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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Technology Foresight
The Department has areas of activity which relate to all seven key areas of importance identified in the first report of the Foresight Panel. Major programmes which relate to five of these themes have been initiated during the assessment period. These are listed below against the original numbering in the report.
(i) Predictive modelling: the two Foresight Challenge projects led by the Department are mainly focused on modelling (see RA5a) and have achieved their aims of developing tools for the predictive modelling of polymers and high temperature alloys.
(ii) Improved sensor materials and devices: the Materials Chemistry group has major programmes on chemical sensors for materials processing (see RA5a). The Device Materials Group has programmes for magnetic sensor development, in particular the "MAGIC" current sensor project funded by the DTI/EPSRC Link Sensor Programme.
(iii) Biomaterials for restoration and repair: The CCMM has been established to fulfil this function (see RA5a)
(vi) Higher temperature materials: see (i) above.
(vii) Processing techniques for high temperature superconductors. The group led by Prof. JE Evetts pioneered the composite reaction texturing of Bi-based superconductors via various initiatives such as the Brite-Euram CONTEXT programme. These materials are now commercialised by Advanced Ceramics Ltd, and programmes for the development of practical YBCO conductors are under way with a combination of UK, European and industrial funding.
The recent second Panel report "Shaping our Society" identified the additional key area of Nanotechnology. An interdisciplinary University Nanotechnology Centre has just been funded under SRIF, and the University has been shortlisted for funding for an EPSRC IRC in Nanotechnology. The Department is strongly represented in both these programmes.

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