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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

(a) Published work:
Invited papers: O’Mahony
: 5 invited papers at major int. conferences: European Conf. on Optical Commns. (ECOC 96), Optical Fibre Conf. (OFC 98), Opto-Electronics and Commns. Conf. (OECC98.2000), Conf. on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO 99); 2 invited papers in int. journals. Siddiqui: keynote paper Network and Optical Commns. Conf. (NOC 97); invited paper J. Optical Soc. of America. Walker: invited paper Network and Optical Commns. Conf. (NOC 99). Simeonidou: 2 invited papers Sub-Optic Int. Conf. 97. Adams: invited talks SPIE Int. Conf. on Physics and Simulation of Opto-Electronic Devices, IOP mtg. on Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Light Emitters, and Berlin workshop on Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers. Balkan: 3 invited papers int. workshops on Low Dimensional Structures and Devices (Istanbul 97, Antalya 98). Loudon: invited talk Royal Soc. Int. Conf. on Highlights in Quantum Optics, invited lectures at Les Houches mtg. on Diffuse Waves in Complex Media. Ridley: invited paper Int. J. of High-Speed Electronics and Systems (2001).
Paper awards: Vickers: SPIE best paper award 1998. Alicia Calonico-Soto: best paper award to young researcher at EPSRC PREP 2000 Conf.
Influential papers, patents: O’ Mahony: presentation of ‘Roadmap to an Optical Communications Age’ at int. conferences and mtgs; also to MEPS, industry and academia. Siddiqui: 2 patents granted on dispersion compensation. O’Mahony and Simeonidou: 3 patents granted (14 pending) on optical packet switching in conjunction with Ilotron. Vickers: US patent granted on delaying of laser pulses.
Books: Balkan: invited ed. ‘Hot Electrons: Physics and Devices’ (OUP, 1998). Ridley: ‘Quantum Processes in Semiconductors’ (4th ed., OUP, 1999) and ‘Electrons and Phonons in Semiconductor Multilayers’ (CUP, 1997). Loudon: ‘The Quantum Theory of Light’ (3rd ed., OUP, 2000).
(b) International visibility and standing:
International honours and awards: Loudon
: Fellow Optical Society of America, Alexander von Humboldt research prize 1998. Ridley: IOP Paul Dirac Medal (2000), Visiting professorships at Cornell University (recurring) and Hong Kong (Roy. Soc. Kim Tang Po vis. prof. 1999).
Editorial boards and conference organisation: O’ Mahony: European ed. J. of Lightwave Technology; member Tech. Cttee. of Int. J. of Optoelectronics; guest ed. J. of Lightwave Technology (1996); int. org. cttees. for workshops at European Conf. on Optical Commns. (ECOC 96, 97); IEE LEOS Conf. Tech. Cttee (2000); tech. cttee. chairman for workshops in Brussels 1996, 1997. Adams: hon. ed. IEE Proc.-Optoelectronics; member ed. adv. board Int. J. of Numerical Modelling; member programme cttee. SPIE confs. (98, 99, 2000) and CLEO-Europe 98; co-organiser Rank Prize Funds Mini-Symp. 1999. Balkan: co-director 5th int. workshop Antalya; director int. summer school Aveiro and int. winter school at Essex, org. cttee. 3 int. workshops on Low Dimensional Structures and Devices. Loudon: member ed. boards Optics Communications, J. of Optics B, Phys Rev. A; chairman org. cttees. for 4 minisymposia of the Rank Prize Funds; member EU Microlasers and Cavity QED Network. Ridley: member Executive Board of J. of Physics: Condensed Matter.
International advisory bodies: O’Mahony: research proposal assessor for research councils in Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia; advisor on chair promotion for univs. in USA and Saudi Arabia. Adams: referee Swiss National Science Foundation, Research Grants Council for Hong Kong, and Acciones Integradas British-Spanish Joint Res. Programme; advisor on chair promotion for Nat. Univ. of Jordan. Balkan: consultant Turkish Science and Engineering research council; research proposal assessor for research councils from the Netherlands, Turkey, Sultanate of Oman and NATO. Loudon: research proposal assessor for research councils in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, USA; adviser on promotions for univs. in Australia, Austria and Israel.
