Fellow of GSA; Foreign member U.S. Nat. Acad. Sci.; Balzan Prize; Japan Prize; Royal Medal Royal Society; Gold Medal Royal Astronomical Soc; Wollaston Medal of Geological Society; Day Medal of GSA; Fellow of AGU; Hon DSc Chicago, Leeds and Bristol

Prof. R.B. Rickards Lyell Medal and Murchison Fund of the Geological Society; John Phillips Medal of Yorks Geological Society

Prof N.J. Shackleton FRS Knighthood; Foreign Associate of US National Academy of Sciences; Milankovitch Medal of the European Geophysical Society; Wollaston Medal of Geological Society; Honorary Doctorates of Stockholm and Dalhousie Universities; Crafoord Prize Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; Lyell Meda of the Geologica Society; Fellow of AGU; Shepard Medal of Soc for Sedimentary Geology; Carus Medal German Academy of Natural Sciences - Leopoldina;A.G. Huntsman Medal (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada)

Prof R.S. White FRS Woollard Award of Geological Society of America; Bigsby Medal of Geological Society; Stichting Award for Science by Schlumberger; Green Scholar Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Maurice Hill Fellowship of the Royal Society

Prof A.W. Woods Marcello Carapezza International Scientific Prize; ItalGas Prize for Science and Technology; Blaustein Visiting Professor, Geothermal Program, Stanford; Bullerwell Lecture, 1998; Stewartson Lecture, 1999; Green Scholar, Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Visiting Professor, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo;
Emeritus Professor
Prof H.B. Whittington FRS Wollaston Medal of the Geological Society; Lapworth Medal of the Palaeontological Society; Geological Association of Canada Medal; Bigsby Medal and Lyell Medals of the Geological Society; Mary Clark Thompson Medal of the US National Academy of Science; US Palaeonotological Society Medal; Leverhulme Emeritus Professsorship

Dr. M.A. Carpenter Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship; Pilkington Teaching Prize; Mineralogical Society of America Award; Life Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America; Nuffield Science Research Fellowship

Dr. J.A.D. Dickson Wollaston Fund of the Geological Society

Dr. M.T. Dove Philips Physical Crystallography Prize (British Crystallographic Association)

Dr. A.J.Haines Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship; New Zealand Ministerial Award for Science; New Zealand Geophysics Prize; DSIR Prestige Award; New Zealand Government Marsden Fund Award

Dr. J.A. Jackson Bigsby Medal and President’s Award of Geological Society

Dr. S.A.T. Redfern Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America; European Mineralogical Union Medal; Nuffield Foundation Science Research Fellowship; Philips Physical Crystallography Prize (British Crystallographic Association); Max Hey Medal of the Mineralogical Society

Dr. A.G. Smith Bigsby Medal of the Geological Society

Senior Lecturers
Dr. I. Farnan Chercheur Etrangere, Poste Rouge (Senior Fellowship) CNRS

Dr. P.F. Friend Daniel Pigeon Fund of Geological Society; W.S. Bruce Memorial Prize of Royal Soc of Edinburgh; Sedgwick Prize

Dr. D.M. Pyle* President’s Award of the Geological Society; Sedgwick Prize

Dr. N.H. Woodcock Pilkington Teaching Prize; Murchison Fund of the Geological Society

Dr. E. Artacho Young Scientist Award of the International Union of Crystallography; Invited Professor École Normale Supérieure de Lyon; Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation

Dr. N.J. Butterfield Dr. Neil Campbell Memorial Scholarship, Bill Elder Scholarship, APEGGA Medal, University of Alberta; Canadian NSERC Post-graduate Scholarship; Trevelyan Research Fellowship, Selwyn College; Best student paper, Canadian Paleontology Conference, 1990

Dr. T.J.B. Holland Murchison Fund of the Geological Society; Burdett-Coutts Prize (Oxford University)

Dr. M.B. Holness Murchison Fund, Geological Society; Royal Society Research Fellowship

Dr. N. Hovius British Council Fellowship; Trinity College Dublin Fellowship; Stichting Verenigde Spaarbank Award
Assistant Directors of Research
Dr. K.F. Priestley CNRS visiting Professorship, 2000; Professor of Geophysics, University of Nevada 1987-90

Dr. S.J.B. Reed Microbeam Analysis Society Presidential Award

Dr. N.J. White Bigsby Medal, Geological Society; Bullerwell Lecturer, Royal Astronomical Society; President’s Award of Geological Society; Sedgwick Prize

University Assistant Lecturers
Dr. C. De La Rocha* UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship; Charles A. Storke Fellowship; Nejat B. Ezal Memorial Fellowship; Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship

Dr. A. Galy* Visiting Scholar Elf Aquitaine, France; Visiting Scholar CRPG- CNRS, France; CNRS doctoral Fellowship, France; EU-TMR postdoctoral Fellowship

Museum Director
Dr. D.B. Norman Golden Trilobite Award of the Paleontological Society of America; Visiting Professor Smithsonian Institution; Vice-President The Linnean Society of London; Hon. Research Fellow University Museum Oxford; Director of AMSSEE; Director British Institute for Geological Conservation

Joint appointment with Hamburg
Dr. C. Betzler "Willkomm-Preis“ award of the University of Frankfurt ; Heisenberg fellowship of the DFG (German Science Foundation); Scholar of the DFG; Scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service

* Aged 35 or under
Awards in italics are pre-01.01.1996

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