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Awards and Grants

Research grants to the sector since January 1996 have been made by the ESRC, EU, UK government, Anglo-German Foundation and Leverhulme Trust. The largest and most prestigious was that of a 5-year Leverhulme Research Professorship to Sugden in 1998. Sugden was also elected FBA in 1996.

Conferences and seminars

Sector members regularly give papers at international conferences. A sample of keynote addresses, plenary sessions or invited papers is: Connolly, Low Wage Employment conference (Aberdeen, 2000); Davies, 1997 meeting of Scandinavian Industrial Economists; Hargreaves Heap, HM Treasury Alternative Institutions seminar (1999) and international workshop on the History and Philosophy of Social Science (San Sebastian, 2000); Loomes, Subjective Probability, Uncertainty and Decision-Making conference (Leeds, 1997) and the 1999 conference of Australian Economists (Melbourne); Lyons, CEPR conferences on economic policy (Switzerland, 1996, and Barcelona, 1997); Munro, international workshops on Environmental Values and Non-Market Valuation (Cassino, 1997) and on Biotechnology, Environmental Policy and Agriculture (Rome, 2000); Parikh, Reserve Bank of India (1999); Qizilbash, Ethics, Development and Global Values conference (Aberdeen, 1996); and Sugden, 1996 meeting of Italian Experimental Economists (Naples), International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (Paris, 1996), and MacArthur Foundation workshop on Preferences (Chicago, 1999). A sample of refereed conference papers is: Royal Economic Society conferences: Cubitt, Munro (Swansea, 1996), Lyons, Moffatt (Warwick, 1998), Hviid (St. Andrew’s, 2000); annual conferences of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics: Hviid, Lyons (Leuven, 1997, and Turin, 1999); Hviid (Copenhagen, 1998); Cubitt, Arne Ryde Symposium on Experimental Economics (Lund, 2000); Lyons, International Society for the New Institutional Economics (Washington, 1999); Moffatt, Econometric Society Meetings (Istanbul, 1996, Melbourne, 1997, Berlin, 1998, and Santiago de Compostella, 1999); Munro, 1996 European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; and Wakerly, 1999 meeting of the Canadian Economics Association. In addition, during the review period, members of the sector have presented departmental seminars in fifteen different countries around the world.

Editorial, refereeing and other professional activities

The Journal of Industrial Economics, arguably the leading journal in its field, was co-edited by Hviid from 1994-8; his arrival brings to three the number of sector members to have held this office. He is also an associate editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organisation and guest-edited the March 1998 conference issue of the Economic Journal ; Lyons is an Associate Editor of Economica. Loomes served on the editorial board of Experimental Economics, Parikh on those of Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics, and Middle Eastern Economic Review; and Sugden on those of Economics and Philosophy, Experimental Economics, Ethics, Utilitas, Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and Theory and Decision. During the review period, sector members have acted as referees for most of the world’s top journals (including American Economic Review, Econometrica,Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics), for arguably all of the leading European general economics journals (Economica, Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Oxford Economic Papers and Review of Economic Studies), and for more than twenty-five high quality specialist journals. They have also refereed for the National Science Foundation, the ESRC, the Danish Research Council, and for various publishers. They have acted as external PhD examiners at numerous UK universities and at eight universities outside the UK.

Connolly is a regular participant in the national organisation of users of the British Birth Cohorts and the European Low Wage Employment Network. Davies, Hviid and Lyons served on the executive and conference programme committees of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics; and Hviid on the Royal Economic Society conference committee. Davies sat on the ESRC’s college of PhD assessors, on its Advanced Coursework Recognition Exercise panel and on the RES/ESRC Research Coordination Committee. Loomes directed the ESRC’s Risk and Human Behaviour Research Programme. Sugden sat on the Council and Research Committee of the Royal Economic Society.

Commissioned research and consultancy for governmental organisations

Davies acted as a consultant for the European Commission, OECD and UNCTAD. Loomes sat on the Treasury/ILGRA sub-committee on the methodology for setting safety standards and gave evidence to the House of Lords Science and Technology committee. Lyons is on the academic advisory group of the European Commission’s Competition Directorate and acted as a consultant for UNCTAD. Munro advised the European Commission on the value of public sector information. Parikh advised the Reserve Bank of India, UNCTAD and Central Planbureau, Den Haag. Qizilbash was an expert advisor on poverty to the government of Pakistan. Sugden advised on indirect taxation in cost-benefit analysis and on the New Appraisal Framework for the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR). He and Loomes are currently part of a team of economists, writing a manual on contingent valuation for DETR.

Achievements by research students

Our completing Ph.D. students during the period currently hold university or research posts at the Bank of Luxembourg, Central Planbureau (Den Haag), Texas A & M, University College Dublin, the Open University and the Universities of Amsterdam, Bath, Dundee, Leeds, Malawi, Natal, Nottingham, Oxford and Turin.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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