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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

1. CONFERENCES ADDRESSED The 17 Category A staff were invited to deliver over 200 conference and seminar papers outside Durham, of which more than half were overseas. The most notable include: Brown: Hensley Henson Lectures, Oxford (1996), resulting in the publication of two volumes by OUP; the 'Doctrine Summits' in (Trinity 1998, Incarnation 2000). Davies: conferences on Mormonism in Nottingham (1999, which Davies organized) and Copenhagen (2000). Dunn: Schaff Lectures, Pittsburgh (1995), A.B. Bruce Lecture, Glasgow, (1996), West-East Conference, Romania (1998), Bulgaria (2001), Niels Lund Lectures, Chicago (2000); Gilley: conferences on The Gothic Revival, Leuven (1997), The Decline of Christendom, Paris (1997); Gonzaga Lecture, Glasgow (1998); B. K. Smith Lecture,Texas (2000); national Newman Conferences, Oxford (1995, 1997, 2001); Harrison: annual St Augustine Lectures at University of Malta, and to the clergy of Gozo (1997), plenary lecture at the Ecclesiastical History Conference, Cambridge (1999); Hayward: many invited lectures on the Targumim, notably in Toronto (1995), Cambridge 1996, and Basel (2001); Loades: John Coffin Memorial Lecture, London; Wickham Lecture Manchester Cathedral (1994 and 1997), keynote lecture at XXth International Mariological Conference Rome (2000); Louth: paper at the International Conference on the Sabaite Heritage in Jerusalem (1998), plenary lecture at Origenium Octavum, Pisa (2001), at which two of his research pupils will also present papers; Moberly: invited to give the Speaker's Lectures in Oxford (2002-2003); Song: colloquium on Secularization and Individual Liberty, Oxford (2000); Stuckenbruck: regularly invited to lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls at international conferences, e.g. in Helsinki (1997), Jerusalem (2000), and Florence (2001).

2. CONSULTANCIES, BOARDS AND PANELS: Barton: Consultant, Aston Training Scheme, C. of E. (1990-1996), Working Party on the Family, C.of E. Board for Social Responsibility (1992-1995). Brown: Board of Advisers for the Theology through the Arts project, Cambridge; Scott Holland Trust; Deputy Chair/Chair, Research Committee of the Advisory Board of Ministry of the C. of E; member of the Doctrine Commission of the C. of E. (1985-1995) and its Vice-Chairman (1990-1995); Management Committee, Centre for Advanced Ethics and Relational Studies, Durham U., Governor of St. Stephen's House, Oxford; Chairman, Barry Scholarship Trust. Davies: International Panel for Uppsala University Project on Church Disestablishment, Member of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Committee for the Archbishop's Examination in Theology; Arbory Trust, Utah State College. Dunn: Advisory Board for the Tantur Ecumenical Institute (Jerusalem). Gilley: Religious Studies and Theology Research Degrees Panel, OU, Validation Exercise, Maryvale Institute. Hayward: Member of the Academic Advisory Committee, Cambridge Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations; Committee, Society for OT Study (2001-5). Loades: Consultant for New Blackwell Bible Commentary series, member Board of Advisers for the Theology through the Arts project, Cambridge; since 1999, Convener for the Arts and Humanities Research Board of Panel 8 (Philosophy, Theology/ Religious Studies and Law) of its Postgraduate Awards Division; member of the AHRB's Postgraduate Committee; since 2000, member of the AHRB's Research Centres Committee; co-chair, Steering Committee, HEFC Learning and Teaching Support Network for Phil. and Rel. Studies. Louth: trustee of the M.B. Reckitt Christendom Trust until 1998; member of Committee convened by Archbishop of Thyateira and GB to produce an authorized ET of the Orthodox Liturgy. Song: Member, Medical Ethics committee, Cromwell IVF and Fertility Centre, Washington Hospital, Tyne and Wear, and in 1999 the Hospital's delegate to the inaugural meeting of the Association of Research Ethics Committees, London; consultant to Traidcraft Exchange on social accounting (1996-1997); Jubilee Centre Advisory Group, Cambridge; chair of Trustees, Epiphany Trust. Sykes: member of Archbishop of Canterbury's Group on Medical Ethics, of Advisory Board of Mentality.

