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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Birtwistle was made a Companion of Honour for his services to music in 2000.

1. Commissions, performances, recordings, prizes and other marks of recognition. Professor Birtwistle's 'Exody' was commissioned by Daniel Barenboim and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and first performed by them in Chicago on 5 February 1998, and again at the Promenade Concerts in London in September of that year; his opera 'The Last Supper' was commissioned by the Deutsche Staatsoper and the Glyndebourne Touring Opera and first performed to wide acclaim in these institutions in April and October 2000 respectively; his 'Harrison's Clocks' was first performed complete by Joanna MacGregor at the Cheltenham Festival on 13 July 1998 and recorded by her in 2000; his 'Earth Dances' was included by Sir Simon Rattle in his 'Towards the Millenium' series in March 1999 and conducted by Pierre Boulez for BBC television in that year. He has also been commissioned to write another opera for Covent Garden. Dr Milstein's 'Labyrinth' was commissioned by Jesus College Cambridge for its Quincentenary Celebrations, first performed there in June 1996 and again by the Tintagel Ensemble in Nottingham on 3 November of that year; her chamber cantata 'Nova Polska' was commissioned by King's College Cambridge for its 550th Anniversary and broadcast in the BBC's 'Hear and Now' series on 9 February 1996; the Endellion String Quartet commissioned her 'Book of Shadows' with funding from Eastern Arts and performed it three times on 21 January and 25 April 1998 and on 24 February 1999; and her 'a media luz' was commissioned by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and broadcast on 12 February 2000: it was warmly received by Anthony Payne in the Independent, Kenneth Walton in The Scotsman and Tom Service in the Guardian. Robert Keeley's Symphony no. 1 was commissioned by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and first performed in February 1996 and broadcast twice; his 'Chants and Encounters' was first performed by the Lontano Ensemble at the Cheltenham Festival in July 1997 and his 'Music for Art and Tom' by Tom Bergeron and Art Maddox in Oregon USA in April 1999; he was commissioned to write 'Crabbed Characters and Flourishing Tropes' with funds from the Britten/Pears Foundation which was first performed by Fretwork at Dartington in August 1999 and in his role as pianist he has given guest lecture/recitals at the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Barbara and the University of Oregon. In 2000 his Piano Variations played by Colin Stone were recorded by Merlin Records (MFRD 20033) and he received a commission from the BBC Symphony Orchestra to write a work for piano and orchestra to be performed in March 2001. Professor Dreyfus's group Phantasm won the 1997 Gramophone Award for Best Baroque (Non-Vocal) Recording for their digital recording of Henry Purcell's Complete Fantasias for Viols and their compact disc of William Lawes' Consorts in Four and Five parts was the Gramophone Editor's Choice in August 2000. David Trendell was adviser and producer for three CD recordings of the Maitrise de Caen, one of which (petit motets by Brossard) was the Editor's Choice in Gramophone Magazine in October 2000; as conductor of the King's College London Choir he has been invited to give concerts at the Festival de la Vezere (broadcast by Radio France) in July 1998, at the 26th Incontro Internazionale Polifonico, Citta di Fano in September 1999, and in Paris and Caen in September 2000. Dr Leech-Wilkinson received the Noah Greenberg Award of the American Musicological Society in 1996 for a collaborative workshop between the Orlando Consort and Richard Crocker on Aquitanian Polyphony, and a DAAD/British Council research grant in 1997-9; he was invited in 1997 to undertake a lecture-recital tour with the Orlando Consort for the Early Music Network. Professor Dreyfus won the Otto Kinkeldey Award of the American Musicological Society in 1997 for his book Bach and the Patterns of Invention. (The Kinkeldey Award honours each year 'the work of musicological scholarship deemed by a committee of scholars to be the most distinguished of those published during the previous year in any language and in any country'.)

