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Research Studentships and External Income

3.40.27 For its size the Department attracts a very respectable number of research students to Cambridge each year, whether registered for MPhils only, for MPhils in the first instance, or for PhDs. The MPhil programme has run successfully for five years since its inception in 1995, and currently has 15 students; there are in addition 13 registered PhD students still within 9 terms of starting, and 10 PhD students now counted as ‘part time’. Many of these students are supported by research studentships, and the others by their own resources; further details are provided in RA3. The research students work on a wide range of literary, linguistic, historical and palaeographical topics, falling within the general area defined by the interests and expertise of the senior members of staff. The activities of the two Research Associates in the Department, working on major collaborative projects, are mentioned above.

3.40.28 Details of external research income are provided in RA4. In 1993 a former member of the Department (Lapidge) received funding for a British Academy Institutional Fellowship, in respect of a Research Associate for Fontes Anglo-Saxonici, tenable for three years (1993–6); in accordance with the terms of that scheme, the post was sustained thereafter by non-recurrent grants from the University, covering the period 1996–2002. In 1999 Keynes was the co-recipient of an AHRB major research grant of £517,000, for a full-time Research Associate working for five years on the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (2000–4). Blackburn (category C) currently has three Research Associates and a Computing Assistant working under his direction, on various medieval numismatic projects, supported by grants from the AHRB (£243,252 over 5 years from 1999; £73,298 over 3 years from 2000), Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (£14,867 p.a.), and the British Academy (£39,544 over 2.5 years from 1999).

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