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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Agent-Based & Multi-Agent Systems
Keynotes and Invited Addresses
Doran: IBERAMIA V Congreso Iberoamericano de Inteligencia Artificial Mexico 1996, International Conference on Understanding Small-Scale Societies through Agent-Based Modeling Santa Fe Institute 1997, International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems Paris 1998, International Workshop on Game Theory and Agent-Based Simulation Montpellier 2000, International Workshop on Modelling and Simulating Cultural Transmission and Evolution Siena 2000, AISB Convention 2001 York (invited 2000).
Editorships Doran: Journal of Artificial Societies & Social Simulation, Archeologia e Calcolatori .
Conference Chair Doran: Co-chair of the International Conference on Computer Simulation and the Social Sciences Cortona Italy 1997. Steel: Chair of the 4th European Conf. on Planning 1997.
PC membership Doran: ICMAS 1996, MASSIM 1996, ICCS&SS 1997, SIMSOC 1997, ICMAS 1998, UKMAS 1999, ICMAS 2000, MABS 2000, ICCS&SS 2000, UKMAS 2000. Steel: AI Planning Systems Edinburgh 1996 and Pittsburgh 1998, 5th European Conference on Planning Durham 1999, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Stockholm 1999 as Area Chair for planning, Knowledge Representation Breckenridge USA 2000, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence Berlin 2000.
Invited Lecturerships Callaghan: Multi-Embedded Agents University of Parma Italy June 2000. Doran: ECCAI and AgentLink Multi-Agent Systems and Applications Summer School Prague July 2001 (invited 2000).
Professional Groups Callaghan: Member of the Advisory Group for DETR Building Research Establishment Project 36/8/200/cc1876. Doran: University of Essex representative on AgentLink and AgentLink 2 European Networks of Excellence on Agent-Based Computing. Steel: Network Executive Committee PLANET European Network of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Planning.
Membership grant awarding bodies Steel: EPSRC Peer Review College 1997-9 & 1999-2002.
Collaboration Callaghan et al: Dr Delaney National Microelectronics Research Centre University College Cork Ireland, Dr Kameas CTI Patras Greece, Dr Markopoulos IPO Philips Holland, Dr Dunne Royal College of Art London, Prof H Lee Chonnam National University Korea, Professor Z.Zenn Bien Mr W Bang and Mr H Myung KAIST Korea. Doran: Visiting academic at the Institute for Resources & Environment at the University of British Columbia Canada Feb-Mar 2000.

Constraint Programming & Optimisation
Keynote and Invited Addresses
Ford: ISCS A survey of multi-step quasi-Newton methods 1999. Zhang: WSES 2001 Evolutionary Computation (invited 2000).
Editorships Ford: Co-editor NA2000 project Volume of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Elsevier/North Holland. Tsang: Constraints founding member from 1996, Journal of Economics & Management from 2000, Compumetrica Kluwer from 2000.
Chairman/PC membership Ford: International Organising Committee member ICSC 1999. Tsang: around 20 international conferences and workshops including International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming 1996 1997 1999 elected for 2001, International Conference on Practical Applications of Constraints Technology 1996 to 1999, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 1999 to 2000, First International Conference on Computational Logic 2000. Zhang: International scientific committee of II Symposium on Artificial Intelligence 1999, NNA/FSFS/EC 2001 Evolutionary Computation (elected 2000).
Membership of grant awarding bodies Tsang: EPSRC Peer Review College 1997-9 & 2000-2, Invited panellist for EPSRC responsive panels 1997-8, Technology Programmes of IT & CS and Materials, Joint Research Equipment Initiative Panel 1998.
Collaborations Ford: Issam Moghrabi Lebanese American University Beiruit. Salhi: Hugh Glaser University of Southampton, Les Proll Leeds University, David Rios Insua University Politechnic of Madrid. Tsang: Chris Voudouris British Telecom from 1998, Vincent Tam National University of Singapore with joint research grant from Japanese International Research Corporation Fund from 2000, Abdu Abbas University of Balamand Lebanon, Pierre Flener Uppsala University Sweden.
Research impact (wealth creation etc) Tsang and Ford: Research results (mainly GENET and GLS) have been adopted world-wide by groups including ILOG, Kings College London, Universities of Strathclyde and Leeds, Chinese University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, University of Melbourne, Australia and University of Regina, Canada.

Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
Lucas: Associate Editor IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computing 2000.
Chair & PC membership Lavington: EURO-PAR Advisory Board 1996-9. Lucas: Competitions co-chair for Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2001 (elected 2000), First IEEE Evolving Neural Networks 2000, IWFHR 2000, BMVC 1997, IWFHR 1996, ICGI 1996.
Membership of grant awarding bodies Lavington: EPSRC AIKMS Technical Co-ordinator 1993-8, EPSRC consultant for research links UK and Ukraine 1997-8.
Prizes Gan: Science & Technology Advancement Prize of the Ministry of Education China 1997.
Invited Lectures Gan: NATO Advanced Studies Institute on Multisensor Data Fusion 2000, tutorial on biocomputing at IJCNN 1999.
Collaborations & Consultancies Gan: CENPARMI at Concordia University Canada, Computer Science Dept Wayne State University USA, EEE Dept Nanyang Technolgy University Singapore, BME Department at Southeast University. Lavington: British Telecom, Oracle, University College London from 1996, ICL, White Cross, Southampton University, Newcastle University 1996-9. Lucas: IBM Almaden Research Labs 1999, Siemens ElectroCom Konstanz 1998, UK Post Office from 1999, KAIST from 2000, SEEL Development Ltd 1996, A2IA Paris 1998. Lakany: Richard Smith University of Sydney, Motion Analysis Lab Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital.
Research impact (wealth creation etc) Lavington: Originator and Technical Co-ordinator of EPSRC supported collaborative research programme on Architectures for Integrated Knowledge-Manipulation Systems AIKMS from 1993-8 which yielded 3 new high-tech. start-up companies: Quadstone Ltd. Edinburgh University 1995, 3F Ltd. Durham University 1997, MIG Ltd. Manchester University 1997. Reynolds: Invited contributor for Channel 4 Red Eye film on human speech 1999.

Natural Language Engineering & Distributed Information Systems
De Roeck: Machine Translation Journal from 1997. Poesio: Guest editorial board member for Computational Linguistics Special Issue on Anaphora and Ellipsis Resolution 2000. Conference Chair Poesio: Co-chair of 4th Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogues, Co-chair of ESSLLI workshop on Deixis and Multimodality 1999.
PC membership De Roeck: International Conference for NL Access to Databases, Meetings of the Association of Computational Linguistics European Chapter, CLUK Annual Research Colloquia. Lowden: International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems 1999, 2000. Poesio: member of 9 PCs including COLING-2000, IJCAI Workshop on Reasoning in Dialogue 1999, and ACL/COLING 1998.
Professional Bodies De Roeck: CLUK co-founder 1997, EACL Board 1994-6, Local Node Co-ordinator European Network of Excellence in Language and Speech from 1991.
Fellowships Poesio: EPSRC Advanced Follow 1996-2001
Prizes De Roeck, Kruschwitz,et. al: BCS Annual IT Awards Finalists Medal for British Telecom’s Intelligent Personal Assistant project which includes the Yellow Pages Assistant 1998.
Research impact (wealth creation etc) De Roeck, Kruschwitz, et. al. Patent Application An Index to a Semi-Structured Database European UK World July 1998.
Consultancies & Collaboration De Roeck: DTI, BICC. De Roeck, Kruschwitz: British Telecom. Musgrave: Information Society Technical Advisory Group on Info-Mobility, Eurostat Committee on Electronic Dissemination, Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences Harvard University, Greek National Social Science Data Center Athens, Evaluation of the Africa Household Survey Data Bank for the Africa Poverty Monitoring Unit at the World Bank. Poesio: University of Pittsburgh, University of Stuttgart, Universities of Gothenburg and Saarbruecken, SRI Cambridge and Xerox Grenoble, Universities of Madrid, Pisa, Roskilde, Stuttgart, DFKI Saarbruecken and CSELT Torino, ITRI, Universities of Brighton and Durham.

