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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Awards and Promotion
We claim excellence at an international level in each of our five research groupings. External testimony to this over the assessment period is presented in the summary tables below. Highlights of this reporting period include 2 elections to Fellowships of the Royal Society (Profs H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia and A.H. Windle) and the election of Prof. C.J. Humphreys to the Royal Academy of Engineering to join our existing fellows (Profs. Fray and Bonfield). During the assessment period there have been 3 promotions to personal chairs (T.W. Clyne, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia, J.E. Evetts) and 5 promotions to readerships (W.J. Clegg, M.G. Blamire, G.T. Burstein, A.L. Greer, I.M. Hutchings).
Publication Activities
Members of Staff are very active in editorial activities; many act as editors or serve on editorial boards. Within the assessment period, more than 1,000 research papers have been published having Department members of staff as authors and this figure is considerably exceeded if the activities of the Distinguished Research Fellows are included (see RA6c). There have also been over ten books authored or edited within the assessment period. Again, this number would be swelled significantly if the contributions of the Distinguished Research Fellows were to be included.
National & International Agency Participation, Collaborative Ventures and Visitors
In parallel with increased involvement in agency activity at national level, expansion and intensification of international collaboration has been a prominent theme in the development of the Department over the assessment period. One testament to this can be seen in the number of international visiting scientists we have hosted in recent years (see summary Table below). These visitors came from over twenty different countries. Other facets of our widespread international collaborations are apparent in many strands of our activities. For example, we offer summer placements in 5 European countries to undergraduates before they start the final year of their course. However, the most prominent manifestation of our expanding international links has been in the form of collaborative research projects. In addition, our staff are frequently approached to take part in international ventures, to advise international agencies and to join national and international committees.
No. of
Intl. Scientists

Staff (RA5)
Roles in Intl. Confs.
on prolonged visits
Refereed (WoS jnls)
Refereed (ITCP conf.)
Other (conf.)
Dev. Mater.
Mater. Chem.
Polymers, Ceramics & Composites
Phys. Metall.
It is clear from these figures, not only that the Department has an extraordinarily high international standing, but also that external recognition of this pre-eminence extends quite uniformly across the range of research themes within which we focus our main efforts.
Individual honours and activities
A selection of the individual awards and research activities are summarised in the tabulation below. For the awards, prizes and medals, we have included only those which are obviously very prestigious on an international scale and which represent recognition of general eminence, rather than relating only to specific papers, and presentations. Similarly for the plenary talks, these are restricted to the most prestigious events and do not include the many invitations of a more routine nature which we receive. For publication activities we include only chairman or lead organiser of the conference and editor-in-chief for journals.
Prof. J.E. Evetts Device Materials Group
Plenary Lectures: Appl. Supercon. Conf., Pittsburgh (1996); Int. Cryo. Mater. Conf., Montreal (1999); Eur. Conf. Appl. Supercon., Barcelona (1999); Crit. Curr. & Apps. of HTS, Japan (2000)
Agency Activity: EPSRC Funct. Mater. College; Rep. for Mater. Proc. On Steering Comm. of UK Superconductivity Forum; Steering Comm., Eur. Network SCENET. Co-Dir. IRC in Superconductivity. Funding & Partners: EPSRC, LINK, ABB, British Council UK-Korea S&T Prog. EU.
Prof. C.J. Humphreys FREng Device Materials and Physical Metallurgy Groups
Awards: FREng (1997); Selby Fellow, Australian Acad. Sci. (1997); Kelvin Medal, IoP (1999).
Conference Organisation: Int. Centennial Symp. On the Electron, Cambridge (1997)
Agency Activity: Sen. V-Pres. Of Inst. Mater.; Pres. Phys. Sect., Brit. Ass. Adv. Sci.; Nat. Adv. Comm. Electronic Mater. & Devices; Man. Comm., EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Initiative; Crime Prev. Task Force, DTI; V-Chair, Technol. Foresight Comm. Mater., OST; BBC Independent Advice Panel on Eng. & Technol. Programmes; Chair, Mater. at their Limits Working Party, OST. Joint Res. Dir., UK-Japan Int. Res. Prog. on Atom Arrangement, Design and Control for New Materials.
Funding & Partners: Funded by EPSRC, Marconi, Thomas Swan, Sharp Europe, Philips.
Dr. M.G. Blamire Device Materials Group
Conference Organisation: Roy. Soc. Disc. Mtg. "Understanding and utilising colossal magnetoresistance materials" (1997).
Agency Activity: Chair, IOP Supercon. Gp.; Member, EU SCENET working gp. Supercon. Detectors; Consult., NATO Science for Peace Prog.
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, PPARC, ONR, ABB, DERA, UK-Korea S&T Prog., NEC Research. Member of the SCENET superconducting foundry programme (Fluxonics). ESF network "PiShift", EPSRC Networks on Perovskites, Magnetic multilayers and Magnetic oxides
Prof. D.J. Fray FREng. Materials Chemistry Group
Plenary Lectures: Distinguished Extractive Metallurgy Lecturer 2000, TMS (2000).
Agency Activity: EPSRC College. Chairman, Molten Salt Discussion Group.
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, British Titanium plc, Ion Science Ltd, Environmental Monitoring and Control Ltd, Ionotec Ltd, Foseco International (Uk and Germany), Verheart Design and Development (Belgium), Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan), BNFL (UK), Isonics (US), LSM (UK).
