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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Research culture at large
An additional aspect of Durham's scholarly life is the fact that several distinguished scholars have retired locally and involve themselves in the life of the department. Such scholars include Professors emeriti C.K. Barrett and C.B. Cranfield, Readers emeriti Gerald Bonner and Anthony Gelston, Dr Alan Suggate, as well as Harry Gaylord, Professor emeritus Harold Guite, and our Honorary Professor David Jenkins.

Category C staff contribute to the research culture of the department principally through their involvement in relevant research seminars, where the fruits of their long engagement in scholarship and their continuing research can be shared. Bonner, Guite and Stancliffe (see above RA5a, para. 4) attend the Patristics Seminar; Gelston the Old Testament Seminar; Gaylord the Seminar for the Study of Judaism in Late Antiquity.
Professor Astley's linking the concerns of theology and education (not least in the churches) makes a unique contribution to the department. Professor C. K. Barrett FBA continues active in his research (as his submission in RA2 demonstrates); he is presently working on a short commentary (c.500 pages) on Acts and, with John Painter, preparing another edition of his Commentary on St. John's Gospel. Gerald Bonner continues his research in Augustine and Late Antiquity, and in 1999 was Visiting Professor in Augustinian Studies at Villanova University PA, the first holder of this newly endowed chair. David Jenkins continues active in matters of social theology. Anthony Gelston's principal research lies in preparing the new edition of Biblia Hebraica, in which he is responsible for the Twelve Prophets; he also served as a consultant to the Psalter Group of the Liturgical Commission of the C.of E.. Alan Suggate continues to develop his unique expertise in Far East Asian Liberation theologies; he is a member of the Board of Social Responsibility of the C. of E., and a contributor to Crucible.

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