Robotics & Intelligent Machines
. Callaghan: Guest Editor for Special Issue of Computer Science & Engineering Journal on Robots in Computer Science Education 1996. Hagras: Guest Editor for Special Issue on Computational Intelligence Techniques in Co-operative Robots to appear in the International Journal of Robotics and Automation 2001 (elected 2000). Hu: Editorial Advisory Board of International Journal of Industrial Robot, Guest Editor for Special Issue of International Journal of Industrial Robot 1997.
Conference Chair Hu: 1st European Embedded Computing Conference 1996, Simulator League Committee of EuroboCup-2000.
PC membership Hu: IASTED International conference on Robotics and Applications 2000, 4th International Workshop Robocup 2000, 3rd British Conference on Autonomous Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2001 (elected 2000), 17th IJCAI on Robocup International Symposium 2001 (elected 2000), IASTED International Conference on Robotics and Applications 2001 (elected 2000). Hagras: Special session organiser on co-operating robotic agents 32nd International Symposium on Robotics & Automation Korea 2001 (elected 2000). Spacek 8th British Machine Vision Conference 1997.
Professional Awards & Societies Hagras: Member of the European Robotics Research Network EURON. Hu: Visiting Professor at Central South University of Technology Changsha Hunan PR China from 2000, Best session paper award for Subsumption-based Fuzzy Logic Control for Soccer Playing Robots at the 4th World Multi-conference on Systemics Cybernetics and Informatics 2000.

Competition prizes Hu: Essex Wizards 1999 Third place in RoboCup-99 Sweden.
Collaboration Callaghan, Colley, Hagras, Standeven: Prof M Carr-West Head of Engineering University College Writtle, Prof S Caselli University of Parma Italy, Prof Lane Herriott Watt University, J Smith Liverpool University, G Whittaker Lockheed-Martin. Hu: Prof Y Yagi Osaka University Japan, Prof Y F Li City University of Hong Kong, Prof W Gui Central South University of Technology PR China, Dr M Wu University of Derby, Peter Loosemore BT Networks and Systems, Dr M Roberts Guidance Control Systems Ltd, Gavin Pickets Robotic Sciences Ltd Surrey. Spacek: Dr Radici Al-Akhawayn University in Ilfrane Morocco.
Research impact (wealth creation etc) Callaghan, Colley, Hagras: UK Patent for Genetic-Fuzzy Controller UK No 99 10539.7 May 1999. Hu: Robot in Action at the 20th Colchester Millennium Lecture invited by the North East Essex Business Education Partnership 2000, BBC World Service report on Agricultural Robotics May 1999, Program Feature on Agricultural Robotics by BBC TV May 1999, Anglia TV program 30/4/2000, Article in the Times Higher 10/9/1999.

Theoretical Computer Science & Formal Methods
Keynote and Invited Addresses
Higgins: Plenary speaker at the International Conferences on Semigroups in Prague 1996 and Braga 1999 and Conference on Semigroups and Applications St Andrews 1997, Contributor on History of Mathematics to The Hutchinson Encyclopedia 2000. Turner: Set Theoretic Characterisation of Simple Type Theory at Logica 1998, Invited Contributor to the Handbook of Logic and Language North Holland Studies in Logic.
Editorships Henson: Blackwell Scientific Publications to 1996. Higgins: Communications in Algebra, Proc. St Petersburg Conference on Semigroups 1999. Turner: Journal of Logic and Computation, Studia Logica to 1997, AI Review to 1997. Völker: Co-editor with Bernd Krämer of Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems Kluwer Academic Publishers 1997.
PC chairs and memberships Cardell-Oliver: 12th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems 2000, 13th ECRTS 2001 (elected 2000). Henson: ZB 2002 PC Chair (elected 2000). Higgins: Organiser EPSRC workshop Partial Symmetries of quasi-crystals and non-periodic-tilings 1999.
Professional Groups Turner: Appointed reviewer for European Commission Framework 5 Computer Science 1998-2001, Advisory Board member of FRACAS to 1997. Henson: Z standards working group on semantics 1997, Elected member Z user group from 2000.
Visiting Fellowships Cardell-Oliver: Research visitor Microsoft Research Cambridge 2000. Henson: New Zealand Centre for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science 1997. Prizes Völker: Award for Outstanding PhD dissertation by Gesellschaft der Freunde der Fern Universität e.V. and Sparkasse Hagen1998.
Take Up of Research Higgins: Contracted with M.V.Lawson for book on Finite Automata. Völker: Author of Isabelle/HOL libraries for Z logics, contributed to the data types package for Isabelle/HOL 1996-7.
Collaboration Cardell-Oliver: Prof Jan Peleska and Bettina Buth University of Bremen Germany 1996-2000, British Telecom 1998, Industrial Control Services Technology 1997-2000. Henson: Steve Reeves University of Waikato New Zealand from 1997. Völker: Prof Krämer Fern Universität Hagen. Higgins: Abdullahi Umar Nigeria Royal Society World Study Programme 1999.

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