2. Keynote addresses and invited papers at international conferences and meetings (externally funded invitations are asterisked). Six members of staff were invited to address international conferences and meetings abroad: Chua (Phoenix 1997); Deathridge (Gewandhaus Leipzig 1997*, Adelaide 1998*, Munich 1998*, Zürich 1999*, Munich 1999*); Dreyfus (Stanford 1998*, Sibelius Academy Helsinki 1998*, Johns Hopkins and Duke Universities 2000, Dublin 2000*, Santa Barbara 2000*), Fend (Luzern 1998*, Heidelberg 1999*), Leech-Wilkinson (Hamburg 1997*, Kalamazoo 1997, Heidelberg 1998*, Berkeley 2000*, Stanford 2000*, Davis 2000*), Wintle (Estonia 1998*, Barcelona 1999*). Particularly worthy of note are the following: Dr Chua was co-organiser of the international conference 'Music and the Sirens' at Darwin College Cambridge in July 1998. Professor Deathridge gave the first keynote address at the 1998 International Wagner Symposium in Adelaide and also delivered the University Foundation Lecture at the University of Adelaide: 'Hitler's Wagner and the Musical Representation of Power'; his papers for the Second Leipzig Mendelssohn Colloquium in 1997, and for two events in Munich, including the international conference organised by the University of Munich in 1999 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Richard Strauss, will be published in 2001. Professor Dreyfus gave the Geiringer Memorial Lecture at the University of Santa Barbara on 27 January 2000: 'Performing the Music of William Byrd: Sundry Contexts and a False Pretext'; he was an invited speaker at the Presidential Symposium on the Humanities at Stanford University in 1998 when he gave a paper called 'The Limits of Performance' and he also gave a Millenium Public Lecture at the Dublin Institute of Technology on 4 December 2000 entitled 'Patterns of Authority in Musical Performance'. Dr Fend's paper to the International Conference in Luzern in November 1998, 'Die ästhetische Kategorie des Erhabenen und die Entdeckung der Alpen in der Musik' was published in Zürich (2000) in a volume edited by A. Gerhard and A. Landau; his paper to the International Colloquium on Abbé Vogler held at the University of Heidelberg in June 1999 is in press. Dr Leech-Wilkinson organised the international Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference in Southampton in 1996. Christopher Wintle was guest speaker for a series of International Seminars on Brahms organised by the Fondacione la Caxia, Barcelona in November 1999 and was the opening keynote speaker at the Anglia University conference on Music Analysis in April 2000. Professor Deathridge was invited to speak at a conference on 'German Lives' organised by the Institute of Germanic Studies at the University of London in February 1998 (since published in New Comparison) and both he and Dr Fend accepted invitations to participate in a Round Table on Music Historiography at the 16th International Congress of the International Musicological Society held in London in August 1997.

3. International Collaborative Project not noted elsewhere. Dr Fend is Joint Team Leader with Dr Michel Noiray, CNRS Paris, in the research project 'Musical Education in Europe (1770-1914): Compositional, Institutional and Politial Challenges' which forms part of a wider project 'Musical Life in Europe, 1600-1900' funded by the European Science Foundation. Fend was co-chairman of related colloquia held in Brussels (October 1999), Strasbourg (May 2000), and Mainz (November 2000). A final meeting is planned for London (2001). A major publication with some 35 contributors from all over Europe is expected in 2002 from a German and an Italian publisher.

4. Membership of editorial boards and refereeing work. Professor Deathridge is on the editorial boards of the Cambridge Opera Journal and the Cambridge Opera Series published by Cambridge University Press and is a trustee of the Handel Institute. Professor Dreyfus is Senior Editor of the series Musical Performance and Reception, Cambridge University Press and serves on the editorial board of Early Music, published by Oxford University Press. He is also Artist Patron of the London Bach Society and has been a trustee of the National Sound Archive, British Library, since 1999. Dr Eisen is on the editorial board of the revised Mozart Koechel Catalogue to be published by Breitkopf und Härtel, and between 1996 and 1999 acted as musical adviser to Robert Levin and Christopher Hogwood for their recordings of Mozart's Piano Concertos. Dr Leech-Wilkinson is on the editorial board of Early Music and up to 1997 was on the editorial boards of the journals Music Analysis and Plainsong and Medieval Music (of which he was also the Reviews Editor); he has been the IMS representative on the Commission Mixte of RILM since 1996 and has also served as editor and musicological advisor on recordings for Naxos (1996), Deutsche Grammophon (1998) and Signum (1998). Christopher Wintle is General Editor of the Hans Keller Archive (deposited in the University Library Cambridge) and is a member of the advisory board of Music Analysis.
Since 1996 staff have refereed manuscripts for: CUP, OUP, Harvard University Press, Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, Boydell & Brewer and the University of Rochester Press; staff have, in addition to the journals mentioned above, refereed articles for Music & Letters, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Journal of Musicological Research, and Journal of the American Musicological Society. Staff have also acted as independent external referees for applications to the Leverhulme Trust, the National Endowment of the Humanities, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Humboldt Stiftung, and Research Fellowship Competitions at numerous Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.

5. Membership of appointments committees, research-related and grant-awarding bodies; external examining and supervision. Professor Dreyfus was an Elector to the Professorship of Music, Cambridge University, 1994-1998 and has been an Elector to the Professorship of Music at Trinity College, Dublin, since 1998; he was also appointed to HEFCE's RAE Music Panel in 1999. Professor Deathridge was elected a Council Member of the Royal Musical Association 1997-2000 and served in 1999 and 2000 as the external examiner for the Government of Ireland Scholarships Scheme funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences; in 1996 he was external examiner for the Royal Academy of Music. Between 1996 and 1999 he supervised five Cambridge PhDs (since successfully completed) and in 1999 and 2000 acted as external MPhil and PhD examiner for the Cambridge Faculties of Music and Social and Political Science. Dr Eisen has served on the Appointments Committee of the University College Dublin Music Department and was appointed their external assessor in 2000; he has also externally examined PhD theses at Royal Holloway College London and at the University of Surrey in 1999/2000. Drs Fend, Leech-Wilkinson and Milstein have served as external examiners in 1996-2000 for PhD theses at the Universities of Oxford, York, Royal Holloway and Goldsmith's. David Trendell has examined PhD theses at Royal Holloway and acted as external examiner for Master's Degrees in Performance at the University of East Anglia and the Royal Academy of Music. He was also an examiner for the Fellowship exams of the Royal College of Organists 1995-1998. Christopher Wintle was the external examiner for the MStud at Oxford University in 1996 and has served for as External Examiner for u/g courses at Trinity College Dublin 1997-2000. In 2000 he was the External Examiner for Part II of the Music Tripos at the University of Cambridge.

6. Media activities. Professor Birtwistle appeared in the BBC television series 'Great British Composers of the Twentieth Century'. Professor Deathridge participated in the BBC television series 'Great Composers' (1998) and in 1996-2000 presented Composer of the Week: Richard Strauss and three editions of Building a Library on BBC Radio 3; he has also been on the 'Today' programme (Radio 4) and contributes regularly to other programmes on Radios 3 and 4. Professor Dreyfus has participated in two broadcast series on Radio 3 on Wagner's 'Lohengrin' and Bach, and has broadcast on Los Angeles Public Radio (KUSC) in January 1999. Dr Eisen scripted and delivered ten broadcasts on 'Aspects of Mozart' for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1996 and 1997. (At the request of the University of Toronto Press, Eisen is turning the scripts into a book.) On Radio 3 Dr Leech-Wilkinson presented Composer of the Week: Guillaume de Machaut (1996) and in 2000 devised and presented a three-hour 700th anniversary tribute to Machaut. David Trendell presented two programmes on Radio 3 of concerts by the Ensemble Gilles Binchois (1996) and conducts the annual broadcasts of the nave Choir of the Edington Festival. He was Musical Adviser for a Channel Four programme about the London Fog (2000). On Radio 3 Music Matters Christopher Wintle has discussed Mozart and Beethoven cadenzas with Robert Levin and responded to Michael Ignatieff's 1999 BBC Prom Lecture on The Ascent of Man.

7. Research Student achievements. A number of graduates who gained their PhD from King's in 1996-2000 are now professors, lecturers or fellows at the following institutions: the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff, East Anglia, Huddersfield, Leeds, Oxford Brookes, Puerto Rico, Reading, Robinson College Cambridge, Goldsmith's College London, Université de Moncton New Brunswick, Peabody Conservatory (John Hopkins University), and the Miyagi Gakuin Woman's College, Japan. Worthy of note are the following: Gabriella Diderikson is co-author of The Pantheon Opera and its Aftermath, 1789-1795 (Oxford 2000); Richard Gibson produced a CD 'Women Write Music' for Creative Dialogue; Ross Lorraine's 'Love is suicide, from Ex' was shown on Carlton Television on 24 August 1999 and his 'Melos' performed by Lontano on Radio 3's 'Hear and Now' on 31 March 20000. He has also been commissioned by the Arditti Quartet to write a work for the Cheltenham Festival in 2001. Graham Lynch's 'In Dreams' was commissioned by Opera North and first performed in Spring 2000. Edward Wickham's The Clerkes Group already has a distinguished reputation for the performance of medieval music, including many concerts tours outside London and the appearance of several CDs. PhD graduates have written articles for several journals, including 19th-Century Music, the Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Center, the Neue Musikzeitung and the Berlin new music journal Positionen. Achievements among current postgraduates include: the performance of Hyun-Sue Chung's 'Small Wind' at the Cheltenham Festival in 1997; the award to Steven Ricks of First Prize in the 1999 Society of Composers Incorporated Student Compostion Competition; the two commissions awarded to Kate Romano in 1999 (Masque I for the Ribchester and Ryedale Festival from the Ovid Ensemble and Folksongs for the Cambridge Goehrfest) and the request of BBC Radio 3 in 2000 for her to write a String Quartet (broadcast in March 2001) as well as a commission from the Chinook Clarinet Quartet to write 'Hamelin Pipes' with funds provided by the Performing Rights Foundation; the establishment by Darla Crispin of a new postgraduate programme at the Guildhall School of Music; Nikolaus Bacht's article in press for Die Musikforschung; the election of Nicola Kodjabashia for the British Council 'Chevening Award 2000' and the commission he received to write 'Explosion of Memory', to be premiered by the Macedonian National Opera on 21 June 2001 in Skopje.

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