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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Personal honours and awards.
: EPSRC Advanced Fellowship 1995-2001.
Abel: CERN Fellowship 1997-99; PPARC Opportunity Grant (the only one awarded to a UK theorist)
Fioravanti: INFN Fellowship, EPRSC Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Shardlow: EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-9.
Fairlie: Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship.
Taormina: Leverhulme Fellowship 1997-2000.
Johnson: National Science Foundation's "Career Award" for Junior
Faculty, 1998.
Dorey and Fairlie: Daiwa-Adrian prize (with H Braden and E Corrigan), for
UK-Japanese collaboration (1998)
Chu: INFN Fellowship (not taken up).
Janssen: TMR-funded Postdoctoral position in Madrid (1998-2000).

Membership of editorial boards and committees.

Gregory: editorial board, Classical and Quantum Gravity; member of the
committee of the Mathematical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics.
Gregory, Straughan and Ward: members of the EPSRC Peer Review College
Dorey and Ward: members of the former EPSRC Mathematics College.
Mansfield: member of the Scientific Committee for the UK HEP Institute.
Straughan: Associate editor of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,
member of the editorial boards of Acta Mechanica, Continuum Mechanics and
Thermodynamics, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences. Editor for Applied
Mathematics, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (until October 2000).
Zakrzewski: editorial boards of Nonlinearity, Europhysics Letters; up to 1999 a member
of the committee of the Mathematical Physics Group of the Institute of Physics; TRM Euroconference Panel.

Conferences organized:

Blowey: Co-organizer of Ninth EPSRC Numerical Analysis Summer School, 2000.
Bowcock: Co-founder of the series of annual meetings on 2d Integrable Models
and Conformal Field Theory (now in its fourth year, this meeting has been
held in King's College London, Durham, Sheffield and Edinburgh);
Organiser of the Durham Meeting of the UK Collaboration on Boundary Quantum
Field Theory.
Dorey: Member of the local organising committee and the scientific committee for
the 1996 UK Institute for Theoretical High Energy Physicists; co-organiser of the 3rd,
4th and 5th Bologna Workshops on ``CFT and integrable models", 1997, 1999, and 2001;
Dorey and Taormina: Co-organizers of second annual TMR conference on "Integrability,
non-perturbative effects and symmetry in quantum field theory" (Durham, 1998).
Fairlie: Co-organiser of conference at ICMS Edinburgh (1998)
Janssen: TMR Miraflores Spring School, 1999.
Johnson: Aspen 2001 Workshop "Extreme String Theory".
Ross: 15th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting, 1999.
Straughan: co-organiser of two international Workshops, Feb and Dec 1998,
on "Mathematical Approaches to the Continuum Mechanics of Fluids and
Solids", Wahlen, Germany; co-organiser of Ian Sneddon 80th Birthday Conference.
Ward and Zakrzewski: LMS Symposium on Higher-Dimensional Solitons, Durham 1998.
Zakrzewski: On Scientific Committees of various International
Conferences: Non-Euclidean Geometry in Mordern Physics (Uzhgorod 1997, 1999),
Workshops on Geometric Methods in Physics (Bialowieza 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000),
Solitons: Properties and Dynamics (Kingston 1999 --- as one of the
organisers), Integrable Models and Modern Physical Theories (Chicago 2000).
Chairman of the Organising Committee of the UK High Energy Institute
(Durham 1996).

Plenary lectures, Summer Schools etc:

Abel: RAL UK Theory Meeting (1996); IoP Congress (1999); CICHEP, Cairo (2000).
Chu: Lecturer at the Summer School on Noncommutative Yang-Mills and String
Unification (July 2000); Lecturer at the 37th Karpacz Winter School (Feb 2000):
Dorey: Plenary lectures at the Second Claude Itzykson Meeting, Saclay, France
(June 1997) and at the "Fourth Annual Network Meeting" of the TMR network,
ENS-Paris (Sept 2000). Invited lectures at the 1999 TMR Spring School,
Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain; at the 1999 Saalburg Summer School for
Graduate Students (Germany); at the 2000 APCTP Winter School in Korea;
at the TMR Montpellier Summer School (May 2000); and at the Eotvos School
in Budapest (August 2000)
Johnson: National Taiwan University, (Taipei), Summer Workshop,
August 1997 - Series of 3 lectures. Annual Meeting of the UK Particle Physics
Community, Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, (Didcot) December 1997.
International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Spring School (Trieste)
March 1998 - Series of 5 lectures. National Conference of Black Physics Students
(1998 Univ. of Kentucky and 1999, Berkeley). Theoretical Advanced
Study Institute (Boulder, USA) June 1999 - Series 5 lectures. British Universities
Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (BUSSTEPP) September
1999 - Series of 5 lectures (Southampton). BUSSTEPP September 2000 (Oxford)
- Series of 5 lectures. ICTP Latin Americal Summer School (Mexico City)
October 2000 - Series of 6 lectures. Hanyang University (Seoul) Asia Pacific
Winter School, December 2000 - Series of 4 lectures. Asia Pacific Centre for
Theoretical Physics (Seoul) String Workshop, December 2000 - Series of 3 lectures.
Institut Henri Poincare (Paris) Winter School February 2001 - Series of 3 lectures.
Ward: Lecturer at LMS/EPSRC Instructional Conference on Integrable Systems,
Oxford 1997.
Straughan: Plenary lectures at International Conference on Waves and Stability,
Vulcano (1999), Conference in Memory of Dario Graffi, Bologna (2000),
Stokes Millenium Summer School, Skreen (2000); series of 24 research lectures
at the University of Napoli, 1997; series of 20 research lectures at Bari (1997).
Zakrzewski: Gave a series of five `key' lectures at the UK High Energy
Institute in St. Andrews in 1997.

