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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

EXTERNAL RECOGNITION: A high proportion of staff have national and international reputations in terms of their published and professional research outcomes, and in terms of their expertise and advice that is regularly sought.
ALLAIN had AHRB funded study leave to complete his book Tadashi Suzuki: Life and Works, 2000
SMITH has AHRB funded study leave to complete work on his BFI monograph on Trainspotting.
SHAUGHNESSY had a British Academy grant to work on Gertrude Stein’s manuscripts in the Beinecke Library, Yale University, (April 1998)
She had a grant from the Society of Theatre Research to for work on Different Directions (with Alison Oddey)
SMITH acted as referee for the AHRB Research Centres Scheme.He is an editorial board member of both Cinema Journal and Film Studies. He acts as advisor for Screen, Oxford University Press, and Routledge. He is an advisory board member of the Center for Cognitive Research in the Moving Image (Atlanta, Georgia).
BAUGH: external examiner for PhD theses: Neo-Classicism in Eighteenth Century Theatre Architecture (Exeter, 1997) and Design and Designer in Contemporary British Theatre Production (Bristol, 1999) and for the MA in Scenography, University of Central England, 1996-2000, and for the MA in Theatre, University of Sheffield, 1998-2002
COWIE: external examiner for PhD thesis: Mapping Textual Surfaces: Psychoanalytic Theory, Subjectivity and 1940s Hollywood Cinema, Glasgow, 2000
DOUBLE: external examiner for PhD thesis: Stand-Up Comedy and Everyday Life: Post-war British Comedy and the Subversive Strain, London, Goldsmiths’ 1998.
CATHERINE GRANT: external examiner for PhD theses: Mexican Narrative and Feminist Theory, London, Kings, 1998.
SMITH: external examiner for PhD thesis: Splicing Emotion: Editing and Affect in Film, Warwick, 2000; Narrative Film and Ethical Life: the Projection of Possibilities, Murdoch, Australia, 2000; Understanding Cinema: Constructivism and Spectator Psychology, Stockholm, 2000.
BAUGH is a Committee Member of the Society for Theatre Research and is the Chair of the Society’s Research Committee; Chair of the Universities Group at the International Shakespeare Globe Centre, Bankside, London; Committee Member and Director of the Society of British Theatre Designers; Advisory Board of Theatron; Contributor of 5 articles for the New DNB; Co-editor of Scenography International. He designed the Mahagonny Songspiel and Die 7 Todsünden (Weill/Brecht) for Mecklenburgh Opera, dir., John Abulafia, cond., Ann Manson, in association with Symphonia 21 and the BBC, Royal Albert Hall, London, 3 August, 1997.
BECK was a co-founder and member of the Steering Group of the Radio Studies Network – an organisation for academics researching and teaching radio – and established the radio theory site at
http://speke.ukc.ac.uk/sais/rsn/index.html. He is the founder (1998) and co-editor of the electronic Sound Journal that has a focus on sound and carries forward critical debate across disciplines, including radio, the film sound track, anthropology, music, psychoanalysis and media studies. His work was featured in the 6 part series From Megaphone to Microphone (BBC R4 Oct/Nov 1999), and also in Front Row on early radio drama and the opening of the Soho Theatre (BBC R4 April 2000).
COWIE is advisor on book proposals for Routledge.
DOUBLE works as a professional comedian in regional comedy venues. He has appeared in interviews and contributed research material to various TV and radio programmes including: Without Walls: J’accuse Comedy, C4 TV, 28 May 1996; Midweek, R4, 26 Nov 1997; The Media Show, R5, 22 Mar 1998; The Last Laugh Show, Granada TV, series: 9 Jul – 10 Sep 1998; Women Comedians, R4, 20 Mar 1999; How Tickled Am I?, R4, 6 Apr –11 May 1999; Culture Fix: Stand-Up Comedy, BBC Knowledge, 23 Sep 1999; All in the Mind, R4, 23 Feb 2000.
