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The fillip provided by the new BSc in Psychosocial Studies, MA in International Child Welfare, the Post Qualifying awards, and DSW has allowed the School to develop further one of its trademark skills - that of linking research to teaching, and theory to practice, in clear, accessible formats. The long term success of the School looks set to continue with strengths across the three research generations. Overall leadership will be provided by Howe, Thoburn and Davies beyond 2001. Lead figures of authority and expertise have already emerged out of the next generation of Schofield, Brandon, McDonald, O’Brien, Sellick, Shemmings, and Ward. And the rapid rise of the School’s youngest and most recent appointments (Trinder, Dickens and Neil) augurs well for the maintenance of the School’s research reputation. Between them Thoburn, Howe, Davies and O’Brien have acted as external examiners for 21 UK and Irish PhD students (1996-2000). It is difficult to quantify what makes a department feel energetic and alive, but the shared pleasure and pride every time a colleague has a book (30 over the last five years) or paper published, appears on television or radio, is interviewed and reported in either the local or national press, succeeds in winning a grant, presents a well-received paper or runs a successful conference, adds something intangibly up-beat and uplifting to the idea and feeling that the School values, supports, celebrates and enjoys research and writing, communication and dissemination of the highest and clearest order and to the widest audience possible.

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