3. EDITORIAL WORK Barton: ed. Cambridge Companion to the Gospels (2003), editorial board Theology and Sexuality and correspondent for HISTOS. Brown: Academic Advisory Board for International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, and for Philosophical Theology Series (Lang). Crowder: Reviews editor, Literature and Theology, editorial board, Ars Disputandi (new on-line jopurnal for Philosophy of Religion, Utrecht). Davies: joint ed. Religion and Theology in Interdisciplinary Perspective (Ashgate), editorial board, New Critical Thinking in Religious Studies (Ashgate), editor, Encyclopaedia of Cremation. Dunn: ed. series on Theology of the New Testament (CUP), advisory ed. Journal for the Study of the NT Supplement Series, advisory ed. Beihefte, Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft, ed. Commentary on the Bible (Eerdmans), and Cambridge Companion to St. Paul. Gilley: ed. boards:, The European Legacy, The Chesterton Review, editorial consultant, Journal of Victorian Culture, co-editor, nineteenth-century volume of the Cambridge History of Christianity. Hayward: editorial boards, Targum Studies (Scholars Press, Atlanta), The Newsletter for Targumic Studies, guest ed. Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 19 (1999). Harrison: commissioning series ed., Early Church Fathers (Routledge: 7 published, another 7 proposed), ed. A Companion to Early Christian Society and Culture (Routledge). Loades: ed.Theology (1991-1997), ed. board, Modern Theology, Literature and Theology. Louth: general ed. (from 1996 with Gillian Clark) of series Oxford Early Christian Studies, co-ed. (with Frances Young and Lewis Ayres) Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature, and (with David Ricks) of series Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (Peter Lang), editorial board, Dialogos-The Hellenic Studies Review. Song: editorial board, Anvil, Political Theology, adviser to Darton, Longman & Todd for series Ethics and Theology. Stuckenbruck: chief ed. Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature (De Gruyter, 59 vols.); one of eds.for Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft, member of the editorial team for the publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls, editorial board, Journal for the Study of Pseudepigrapha and for its supplement series. Sykes: ed. A Handbook of the Anglican Communion. Members of the Department regularly act as 'readers' for a variety of publishers.and write reviews for more than seventy-five different journals.

4. DISTINCTIONS AND PRIZES Davies: Honorary DD Uppsala 1998. Dunn: President of the UK NT Conference (1992-1995), Sir Derman Christopherson Foundation Fellowship, University of Durham (1999-2000), Deputy President, Society of NT Studies (2001) and President (2002). Loades: C.B.E. in New Year's Honours List (2001) for services to theology. Stuckenbruck: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow 1998-.
5. GRANTS NOT NOTED ELSEWHERE Louth was awarded some $15,000 to employ Dr Marco Conti as a research assistant to produce the first volume of Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (on Genesis 1-11, to be published 2001). (During this period Dr Conti also published two scholarly volumes, a critical edition and a monograph on Potamius of Lisbon.) Davies is currently in receipt of a grant of some £40,000 from the Golders Green Foundation in association with the Cremation Society of Great Britain for the relocation and cataloguing of that Society's archives in Durham.
6. OTHER INDICATORS Barton : member of the committee of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics (1996-) and Secretary (1998-2001). Crowder: Director of Postgraduate Training, Faculty of Arts, Durham University. Davies: chairman of the British Sociological Association's Religion Study Group (2000-2003). Harrison: English correspondent and treasurer for the Association Internationale des Études Patristiques. Hayward: assessor for a chair in the U. of Virginia. Loades: assessor for chairs in Manchester (1996) Birmingham and Edinburgh (1999), on the standing committee for appointment to the Regius Chair of Divinity at Cambridge, external assessor for lectureships in Dublin (1999) and Oxford (2000), and a tenure review assessor for Duke and Yale Divinity Schools (1994, 1997). Louth: Visiting Professor in Byzantine Theology and History, Central European University , Budapest (autumn term 1996), external assessor for patristics lectureship in Cambridge (1999). Song: national chair of the Movement for Christian Democracy (1991-1995) and theological consultant to the Bishops of the Church of the Province of Kenya (pre-Lambeth Conference), Mombasa, Kenya, 1996. Sykes: chairman of Doctrine Commission of the C.of E., and of the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission, member of the Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses.

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