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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Research activity other than publications

KLS is strongly committed to developing IT research resources and, in the case of Lawlinks, the school’s multiple award-winning electronic ‘gateway’, this has benefited not only Kent but also legal researchers world-wide (77% of hits are non-UKC). Lawlinks was the Lex Websites Award Winner for Best Portal/Information Resource (nationally and internationally) in 2000 and also attracted the Wallace Breem Memorial Award 2000, presented biennially by BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians). This is the first time the award has gone to an electronic source. (On Lawlinks awards, see further http://library.ukc.ac.uk/library/lawlinks).

STORY has helped to establish the Copyright Higher Education Workgroup (CHEW) addressing the implications of the Higher Education Copying Accord (HECA) for teaching and research in UK universities. CHEW aims to improve individual and institutional access to copyrighted sources and has produced a significant amount of legal research regarding copyright issues, much of it authored by Story. Story also edits the CHEW website.

During the current RAE period, doctoral degrees were awarded to BIGGS (‘Death with Dignity: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia’) and WONG (‘Equity’s Intervention in the Enforceability of Third Party Security Transactions’).

Individual evidence of research excellence/ peer esteem


STORY won the 1998 MLR Wedderburn Prize for his article ‘Compensation for Banned Handguns: Indemnifying Old Property’ and WIGHTMAN won the 1996 SLSA-OUP book prize for Contract: A Critical Commentary (Pluto, 1996). MILLNS was awarded a Jean Monnet Felllowship with the European Forum of the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute for 2000-2001.


BOTTOMLEY is co-editor of the Feminist Perspectives on Law book series, published by Cavendish. CARR is editor of Information and Communications Technology Law and co-editor of Asian Philosophy. CHENEY was editor of AMBOV Quarterly (Association of Members of Boards of Visitors) until summer 1999. CONAGHAN is Managing Editor of Feminist Legal Studies (with an active editorial team including BIGGS, BOTTOMLEY, DRAKOPOULOU, MILLNS, and WONG). HARROP is co-editor of Journal of Wildlife Law and Policy. HOWARTH is General Editor of Water Law. MANIRUZZAMAN is Honorary Theme Editor of 'International Development Law', part of a global project, Encyclopedia of Life-Support Systems (EOLSS), sponsored by UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee, UNESCO, Paris. SHAH is associate editor of Immigration, Asylum, and Nationality Law (formerly Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice). In addition, KLS members are on the editorial boards of Law and History Review, Progress in Reproduction, British Journal of Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Global Society, and Punishment and Society.

Other indicators of individual esteem e.g., involvement/association with professional or academic organisations and government committees

BIGGS is chair of the East Kent Health Authority Research Ethics Committee. CARR is a member of the Commonwealth Business Council and Commonwealth's Secretariat's Working Group on E-Commerce in which capacity she drafted the document on E-commerce for consideration at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, to be held in Brisbane in late 2001. CONAGHAN is Co-Secretary of INTELL (International Network on Transformative Labour and Employment Law). CHENEY is on the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for the Selection of Magistrates in Kent and co-founder and Patron of UNLOCK (the National Assocation of Ex-Offenders), in which capacity she has authored several reports commissioned by the Prisons Service. HARROP was a delegate on the International Standards Organisation’s ISO TC 191 Committee for Humane Trap Development (year). He also advised the Home Office Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs in England and Wales (2000), in which capacity he co-authored a report on comparative hunting laws, published as appendices 8 and 9 of the Home Office Report. HOWARTH is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (FCIWEM). He is also Honorary Legal Advisor to the Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM) and has acted as a consultant to the Department of the Environment, the Environmental Agency of England and Wales, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, authoring a number of reports. In addition, in the autumn of 2000, he was a UN Visiting Scholar in Rome engaged to direct the work of the Food and Agriculture Organisation on a major study of the legislation relating to shrimp farming in 20 developing countries. MACKENZIE has advised the Wellcome Trust in regard to the patenting of genes and has acted as referee for research funding applications since 1999. RUBIN is chairman of the UK group, International Society for Military Law and the Law of War. He was also invited to submit written evidence to the House of Commons Defence Committee, Second Report: The Strategic Defence Review, Policy for People, HC Paper 29-I (evidence published in Vol II, Minutes of Evidence & Appendices, HC Paper 29-II). RYAN was chair of the Haldane Society's Employment Law Committee between 1997-2000. SAMUEL was Professor Associé at Paris II for the academic year 1999-2000 and Professeur Invité in November 2000. He is currently Professeur Invité at Nancy II and is also a core subject professor on the European Academy of Legal Theory programme in Brussels, run by the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis and Katholieke Universiteit. STORY was commissioned by Oxfam to research and report on pharmaceuticals, research and development expenditures, and patents as part of a research project stemming from Oxfam's 'Cut the Cost' campaign against expensive medicines. The paper is acknowledged in a subsequent Oxfam report, Fatal Side Effects: Medicine Patents under the Microscope (2001) in relation to which Story also acted as an intellectual property consultant. The Treatment Action Campaign of South Africa (TAC) has since requested Story's research for their website (www.tac.org,za). UGLOW is director of the Kent Criminal Justice Centre and has acted as legal research consultant to Kent Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers

Keynote addresses/prestigious conference invitations

KLS members regularly receive external recognition in the form of invitations to participate in national and international conferences, workshops, and seminar series. Significant invitations/collaborations include:

BIGGS was invited by the Department of Health Central Office for Research Ethics Committees to give a keynote presentation on ‘The REC application: Ethical Principles in Practice' at the Commonwealth Institute in October 2000. BOTTOMLEY presented a paper on feminist legal theory in a seminar series on Gender and the Law, University of Uppsala, April 1997, funded by the Swedish Government. CARR was UK National Reporter on Multimodal Transport XVth International Congress of Comparative Law, Bristol 1998, and also a keynote speaker at the Commonwealth Business Council's Conference on E-Business held in Kuala Lumpur, December 2000. CONAGHAN has been invited to present a number of papers at prestigious international gatherings including the University of Toronto Feminism and Law Workshop series (October 1999), the University of Stockholm European Law Seminar series (January 2000), and a Symposium on Kennedy’s Critique of Adjudication, held at the University of Miami, February 2000. She also acted as an international consultant at the Nordic Women’s Law Workshop, Reykjavik, Iceland, August 1999 and presented a guest lecture on Feminist Legal Theory at the law school of the University of Helsinki, Finland in November 2000. HARROP has delivered presentations at many national and international conferences on wildlife and conservation, including keynote addresses at: the UIA Congress, Madrid, September 1997; 3rd Annual Wildlife Health Law Conference, Washington DC, March 1998; International Symposium on the Promotion of European and Interregional Scientific Expertise for the Management of Eco-systems of the Littoral English Channel-North Sea, March 1999; Choose Livelihoods, the Countryside Alliance conference, Warwick, June, 2000; and an EC Consultative Conference on Wildlife Management, Italy, September 2000. HOWARTH has attracted a number of prestigious national and international invitations. He gave a keynote presentation at Developments in Environmental Law: Towards the 21st Century, University of Aberdeen, August 1996; and acted as National Rapporteur at the proceedings of Commission II: Legal Instruments for the Protection of the Rural Environment, XIX European Congress on Agricultural Law, Bonn, September 1997. He was also invited to present papers, inter alia, at the following conferences: Environment Citizenship and New Instruments for Environmental Protection, University of Aberdeen, August 1999; AQUA 2000, annual conference of the World Aquaculture Society and the European Aquaculture Society, Nice, France, May 2000; and Integrated Water Policy in Europe, interdisciplinary conference organised by Europa Kolleg University of Hamburg, Hamburg, September 2000. MILLNS presented a paper at the European University Institute seminar series on Law and Gender, Florence, November 1999. RUBIN acted as a panelist on the First World War Executions Symposium (Professor Sir Michael Howard, chair) in November 1998 (subsequently advising the Minister thereon), and at the Unquiet Graves Conference, Cloth Hall, Ieper, Belgium in May 2000. SAMUEL presented a paper to the Institut de Droit Comparé de Paris, Université Pantheon-Assas (Paris II) in March 2000. SCHEPEL was invited to present a guest lecture on 'The European Court of Justice in Socio-Legal Perspective' at the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence, July 1999. SHAH was invited to present a paper on 'Ethnic Minorities and the European Convention on Human Rights' at a research seminar on Ethnic Minority Rights, the North/South Priority Research Area, University of Copenhagen, 1-2 November 1999. SLAUGHTER gave a keynote presentation on ‘English Law of Divorce and Considerations on Financial Provision’ at a conference on Separazione, Divorzio, Affidamento deo Minori: Quale Dirritto per L’Europa, Facolta di Girusprudenza, University of Bologna, April 1998. She was also invited to speak at a conference on Families, Politics and the Law at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati, Spain, May 1999 and at the Family Policy Studies Centre in September 1998. UGLOW was invited to address the Scuola Superiore dell’. Amminstrazione dell’ Interno on ‘Police Organisation and the Investigation of Crime in England’, Italy, October 1998.

Indicators of peer esteem/ research excellence relating to research groupings

There are no formal research groupings in KLS although there are identifiable research clusters (RA5a). In this context, it should be noted that:

(Feminist perspectives on law) the international journal, Feminist Legal Studies, is based at Kent, as is the co-editor of the path-breaking Feminist Perspectives on Law series published by Cavendish; (Kent Criminal Justice centre) - researchers attached to KCJC have attracted significant amounts of external funding, including from the Home Office, the Scottish Office, Kent Police, and the Youth Justice Board.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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