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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Additional observations (RA6d)
The diversity, intellectual range and research activity of the Department through its staff members and its postgraduate students during the period 1/1996-12/2000 are apparent in the following:

1. PhDs completed by members of staff
Six members of the Department completed PhD dissertations on the following topics:
• Zelkina: on ‘The History of the Naqshabandi Sufi Brotherhood in the North Caucasus:its impact on religious, social and political life of the area in the first half of the 19th century’ (PhD awarded 1996)
• Davé on ‘The Politics of Kazakh Language Revival: national identity and state building’ (PhD awarded 1997)
• Dean on ‘Capitalism and Collective Action: a Marxist account of the erosion of political commitment in liberal capitalist cultures’ (PhD awarded 1998)
• Deans on ‘Japan-Taiwan Relations, 1972-1992: Virtual Diplomacy and the Separation of Politics and Economics’ (PhD awarded 1998)
• Heder on ‘Pol Pot at Bay: People’s War and the breakdown of the 1991 Paris Agreements’ (PhD awarded 1999)
• Laffey on ‘A Critique of the Cultural Turn in Accounts of State Action’ (PhD awarded 1999)

2. PhD theses successfully defended
Using the theoretical frameworks of politics as a discipline to analyse empirical material and to interrogate certain categories of political analysis, the topics range from a study of the politics of language and the emergence of a public sphere in Western India in the nineteenth century, through a study of the instrumental and symbolic uses of elections to sustain authoritarian rule in Egypt, the relationship between democracy and development in Tanzania, the rise of Hindu militancy in India, the comparative study of Korean and Indian development strategies, the utility of elite theory in explaining the emergence of distinct power structures around Arafat in the Palestine National Authority to the nature of political myth and official ideology under the last Shah of Iran.

3. Publications by postgraduate students registered during the period Jan 1996-March 2001
Ansari Iran, Islam and Democracy (London, RIIA, 2000)
Alangari The Struggle for Power in Arabia (Reading, Ithaca Press, 1997)
Dodge (with T.Tell) ‘Peace and the Politics of Water in Jordan’ in J.A.Allan (ed) Water, Peace and the Middle East (London, Tauris Academic Press, 1996)
‘Iraq, Fragile Future’, The World Today, 56/1, January 2000
Hostettler (with Alan Norrie) ‘Odyssey of a Beautiful Soul’ Alethia 3/1, November 2000
Kassem In the Guise of Democracy: governance inEgypt (Reading, Ithaca Press, 1999)
Katju ‘The Early Vishva Hindu Parishad: 1964-83’ Social Scientist, 27/5, May 1998
Kelsall 'Governance, Local Politics and Districtization in Tanzania' African Affairs, 99/397 (2000)
Leenders ‘A Political Economy of Post-War Reconstruction in Lebanon’ Beiruter Blaetter (Beirut, Orient Institut, 1997)
Singh Political Prisoners in India (Delhi, O.U.P., 1998)
Struwe ‘The policy of “critical dialogue”: an analysis of European human rights policy towards Iran 1992-1997’, Durham Middle East Papers 60 (1998), (Durham, CMEIS, 1998)
Williams ‘Good Governance and the Ideology of Transformation’, in W. Hale and E. Kienle (eds) After the Cold War: Security and Democracy in Africa and Asia (London, IB Tauris, 1997)
‘Economic Development and the Limits of Institutionalism’, SAIS Review 28(1) 1998, 1-17
‘Constructing the Economic Space: International Organisations and the Making of Homo OeconomicusMillennium 28(1) 1999, 79-99
‘Aid and Sovereignty: Quasi-States and the International Financial Institutions’ Review of International Studies 26(4) 2000, 557-573

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