Invited visits to overseas centres.

Bowcock: Invited series of lectures at University of Groningen, Netherlands (1998)
Chu: National center of Theoretical physics, Taipei (2000); Erwin Schrodinger
Institute (2000); KIAS, Seoul (2000); SISSA (2000); University of Torino (May, Nov 2000).
Dorey: YITP, Kyoto (1996, 1999 and 2000); series of invited lectures at Institut Henri Poincare,
Paris (1996); 6 weeks Santa Barbara, giving seminars there and at Berkeley (1997);
invited participant Oberwolfach (1998); one year (1999-2000) at SPhT, Saclay,
France; one month at Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (2000).
Fairlie: 1996-7 CERN (9 months), YITP, Kyoto (3 months); 1998 Ecole Normale, Paris;
1998 and 1999 Mons (on a TMR scheme); 1999 Workshop on Particles, Fields and Strings
at PIMS, UBC, Vancouver (Royal Society study visits scheme). Kyoto & Seoul (2000).
Fioravanti: SISSA (Trieste)
Janssen: CERN (1997), Bilbao (2000)
Johnson: Academica Sinica, (Taipei, 1997, 2 weeks); ITP, Santa Barbara (1998, 1 month, 1999, 2
weeks); Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, 1999, 3 months); University of Pennsylvania
(Philadelphia, 1999, 1 week); Harvard University (2000, 2 weeks); Asia Pacific Centre for
Theoretical Physics and Hanyang University (Seoul, 2000, 2 weeks); Aspen Centre for Theoretical
Physics (1998, 1999, 2000, 1 month each time).
Khoze: 3-month International Program on Gauge/String Dynamics at Santa Barbara.
Piette: Invited Series of Lectures at Bharathidasan University, India (1996) and
at Pondicherry University, India (1999).
Shardlow: Workshop on Dynamical Systems at IMA, University of Minnesota
Straughan: Invited for two months to the Center for Research in Scientific Computation, North
Carolina State University (1997); Two month visit to the Center for Applied Mathematics,
Cornell University (1998, supported by EPSRC); invited visits to National Taiwan
University (1999), University of Barcelona (1999), University of Bologna (1999).
Taormina: Santa Barbara (1996), Oberwolfach (1999)
Zakrzewski: Invited to give lectures at various universities in Venezuela and Iran (supported by
the Royal Society and Iran); collaborative trips to Moscow, Dubna and Kiev; Sabbatical
at MIT (supported by MIT); visits to CRM (Montreal)

Recent invited talks at international conferences.

Abel: Lausanne, Orsay, Geneva, Bad Honnef, Kazimierz, Saclay.
Blowey: Bonn, Lamoura (France), Braga (Portugal), Freiburg
Chu: Anttila (Sweden), Paris, Moscow, Leiden, Berlin, Torino.
Dorey: Santa Barbara, Trieste, Korea, Montreal, Hungary.
Fioravanti: Bari, Paris, Kiev.
Gregory: Chicago, Groningen.
Janssen: Amsterdam, Neuchatel, Madrid, Mons, Trieste, Bilbao, Paris.
Johnson: Santa Barbara, College Park (Maryland), Taiwan, Ann Arbor (Michigan).
Mansfield: Jena (2000 & 2001), Valencia, Brittany.
Piette: Kingston (Canada)
Shardlow: Lisbon, Madison, Minnesota.
Smith: Moscow, Buckow (Germany), Corfu.
Straughan: Lisbon, Galway, Oberwolfach.
Taormina: Oberwolfach, Mons, Trieste, Tel Aviv.
Zakrzewski: Tbilisi, Istanbul, Oberwolfach, Kingston (Ontario), Karpacz, Chicago,
Halifax, Uzhgorod, Dresden, Bialowieza

Grants include:

Abel: 280K£ PPARC Opportunity Grant (2000); String Phenomenology Group
grant for PDRA (with Sussex Univ, 2000).
Blowey: EPSRC PDRA grant (jointly with Imperial College); EPSRC grant
(Summer School 2000).
Bowcock and Taormina: EPSRC VF (Semikhatov).
Chu: Grant from the Swiss National Foundation for research on string theory
(jointly with A Bilal, J P Derendinger and K Sfetsos).
Dorey: member of TMR network "Integrability, non-perturbative effects and symmetry
in quantum field theory"; JSPS grants to fund visits to Japan; EPSRC research grant,
jointly with E Corrigan (who was the PI), which was used to employ G Gandenberger;
one-year VF grant from EPSRC for R Tateo.
Gregory: Royal Society ESEP grant for exchange program with Bilbao University.
Khoze: awarded 3-year PDRA grant by PPARC.
Piette: Forbairt/British Council grant (collaboration with D H Tchrakian).

Ross: EPSRC PDRA grant, 2000-2.
Straughan: Leverhulme Research Grant; EPSRC 3 month VF for L.E. Payne of Cornell
University (begins March 2001); member of group awarded a grant of £635,000 from
SHEFCE to fund the Centre for Computational Mathematics and Computer Science in
Medicine in Glasgow.
Taormina: EPSRC VF (Englert), Royal Society FSU grant (Semikhatov).
Ward and Zakrzewski: awarded 3-year PDRA grant by EPSRC (begins 1/10/01).
Zakrzewski: Royal Society grant for collaborating with scientists from the FSU; Nato grant for
collaborating with the Kiev group; PPARC grant for 3-month visit of Kopeliovich to Durham.

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