International collaborations: O’Mahony: principal investigator in 5 EU collaborative projects. Simeonidou: funded research for Alcatel USA on CATV access.
(c) National visibility and standing:
Learned society involvement
: O’Mahony: chairman IEE E13 Prof. Group (until Oct 96); Loudon and Ridley: Elected Fellows of the Royal Society.
National government advisory committees: O’Mahony: member EPSRC College IT&CS (96-); member EPSRC OSI Management Cttee; chairman LINK Optical Systems for the Digital Age project evaluation panel; DTI Project Monitor. Adams: member EPSRC Photonics College; chairman 7-year review of Optoelectronics IRC, Southampton (1996); member EPSRC management panel Next Generation Laser Diodes Managed Programme (96-98); member EPSRC panel Microstructured Photonic Materials initiative (96-98); chairman Glasgow Univ. Optoelectronics Adv. Cttee. Balkan: member EPSRC Photonics Research Consultation group on review of photonics.
National committees: Adams: member EPSRC Mid Infrared Network. Loudon: member EPSRC Quantum Optics Network; member Rank Prize Funds Opto-electronics Cttee. Ridley: member UK Nitrides Consortium. Vickers: member NPL-organised ‘Ultrafast’ Club.
(d) Industrial collaboration:
Collaborative research
: O’ Mahony: 3 EPSRC projects involving Marconi Commns, BT, Fujitsu, HP, Alcatel; major funding from Fujitsu and Alcatel; 3 EU ACTS projects and 2 IST projects involving European industry/academic collaboration. Adams: projects with BT, HP and Marconi Caswell; CASE awards with Nortel, Agilent and Corning Res. Centre. Ridley: research with DERA Malvern, GEC Caswell, and Toshiba Cambridge. Siddiqui: funding from Nortel, Alcatel and SDL Integrated Optics. Simeonidou: funding from Corning and Alcatel; EPSRC project with Alcatel Submarine Networks. Vickers: EPSRC project with Cambridge Optical Sciences on pump probe development. Walker: EPSRC projects with HP Labs Bristol, Fujitsu Telecoms Ltd. (FTEL), and Nortel Labs Harlow.
Spin out company: Ilotron Ltd was formed in Jan 1999 to exploit IPR arising from the Photonics Group. The company had $10m funding from 3i and currently employs approx. 80 people. Products of the company are optical cross-connects and optical packet switches.
Consultancy, directorships: O’Mahony: consultant Ilotron Ltd and Agilent. Siddiqui: consultant Alcatel and SDL. Walker: consultant Fujitsu. Adams: Technical due dilligence for venture capital company ACT, Eire. Loudon: consultant DERA Malvern. Ridley: consultant BT and Corning (Martlesham). Simeonidou: consultant Ilotron Ltd.


(a) Published work:
Paper awards: Teams under Pearson and Ghanbari: 2 IEE AH Reeves premiums (1996,1999). Hawksford: AES Publication award 2000 for the best pubn. in J. of the Audio Engineering Society 1997/98. The quality of young researchers in the group has also been recognised by an IEE Associates Premium award 1998 to Andy Rimell and Hawksford, 2 IEE Premium awards to research students from the Audio Engineering Lab. as winners of the IEE National Younger Members competition, and a best paper award to David Robinson EPSRC PREP Conf. 2000.
Invited papers: Pearson: keynote addresses at Int. Picture Coding Symp. (PCS) 1996, IEEE Canadian Conf. on Electrical and Computer Engineering 1997, and SPIE Conf. on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging 1998; and invited plenary address at IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 1997. Hawksford: invited papers at AES conventions 1996 and 1997 and at AES Singapore Section seminars 1998 and 1999.