CATHERINE GRANT:member of the editorial advisory board of Screen, and was Guest Editor of the special issue on Latin-American Cinema (38:4, 1997). She is an invited member of the Advisory Committee for the Jean-Luc Godard exhibition at Tate Modern, London (2001)
MICHAEL GRANT:co-editor of Film Studies,Committee member of the Kent International Film Festival
GRANTLEY is a regular reviewer for The Year’s Work in English Studies
PEARLMAN was Expert Witness to the High Court Copyright Trial: JP Morgan vs BBC, Newman and Garnett (19 Dec 1996 to 15 Oct 1998: providing written reports to the Court, ancillary reports to Counsel, testimony and evidence to Court. He was instructed to examine six scripts and accompanying material by the Plaintiff, along with Witness Statements, and notes, nine scripts in supposedly developmental sequence, a novel in manuscript and published versions and the video of the television transmission of the final script by the Defendant, along with Witness Statements, and to deliver to the Court an Expert Opinion in reports and oral testimony by means of forensic criticism – narratological, characterological, semantic and dramaturgical analysis – as to whether the latter material had been substantially derived from the former.
Picturing Performance: Graphic Representations of the Nineteenth-Century Stage organised by BAUGH and Louis James (English Department) Kent, June 1967. Exploring the Limits, the XII World Congress of the International federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) Kent, July 1998. Digital Scenography organised by CARVER and KiDDS, in association with the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Mark Reaney, Leverhulme Research Fellow, Kent June 2000.
Hollywood Since the 50s: A Post-classical Cinema?, organized by Steve Neale, Murray Smith and Film as a whole, Kent, July 1995.Since 1999, Film have organized an Annual Symposium around a scholar or scholars of international standing: From Hollywood to Hong Kong: Historical Poetics and International Film Culture (1999), with plenary talks by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson; and Reconfiguring Genre (2000), with a plenary talk by Steve Neale. In 2001 the symposium will focus on Claire Denis' Beau Travail, and we aim to invite the director herself.
ALLAIN gave a British Council paper at Garzienice's Twentieth Anniversary at the Teatr Maly, Warsaw, November 1997
- "The Phenomenology of Training and the Suziki Method" at Performance Studies International Conference, Aberystwth, April 1999
- "Gardzienice and the Other", Glasgow University Slavonic Studies seminar, April, 1999
- "Performer Training" at Process/Performance, Rose Bruford College, September, 1999
BAUGH gave a paper "When Scenography becomes Fine Art“ at the conference, Rencontres Internationale de Scénographie, 2 published as: "Stane-li se scénografie výtvarným umením“, in Divadelni Revue, 1, 1996, 66-9
- "Edward Gordon Craig and the necessity of the Imagination“, in Journal of Theatre & Drama, Vol 5., 2001. Publication of the ‘Edward Gordon Craig Lecture’ – keynote paper given to the XIIIth World Congress of the International Federation for Theatre Research (Canterbury, July 1998)
- "English Scenography, Education and the Public Purse", in Journal of Theatre & Drama, Vol 4., 1999 originally given as a paper at the OISTT Conference, Haifa, Israel, November 1998.
BECK co-organizes with Tim Crooke (London, Goldsmiths’) the annual Radio Drama Conference.
CARDWELL gave a paper "Ballrooms and Backdrops: Mise-en-scene in Pride and Prejudice(Andrew Davies, Granada ITV,1996)" for the Style and Meaning Conference, Reading University, March 2000.
- "Medium Specificity and Television" for the Screen Coference, Glasgow University, June 2000.
- "Getting Tense: Adaptation, Temporality and Tense" for the International Conference for Popular Culture, University of Cambridge, August, 1999.
COWIE gave a paper "Visual Pleasure, Identification and Recorded Actuality: reconsidering the Pornography of Documentary" at, Visual Evidence VI, University of Evanston, Chicago, Sept. 1997.
- "Identifying with the Real“ for the conference Freud and Culture Now, Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna, May 1997
- "The Spectacle of Vision: the Truth of the Matter“, for Visible Evidence IV, Cardiff, August 1996.
- "Governing Representation and Representation’s Impossibility“ for the conference of the Universities Association for Psychoanalytic Studies, Dublin, May 1996.
- "Film – a Feminine Dream Factory", for the City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, October 1995.
- "Identifying with the Real“ for Visual Evidence III, Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, August 1995.
- "Shaggy Dog Stories, Classical Narrative and Contemporary American Film“ for Hollywood Since the Fifties: a Post-Classical Cinema? University of Kent, Canterbury, July 1995.