Dr. G.T. Burstein Materials Chemistry Group
Plenary Lectures: National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Hertzliya (Israel) 1998
Corrosion Science.
Agency Activity: BP Corrosion Advisory Panel
Funding & Partners: Brit. Council, Alcan, Schlumberger, Horsell Graphic Industries Ltd, BP plc.
Prof. T.W. Clyne Polymers, Ceramics and Composites
Agency Activity: Metal Matrix Composites Committee of Inst. Mater., EPSRC LINK Structural Composites Assessment Panel, Euromat Conference Ser. Steering Comm., EPSRC Structural Mater. College, Man. Comm. MATTER Project for development of Educational, Software,
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, DERA, Man. Comm. of MMC-ASSESS EU Network.
Prof. A.H. Windle FRS Polymers, Ceramics and Composites
Awards: FRS (1997)
Agency Activity: Director, Cambridge / MIT Institute, Chair, EPSRC Materials Programme Review Panel 1999-2000. EPSRC Struct. Mater. College
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, ICI, Huntsman, Unilever, Hoechst, Cortaulds, TWI, London Intl. Group.
Dr. W.J. Clegg Polymers, Ceramics and Composites
Awards: Verulam Medal and Prize, Inst. Mater. (1998).
Agency Activity: Committee of the International Organisation of Ceramic Processing
Funding & Partners: 3M, Swedish Ceramic Institute, University of Limerick, NIRIN, Japan; Kyocera, IHI, Toshiba, Asahi, Vesuvius (Belgium) and Ugine-Savoic (France).
Prof. H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia FRS Physical Metallurgy Group
Awards: FRS (1998), 1997 Roy. Soc. Amourers and Brasiers' Co. Award (1997)
Plenary Lectures: Charles Hatchett Lect., CNN, Brazil (1997); Ann. Lect., Roy. Microscop. Soc., Oxford (2000); Medal and Rose Bowl, Roy. Soc. Charles Parsons Meml. Lect. (2000).
Editing: Book series on 'Modelling of Materials', Inst. Mater.
Agency Activity:
EPSRC Mater. College. Books comm. of the Inst. Mater.. Roy. Soc. Comm. SC4.
Funding & Partners: Brite-Euram, Technology Foresight Challenge, EPSRC; Siemens Power Generation Limited; GKN Technology; ABB.
Dr. A.L. Greer Physical Metallurgy Group
Editing: Phil. Mag. A; Int. J. Non-Equilibrium Proc.
Conference Organisation: Co-chairman, MRS Fall Mtg. 1997
Awards: Senior Science Medal (ISMANAM)
Agency Activity: Council of MRS; Eur. Space Agency Topical Team on Metastable States and Phases. Castings Division Board, Inst. Mater.; EPSRC Functional Mater. College; Eur. Comm.: Review Panel for BriteEuRam and Framework V proposals.
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, Eur. Network "Microstructure Engineering by Solidification Processing". UK-Korea Sci. Technol. Prog.. NEDO (Japan) International Joint Research Programme Collaborations with: German Aerospace Research Establishment; Atomic Energy Commission Research Centre, Grenoble; Pechiney and 7 Eur. Univ.
Dr. P.A. Midgley Physical Metallurgy & Device Materials Group
Conference Organisation: FEGTEM I (1999) and FEGTEM II (2000), Oxford
Agency Activity: Comm. EMAG (IOP)
Funding & Partners: FEI Electron Optics, Philips Research Labs, 3 Eur. Universities.
Prof. W. Bonfield CBE, FREng. Biomaterials Group
Awards: Kelvin Medal (1996), CBE (1998), Acta Metallurgica, J Herbert Holloman Award (2000)
Plenary Lectures: 44th Hatfield Meml. Lect. (1996), SW Res. Inst. C W Hall Meml. Lect., USA,(1996), Roy. Acad. Eng. CSE Internl. Lect. 1997, 87th Hawkesly Lect., ImechE 2000, 1st Iberico Conf. on Biomater., Spain (2000); Pres. Lect., 4th Intl. Conf. on Ceram., Cells and Tissues, Faenza (1997); Intl. Wkshop. on Interfaces, Santiago (1996); Amer. Ceram. Soc., San Antonio (1996)
Editing: J. Mater. Sci.; J. Mater. Sci. Lett.; J. Mater. Sci. - Mater. Med.
Agency Activity: Inst. Mater.: Vice President, Chair - Biomed. App. Div., Council and Ind. & Technology Policy Bd.; EPSRC, ESRC/BBSRC Integrated Healthcare Technol. Sector Panel, HEFC Metall. & Mater. Res. Ass. Panel; Chair, Roy. Acad. Eng. UK Focus on Biomed. Eng.; Eur. Comm. BIOMED 2 Proj. Rev. Bd.; Sec. Gen., Intl. Soc. Ceram Med.; Council of Eur. Soc. Biomater.; Chair, Intl. Fed. Med. & Biol. Eng. Journals Comm.
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, BBSRC, EU, PTP
Dr. S.M. Best Biomaterials Group
Awards: Jean Leray Award, European Society for Biomaterials (1999)
Agency Activity: IoM: Corporate Membership Committee, IoM: Biomedical Applications Division (Secretary), Royal Microscopocal Society Hon Sec. EM Section., EPSRC Review College.
Funding & Partners: EPSRC, 5 EU Univ.

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