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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


During the assessment period, 35 new full-time members of staff were appointed, of whom 24 were external candidates and 11 already held research appointments in the Department. 20 new professors were appointed (10 to established chairs, 6 of these being external candidates, and 10 by personal promotion); 13 other members of the staff were promoted to readerships and 15 to senior lectureships (staff entered under UOA 43 are not included in these figures). There was strong competition for new posts and it has been possible to appoint excellent new young members of staff with outstanding research and teaching ability. We expect that their exceptional skills and enthusiasm will contribute further to our research output in the coming years. All except 4 full-time members of our teaching staff have been included in category A; these include the Directors of our Advanced Course in Design, Manufacturing and Management and our undergraduate Manufacturing Engineering Tripos, who both have full-time administration and teaching functions. In addition we have three retired members of staff who each teach one-third time and who have not been included, making a total of 5 full-time equivalent staff omitted; the total number of category A staff included is 126. During the 5 years of the assessment period, the Department’s Annual Reports recorded a little under 4,000 publications, making an average in excess of 6 publications per year per category A staff member. Between them, members of staff held 87 editorial board memberships for international journals and they have had major responsibility as international conference organisers 192 times.

Honours: from UK sources
The research credentials of the Department's staff are recognised by the many national and international awards that have been made to them. The present staff of the Department include 14 fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering (6 newly elected during the last 5 years, and one a Vice-President), and 5 fellows of the Royal Society (2 newly elected). During the assessment period, 2 members of staff received honorary degrees and there were many individual awards including, from the ICE, the James Alfred Ewing Gold Medal, the James Watt Medal and the Telford Premium; the IStructE’s Oscar Faber Award and Henry Adams Award; from the IMechE, the Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal, the Tribology Trust Silver Medal, the George Stephenson Medal, the Crompton-Lanchester Medal, the Stewartson-Dyer/Trevithick Prize, the Kenneth James Harris Prize, the Donald Julius Groen Prize, and the Water Arbitration Prize; from the IEE, the Faraday and Rayleigh Book Prizes, the Swan Premium and a Science Education and Technology Division Premium; the Institute of Materials’ Cook Ablett best paper award; the Institute of Measurement and Control’s Sir Harold Hartley Medal; the Institute of Materials’ Platinum Medal and NPL Metrology Award, the Royal Aeronautical Society’s John Britten Prize, and the Institute of Physics’ Public Awareness of Physics Award. Many members of staff are corporate members of the UK's major professional engineering institutions, including 4 Fellows of the ICE, 5 Fellows of the IMechE, 7 Fellows of the IEE, 4 Fellows of the Royal Aeronautical Society, 4 Fellows of the Institute of Acoustics, 3 Fellows of the Institute of Physics, 4 Fellows of the Institute of Materials, 2 Fellows of the Institute of Measurement and Control (one the President-elect), 4 Fellows of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and 4 Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts. Professor Ashby was appointed CBE during the assessment period; Professor Guthrie is an OBE.

Honours: from foreign sources
We have one foreign associate of the US National Academy of Engineering, 2 out of 16 foreign honorary members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2 fellows of the ASME (both newly elected), one fellow of the IEEE, 3 fellows of the Acoustical Society of America (one newly elected), one fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (newly elected), one fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics, and one fellow of the AIAA. All of these fellowships are the result of peer election. During the assessment period, members of staff received the ASME’s Per Bruel Gold Medal, Melville Medal, Mayo D Hersey Award, Aircraft Engine Technology Award and two other Best Paper awards; the IEEE’s G.S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award and Control Systems Award; the Combustion Institute’s Hottel Gold Medal, the Society of Underwater Technology’s President’s Award; the prestigious Körber Prize for European Science; the US Cernal Eringen Medal, the American Society of Engineering Science’s Prager Medal, the European Design Research Society Medal for contributions to design science; the French Fondation Altran pour l’Innovation award for innovation, an IFAC award for the best new Control Engineering textbook; the International Journal of Microelectronics Best Paper Award; the Institute of Microwave Power’s Outstanding Paper Award; and 16 other Best Paper Awards from international journals and conferences. .

Visitors and retired staff
The Department has about 20 distinguished visitors in residence, usually on sabbatical leave from their own institutions. There is continual pressure to receive qualified visitors who wish to work in the Department and many more could be accepted if additional space were available. Their interaction with staff is an important part of the research life of the Department. Also several of our emeritus professors maintain active research links, working regularly in the Department, including Professors Ken Bray FRS, Jacques Heyman FREng, Sir John Horlock FRS, FREng, K. L. Johnson FRS, FREng and Andrew Schofield FRS, FREng.

Appointments outside Cambridge
During the last five years, members of the present staff have held many important visiting appointments, including Hirsch Lecturer at Oxford University, 1998; Gledden Fellow, University of Western Australia, 1999; Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1999; Hunsaker Visiting Professor at MIT 1999-2000; Honorary Professor, China University of Mining and Technology, 1999; Honorary Professor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Guest Professor, Xian Jiaotong University, China, 1997; Visiting Professor, Princeton University, 2000; Lindemann Research Fellow, Brown University, 2000-2001; Honorary Professor, Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 2000; Visiting Professor, NTU, Singapore, 1999; Visiting Professor, University of Gifu, Japan, 1999. Professor Dowling is a Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and Professor Palmer was President of the Pipeline Industries Guild 1998-2000 and received Brown University’s Alumni Medal for contributions to engineering in 1997. Members of staff gave nearly 250 major public lectures and keynote conference speeches during the assessment period. These included Professor Dowling’s Lanchester Lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society and Minta Martin Lecture at MIT in 1999, Professor Hopper’s Royal Society Clifford Patterson Lecture on Sentient Computing, the prestigious annual Larmor Lecture of the Cambridge Philosophical Society given in different years by Professor Campbell and Professor Rayner, and Professor Mair’s Sir Harold Harding Memorial Lecture at the ICE in 1998. Also Professor Hopper addressed the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva in 1999 and Professor Newland was a Woodruff Lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998, Distinguished Alumni Lecturer at MIT in 1999 and a principal speaker on Education for the 21st century at MIT’s New Millennium Colloquium on the Future of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2000.

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