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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


Green is a Guest Editor of Oxford Economic Papers for a special issue entitled “Skills Measurement and Economic Analysis”, to be published in 2001. Green has also been appointed as an editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations from 2002.

O’Donnell is Co-Editor of an annual issue of Health Economics devoted to Econometrics and Health Economics.

Members of staff are also represented on several editorial boards as follows:

Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, African Development Review, Portuguese Journal of Economics, Kashmir Economic Review, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business (all Thirlwall); Regional Studies, Papers in Regional Science, Transport Policy and Les Cahiers Scientifique des Transports (all Vickerman); International Journal of Training and Development (Green).


(i) Conference Presentations

One type of indicator of visibility, not otherwise mentioned in this submission, is when members present papers abroad at conferences and in University Departments. In many cases, these have been invited presentations; in other cases they are submissions in response to calls for papers. Since 1996 members of the Department have presented papers outside the UK as follows:

Thirlwall: University of Botswana, 1996; University of Tennessee, 1996; University of Genoa, 1996 and 1999; Zagreb University, 1996, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1997; Technical University of Lisbon, 1999; National Association of Graduate Schools in Economics, Brazil, 1999; Coimbra University, 2000, National University of Mexico, 2000.

Green: Joint European Association of Labour Economists (EALE)/ US Society of Labor Economists (SOLE), Milan, 2000; University of Aarhus, 2000; University of Brasilia, 2000; Athens University of Economics and Business, 2000; EALE, Regensburg, 1999; Colloque International, Université de Littoral, 1999; EALE, Blankenberge, Belgium, 1998; International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation, Trento, Italy, 1998; APEC-NEDM Seminar on “Improving the Economic Performance of Education”, Korea Development Institute, Seoul, 1997; EALE, Chania, 1996; URPE Summer Conference, Connecticutt, 1996.

Vickerman: North American Meetings Regional Science Association International (RSAI), Santa Fe, 1998; Western RSA Hawaii, 1997, Monterey, 1998, Ojai, 1999, Hawaii, 2000, Palm Springs 2001; European Congress, European Regional Science Association (ERSA), Rome, 1997, Vienna, August, 1998, Dublin, 1999; RSAI Symposium on Regional Development in South Africa, Port Elizabeth, 2000; World Congress of the RSAI, Lugano, 2000; World Conference on Transport Research, Antwerp, 1998; Mini Operations Research Conference, Brugge, 1997; NECTAR Seminar, Mons, 1996; ESF/NSF Symposium, Virginia, 1996; CEPR Workshop, Louvain la Neuve, 1996; Junta Autonoma de Estradas, Lisbon, 1997; Internationale Wissenschaftstage Eisenbahn 97, 1997; Seminar on Soft and Cultural Factors in Regional Development, Karlsruhe, February 1998; COST328 Final Seminar, Bilbao, 1998; FOESGO Colloquium, Santiago de Compostela, 1998; Japan Society of Civil Engineers Symposium, Tokyo, 1999; International Research Seminar on the Regional Development Impacts of the Øresund Bridge, Copenhagen, 1999; Seminar on Trans-European Networks and the Federal Model of the European Union, Bilbao, 2000; Deutsche Verkehrswissenschfliche Gesellsschaft, Berlin, 2000; Regional Science Summer Institute, Istanbul, 2000.

Guariglia: European meeting of the Econometric Society, Istanbul 1996; European Economic Association, Istanbul 1996; American Social Science Association meetings in New Orleans 1997, Chicago 1998 and Boston 2000.
O’Donnell: 2nd IHEA World Conference on Health Economics, Rotterdam, 1999.

Peirson: University of Philippines, 1996, Conference on Electricity Privatisation; World Conference on Transport Research, Antwerp, 1998.

Garcia-Alonso: Symposium of Economic Analysis, Barcelona, 1997; European Association of Research in Industrial Economics, 1998; European Economic Association, 1998; University of Pompeu Fabra, 1998.

(ii) External Advice and Influence

Another type of indicator of visibility is the provision of advice to foreign or international agencies, academic or otherwise, of which some have been mentioned above. Other examples are:

Thirlwall was an Economic Adviser to the Tongan Development Bank 1996; Consultant to the African Development Bank, 1999.

Green provided research advice to the International Labour Office, 1998, which was used in its World Employment Report 1998-99; his UK Skills Survey is the model for current plans by researchers at the University of Maastricht to carry out similar work in the Netherlands.

O’Donnell is the series co-organiser of the annual European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, funded by the EU; he is the UK representative on the EC Biomed project on Equity in the Finance and Delivery of Health Care, and organised a special session on Health and Labour Supply at the 2nd IHEA World Conference on Health Economics, Rotterdam, 1999.

Peirson is an Expert Advisor to the European Union on Accident Costs.

Vickerman is a member of the International Scientific Committee of the World Conference on Transport Research for its three yearly meetings in Antwerp 1998 and Seoul 2001, and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Councils of the Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin and the Groupement Régionale de Recherches sur les Transports, INRETS, Lille.

(iii) Media Exposure

Third, visibility can come through references in internationally-read journalism and the media. Examples from this Department are:

Carruth’s work on unemployment was covered in the Financial Times, 19/5/99 and the Economist, 1/4/2000. This follows his published work in the Review of Economics and Statistics (see RA2)

Green’s work on skills was covered in the Financial Times, 1/4/99, the Times, 1/4/99, the Times Higher, 20/11/98, and on economics generally in the Times Higher, 30/10/98. His research on work intensification was covered in 2000 in the Guardian (twice), the Independent, the Irish Examiner, the Daily Mail, the Socialist Worker and the Observer; he also featured this research on BBC Newsnight (Scotland), on BBC World Service and other international and local radio stations.

In 2000, Thirlwall’s analysis of the regional implications of the euro was covered in the Guardian, Financial Times, Observer, Sunday Telegraph.

Dickerson’s work on takeovers was covered in the Guardian (19/2/96), Observer (25/8/96; 23/3/97), THES (12/4/96), the Independent on Sunday (7/4/96) and Investors Chronicle (5/11-4-96).

Leon-Ledesma and Thirlwall's work on the natural rate of growth was covered in The Guardian (6/11/00).

Guariglia's work on superstores and labour demand was covered in The Guardian (5/8/99).


Other indicators of peer esteem not elsewhere noted are:

Carruth (Head of Department) was a member of the QAA Benchmarking Committee for Economics in 1999 and 2000, and serves on the steering committee of the Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics (CHUDE).

Thirlwall is a Governor of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, a member of the Council of Business for Sterling and a Trustee of the New Europe Research Trust.

Green was a member of the Steering Group of Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s research project “Barriers and Bridges for Young People in Modern Britain”, 1998-9.

Vickerman has served as a member of ESRC Panels on the Mid-term Review of the ESRC Transport Studies Unit, the 1999-2000 Commissioning Panel on Research Centres and Networks and the 2000 Board of Examiners for the Research Studentship Competition; he is also a QAA Subject Reviewer for Economics.

All ESRC research projects involving members of the Department, completed during the RAE period, have been evaluated as “Good” or better. The project “Education, Training and Economic Growth in Pacific Asia: A New Model of Skill Formation”, grant number L32425 3015, (directed by Green) was evaluated as “Outstanding”. This was an interdisciplinary project involving sociology, political science and education as well as economics. Some of the findings are given in an invited (jointly-authored) paper in the Oxford Review of Economics Policy, 15(1), 1999, entitled: "The Role of the State in Skill Formation: Evidence from the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Taiwan."

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