- Identifying as a Woman“ keynote paper for New Directions in Cultural Studies American Studies Centre, Warsaw University, April 1994.
DOUBLE gave a paper "Alternative Comedy: from Radicalism to Commercialism“, at the Popular Theatre conference, Liverpool, John Moores University, 1994
- "Comedy vs. Commerce“ at the International Society for Humor Studies, University of Aston, 1995
- "Who was Offending Who in Early Alternative Comedy?“ for Performance Studies International, Centre for Performance Research, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1999.
- "Acting in Stand-Up Comedy: the Evolution of Style“ for the conference Whose Theatre is it Anyway?: Performance, Politics and Community, University of Wolverhampton, 1999.
CATHERINE GRANT gave a paper "Identification, Solidarity and Jeanine Meerapfel's La amiga (Argentina, 1988)" for the Society of Latin American Studies, University of St Andrews, April, 1997.
- "Representations of Eva Peron: Whiteness, Death, Femininity", Society of Latin American Studies Conference, University of Liverpool, 1998.
- "The First Feature Films of Maria Luisa Bemberg", Hispanic Cinema Seminar Series, Univeristy of London QMW, February, 2000.
- "Still Moving Images: Photographs of the Disappeared in Films about the Dirty War in Argentina", Phototextualities Conference, University of Durham, May 2000.
- "Film Authorship Studies and the Concept of Agency" Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, July 2000.
MICHAEL GRANT gave a paper "On Style and Extremity in Crash" for David Cronenberg: an Extreme Gaze for the Centre d'Etudes Canadiennes at the University of Bordeaux II, December 2000.
GRANTLEY gave a paper “Schooling the Audience“ at Shakespeare and Tudor Theatrical Traditions at the International Shakespeare Globe Centre, London, September 1996.
- "The Upbringing of Youth in the Tudor Interlude“ at Gender and Life Cycle in the Middle Ages, University of Kent, January 2000.
REANEY (Leverhulme Research Fellow) gave a paper and published "Digital Scenography: Bringing the Theatre into the Information Age" based upon the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, in Les Cahiers du Numerique, vol. 1, no. 4-2000, pp. 191-201.
SHAUGHNESSY gave a paper "Breathe Body of Lovely Death: Susan Glaspell’s Theatre of Identity“ at Suppressed Desires, University of Glasgow, May 1996
SMITH gave a paper, "Transnational Trainspotting“, at From Hollywood to Hong Kong: Historical Poetics and International Film Culture, a one-day symposium at the University of Kent, June 1999.
- "Sound in Sundial“, paper presented at the Institute for Cognitive Studies in the Moving Image Bi-annual Conference, May 1999.
- "Natural Human Science“, paper presented at the Society for Cinema Studies Annual Conference, Florida, April 1999.
- "Amorality, Curiosity and the Horrific,“ invited paper delivered at the international symposium, Visual Media: History, Aesthetics and Technology, University of Copenhagen, December 1997.
- "Spectatorship and The Battle of Algiers,“ invited paper delivered at the Department of Comparative Literature, University of Lund, Sweden, September 1997.
- "Imagining from the Inside", invited paper delivered at the Institute for Cognitive Studies in Film and Video, Board of Advisors Symposium, University of Kansas, April 1997.
- "Film Theory Meets Analytic Philosophy," paper delivered as panel chair at the Society for Cinema Studies Annual Conference, Ottawa, May 1997.
- "Gangsters, Cannibals, Aesthetes: On Pulp Fiction and Perverse Identification", London American Literature and Culture Seminar, University of London, January 1997.
- "Apparently Perverse Allegiances" and "Point-of-view, Participation and Simulation," two invited lectures at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Film and Media, April 29/30, 1996.
Overseas Visitors: The XII World Congress of the IFTR was held at the University in July 1998. Visitors from all over the World engaged with research students and staff. KiDDS prepared an exhibition and offered demonstrations of computer modelling. The Leverhulme Research Fellow, Mark Reaney (University of Kansas) taught and conducted practice-based research through work on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and made a significant contribution to the conference Digital Scenography in June 2000. The Annual Film Studies Symposium has brought Bordwell, Kristova, Richard Allen, Gregory Currie and Torben Grodal to speak and work both with staff and students. David Mamet visited in February 2000, giving a public lecture and a workshop seminar to staff and students.

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