Influential papers, patents: Ghanbari and Pearson’s 1996 AH Reeves Premium paper accepted as ITU-R rec. 500 on quality assessment of video. Ghanbari: 5 international patents on video networking.
Books: Ghanbari: ‘Video Coding: an Introduction to Standard Codecs’ (IEE Press, 1999); Ghanbari, Sinclair et al ‘Principles of Performance Engineering’ (IEE Press, 1997).
(b) International visibility and standing:
International honours: Pearson and Ghanbari: elected Fellows of the IEEE. Emeritus Professor Ken Cattermole: awarded the J J Thomson medal of the IEE 1996.
Editorial boards and conference organisation: Ghanbari: guest ed. Aug/Oct 1997 IEEE Trans. on Signals and Systems for Video Technology special issue on multimedia; assoc. ed. IEEE Trans. on Multimedia (since 1998); steering cttee. member 1999 and 2001 Picture Coding Symp.; general chair (1997) and steering cttee. member (1999,2000,2001) Int. Workshops on Packet Video; member IEEE Circuits and Systems Society's Tech. Cttee. on Multimedia Systems and Appns. since 1996; leads a 3-man jury for selecting the best paper in Image Communication. Pearson: int. ed. boards of journals Signal Processing, Image Communication and IEICE Trans. Communications (Japan). Hawksford: Organiser and chair of tech. workshop on High-Resolution Multi-Channel Audio at AES 98 convention.
(c) National visibility and standing:
Partner in the Virtual Centre of Excellence in Digital Broadcasting and Multimedia Technology (DVCE). Ghanbari: EPSRC IT&CS college member (to Dec 96); member IEE PGE4 Image Processing 97-99.
(d) Industrial collaboration:
Extensive collaboration with BT Labs. involving all members of the group. Ghanbari and Pearson: consultants to the ITC and BT; research collaboration with 13 UK industrial members of the DVCE. The group has industrial links also with NXT Loudspeakers and Ilotron.


(a) Published work:
Invited papers: Downton: invited paper in IPA97 best papers special section IEE Proc. VISP 1998. Downton and Clark: guest eds. Image and Vision Computing J. (v.16, nos.12-13, 1998, and v.17 no.8, 1999 respectively).
Books: Fleury and Downton: ‘Pipelined Processor Farms: structured design for embedded parallel systems’ (Wiley and Sons Inc. New York, Mch 2001).
(b) International visibility and standing:
Editorial boards and conferences: Downton: co-chair 5th Int. Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR5) Univ. of Essex 1996, European programme co-chair IWFHR 2004 Tokyo; elected general chair 7th Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR2003) Edinburgh.
International advisory bodies: Downton: research proposal assessor for research councils in Hong Kong, Australia.
(c) National visibility and standing:
Downton: EPSRC IT&CS college member 2000-02, member IEE PGE4 Image Processing to 1997, member/chairman PGA8 Speech & Language Processing 1998-2000, IEE MMC PN Exec. Cttee. from 2000. Clark: BMVA Executive Cttee. and conf. organisation 1996-2000, inc. conf. chair 1997, member of BSI IST/31 national expert group on standards in computer graphics and image processing.
(d) Industrial collaboration and involvement:
Members of the group have had extensive industrial collaboration with: BT Labs, Pilkington Optronics, Transtech Parallel Systems, Visual Automation Ltd., 5D Solutions Ltd., Post Office Research, Royal London Insurance, HDP Consultant Engineers and DERA Malvern via EPSRC-funded joint research, direct industry-funded projects. Fleury: BT short term Fellowship.

