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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

lTo help enable each researcher to be individually graded we present the following esteem indicators, that support the claim for international excellence for the following researchers:
Atkinson: Reader; Roy Soc Leverhulme Res Fellow 97-8; Member, Dept Health Com on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Env; E. Board J Quat Sci; Mem Awards Com, Geol Soc Lond; Mem NERC PRESCIENT Comm; Invited Speaker, GeoScience 2000; Grant Income 96-00, £604k.
Barker: Professor; Member of GARDIT ("General Aquifer Research, Development and Investigation Team"); Mem NERC Micro-Macro Comm; Ass Ed Hydrogeology J, Ass Ed J Hydrology; Invited chair Geoscience 2000 symposium “Understanding the micro-to-macro behaviour of rock fluid systems”; NERC/EPSRC Grant Income 96-00, £490k.
Brodholt: Reader; Royal Soc Res Fellow; Ed Board Min Mag; Mem Council Min Soc; Organiser, ESF Meeting, Italy, 99; NERC and Roy Soc Grant Income 96-00, £647k;Co-I on JIF grant.
Downes: Reader; Leverhulme Res Fellow 99-00; Ed Board Lithos; Ed Board Min Mag, Ed Lithos Special Issue "Alkali Magmatism"; Invited Speaker, NATO/Europrobe Workshop, Moscow 97; Invited Plenary Speaker, Europrobe Workshop, Tulcea (Romania) 99.
Guest: Professor; Member, ESA Mars Express and Smart-1 Science Teams, and NASA VEVE Mission Study Team; Member Univ Azores Council Centre Volcanology; Co-organiser EU Ad. Study Course, 98, Univ. Azores; Mem Internat Astron Union Nomenclature Group for Mercury.
Hunt: Professor; Formerly DG Met Office; Created Lord Hunt of Chesterton (00); FRS; Lewis Fry Richardson medalist of EGS; Council Roy Soc; Council Inst Maths; Chair RS/RAEng Natural Disasters Reduction WG; Ed J Flow, Turbulence & Combustion.
Hurford:Reader; Ad Ed J Geol Soc, Chemical Geology; Organiser, 8th Int. Fission Track Workshop, Ghent, 2000; Ad Ed 9th Int. Conf. Fission Track Dating and Thermochronology, Lorne, Australia, (2000); Whitten Memorial Lecturer, 99. See 6b below.
Jones: Chair, ESF "Eurocarb" Network (2000-2002); Pubs Manager Min Soc; Ed Board Min Mag; Invited Speaker, 31st IGC, Brazil, 2000;Organiser, 10th Carbonatite Workshop; Co-I on JIF grant.
Lord: Professor; Chair, BAS Programme Review Group; Corr Member Senckenbergische natur Gesell.; Ed Boards - Paleopelagos, Senckenbergiana lethaea, Stereo-Atlas of Ostracod Shells; Dean of Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty UCL, 94-00; Vice-Head UCL Graduate School.
McArthur: Professor ; Invitited speaker, Soil Science Soc. Am. Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, 00, 31st IGC, Rio, 00, 4th Int. Conf. on Arsenic and Health, San Diego 00; Ed. Board, J. Geol. Soc.; Treasurer, Min Soc., 96-99; Member, Org Comm., Int. Conf. on Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface, Ilkley, 96. Co-I JREI grant £292k.
McGuire:Professor; Chair: Volcanic Studies Group Geol Soc (93-96); Council Geol Soc (97-99); UK National Correspondent IAVCEI 93-96; