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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Evidence of Esteem (RA6a)
Members of the Department have been active during the period under review in establishing and maintaining the many international contacts associated with their various regional interests. They have contributed to the public good, in academic circles and beyond. This has involved international and national recognition of their expertise in the following fields during the period January 1996-March 2001

1. International research links
The work of most members of the Department is associated with specific regions in Asia and Africa. Consequently, the maintenance of research links with institutions and individuals in those regions is a necessary and regular part of our activities. In addition, members of the department have been involved in international research projects based at North American and European institutions concerned with Asia and Africa. In particular, during the period in question:
• Kaviraj has been a member of a collaborative project on ‘Literary Cultures in History: South Asia’ with S. Pollock of University of Chicago (results to be published by Univ. of California Press, 2001); a member of a joint project at the Centre for the History of Freedom, Washington University (results to be published by Stanford Univ. Press, 2001); visiting Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi
• Kienle spent three years as ‘expert en coopération’ at the Centre d’études et de documentation économique, juridique et sociale (CEDEJ) in Cairo, specifically organising the Volkswagen Foundation funded research programme on normative and distributive processes in the Middle East (results to be published by Saqi Press, 2001); a member of a collaborative research project coordinated by IREMAM (Aix-en-Provence) on (non-) transitions to democracy in the Middle East
• Tripp has been working with colleagues from the Ibn Khaldun Centre (Egypt), the New Jordan Centre, the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies and the Institute of Jerusalem Studies in research on the Ford Foundation funded project on ‘Civil Society and Governance’ (results to be published 2002); with the American Association for the Advancement of Science on a project on Middle East Security, resulting in the co-authored volume Powder Keg in the Middle East (1997)

Members of the Department have also been part of international joint research projects:
• Cruise O’Brien has been working with a group of Senegalese scholars in connection with a forthcoming volume Etat et Société au Sénégal
• Heder is research advisor to the non-governmental Documentation Centre of Cambodia (Phnom Penh) and research consultant to the War Crimes Research Office of the Washington College of Law (Washington DC)
• Laffey has been working with a group of British and American scholars (at UCLA, Sussex, Chicago, Aberystwyth, Syracuse) on a volume Democracy, Liberalism and War: rethinking the Democratic Peace debate (Lynne Rienner, forthcoming, 2001).

In addition, several members of the Department have been Visiting Research Fellows at the following institutions: Institute for International Policy Studies, Japan (Connors), Research School of Asian and Pacific Studies, Australian National University (Hopgood), Institute for Popular Democracy in Manila (Sidel), Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin (Taylor)

2. Promoting research nationally and internationally:
Members of the Department have been active in promoting research:
• Deans organised the creation of the British Association of Taiwan Studies
• Hale served as Chair of the subcommittee on Middle East Studies, for the HEFCE RAE 1996 and is presently chair of the standing committee of university teachers of Turkish
• Tripp serves on the Committee of the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) and has been acting as consultant to the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex for the IDS/Ford Foundation ‘Civil Society and Governance’ research project
• Taylor is Vice-President of the British Association for Pakistan Studies
• Kienle served on the programme committee of the quinquennial conference of the International Association of Middle Eastern Studies, Berlin, October 2000

In addition, members of the Department have acted as referees for projects submitted to the Volkswagen Foundation (Kienle, Tripp), the ESRC (Deans, Taylor, Kienle), the Leverhulme Foundation (Tripp), the Israel Science Foundation (Kienle, Tripp)

3. Activities in academic publishing:
Members of the Department have been active in editing books of scholarly research:
• Dean edited the volume Politics and the Ends of Identity (Ashgate, 1997)
• Kienle and Hale edited the volume After the Cold War: security and democracy in Africa and Asia (IB Tauris, 1997)
• Kong co-edited (with D.H.Kim) The Korean Peninsula in Transition (Macmillan, 1997)
• Young is co-editor of a series on Readings on Contemporary Africa

In addition, members of the Department serve on the editorial boards of a number of journals, both disciplinary and regional in orientation:
Global Society (Deans)
Development and Change (Kaviraj)
Annuaire de l’Afrique du Nord (Kienle)
South East Asia Research and Indonesia and the Malay World (Sidel)
South Asia Research, International Journal of Punjab Studies, and the BIISS (Taylor)
Middle Eastern Studies (Hale,Tripp)
Africa (Young)

Members of the Department are also involved in giving advice to university presses and to research publication programmes:
• Kaviraj is a member of the editorial collective of Subaltern Studies (OUP and now University of Minnesota Press);
• Strauss is on the editorial board of the Contemporary China Series at Oxford University Press
• Tripp is the General Editor of the Cambridge Middle East Studies series of monographs published by Cambridge University Press
• Young is on the publications committee of the International African Institute
• Heder is a member of the board of academic advisors for the Documentation Centre of Cambodia

Members of the Department have acted frequently as reviewers
• of manuscripts for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Frank Cass, IB Tauris, Longmans, Macmillans, Curzon Press, Yale University Press, Routledge, Hurst, Columbia University Press
• of articles for Millennium, Middle Eastern Studies, International Journal of Middle East Studies, British Journal of Middle East Studies, Nations and Nationalism, Africa, China Quarterly, Pacific Review, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Third World Quarterly, International Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations

4. Public service:
Given the global extent and the level of expertise in this Department, its members have frequently been called upon to give advice to various public bodies:
• to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry on China in 2000 (Deans) and on Iran in 2000 (Tripp)
• to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to make presentations and to give briefings on numerous occasions during the period in question (Deans, Hale, Kienle, Taylor, Tripp, Young)
• to the US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia and the Pacific in 1998 (Heder)
• Election Observer Delegate for Amnesty International in Cambodia in 1998 and a research expert with the War Crimes Research Office at the Washington College of Law since 1998 (Heder)
• to the Joint Services Combined Staff College (Taylor, Tripp, Young)

Members of the Department have appeared regularly on television and radio programmes in the British and international media, especially on India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka (Taylor), Middle East (Kienle, Tripp), Turkey (Hale), Indonesia/Philippines (Sidel), Kampuchea (Heder), China/Taiwan (Deans), Japan (Connors), Korea (Kong), Central Asia/Caucasus (Zelkina)

In addition, members of this Department have occupied various prominent positions within SOAS during the period under review, related to research and outreach: Pro-Director for Taught Courses (Taylor); Chair of the Centre for Near and Middle East Studies (Tripp until 1996; Kienle from 1999); Chair of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (Tripp); Chair of the Centre for Chinese Studies (Strauss); members of the Scholarships Committee (Taylor, Hale, Strauss).

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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