(a) Published work:
Invited papers: Mirshekar
: invited papers Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conf., USA, 97; spec. issue J. of Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation; Progress in Electromag. Symp., Taiwan, 99; and QNDE Conf., USA, 99. Bebbington: invited papers Expert Retreat on Wideband Interferometric and Polarimetric Surveillance Systems, Germany, Jun 97 and Siberia, Sep 97. Holt: invited speaker Royal Meteorological Soc. Massara: invited papers IEEE Confs. SICT’99 and ICECS'00. Mazumdar: invited lectures Allerton Conf. on Computers, USA; Workshop in Applied Probability in Telecommns, Sweden; INFORMS, Tel Aviv; IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, Japan; Dept. of Indian Inst. of Science, India; TECHNION-Israel Inst. of Tech., Israel; Bell Northern Research, Canada; Workshop on Applied Probability, Denmark (plenary lecture); Workshops on Heavy Tailsa and Queues, Netherlands; invited participant NSF workshop on Future Directions on Commns. Research, USA.
Paper awards: Massara and Mack: awarded IEE 1997 Ambrose Fleming Premium for paper ‘Design assistant approach to analogue layout generation’ in IEE Proc.-Circuits, Devices and Systems. Mazumdar: finalist best paper award IEEE Infocom98.
(b) International visibility and standing:
Editorial boards and conference organisation: Mirshekar
: session organiser Progress in Electromag. Symp. (PIERS), Austria 1996 and USA 2000. Mazumdar: member Tech. Prog. Cttees. IEEE INFOCOM96 USA, IEEE INFOCOM97 Japan and Org. Cttee. IFIP-IEEE Workshop on Broadband Networks Montreal; Tech. Prog. Cttee. Int. Congress ITC16, UK; co-convenor ITC Symp. on Traffic Issues in Broadband Networks Montreal; Tech. Prog. Chair, IFIP WG6.2 2nd Workshop on Traffic Management and Synthesis of ATM Networks Montreal; guest ed. special issues on ATM ABR and related issues, European Trans. on Telecommunications, Vol. 8, No.1, Jan./Feb. 97; guest ed. special issues on traffic management in ATM networks, Telecommunication Systems.
International advisory bodies: Mirshekar: research proposal reviewer Univ. of Hong Kong Grant Cttee. 98; assessor for chair appointment Colorado State Univ. USA. Bebbington: research proposal reviews for Italian Ministry for Universities; referee US National Science Foundation. Holt: invited to Toronto to advise Atmospheric Environment Service on polarisation. Massara: assessor on chair appointments for univs. in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.
International collaborations: Bebbington: one of 5 invited European members of Wideband Interferometric and Polarimetric Surveillance Systems (under auspices of US Office of Naval Res.) mtgs on East-West Collaboration, Munich and Tomsk, 97; theory coordinator EU TMR Prog.; participant EU DARTH project. Holt: co-ordinator EU Environment Prog. contract on development of advanced radar technology; participant in 3 other EU Env. Prog. contracts; UK delegate to COST75 (Advanced Weather Radar); collaboration with Colorado State Univ. on polarisation.
(c) National visibility and standing:
Learned society involvement: Massara
: member IEE E10 Prof. Group Circuits and Systems; member IEEE Cttee. for UK Circuits and Systems Chapter. Massara and Mack: members of invitation-only IEEE UKDA group.
National government advisory/committee: Holt: member Interagency Research Cttee. on Hydrological Use of Weather Radar; co-ordinator NERC Connect B Study on use of microwave attenuation to obtain path-averaged rainfall in urban areas; member NERC peer review cttee. for atmospheric sciences. Mack: member EPSRC IT&CS College (to 1996).
(d) Industrial collaboration and involvement:
Collaborative research: Massara
and Mack: 2 EPSRC projects involving Ericsson, Fujitsu, and Cadence; major funding from Fujitsu; Massara: BT Summer Fellowship (involved in work since patented by BT). Mirshekar: research with BT Labs into a fibre radio system. Holt: collaboration with Radio Commn. Agency on attenuation in sleet. Mazumdar: collaboration with France-Telecom.
Consultancy: Mirshekar: consultant Nokia Telecom Ltd since 1997 and TWI (British Energy) since 2000. Bebbington and Holt: consultants Meteorological Office.

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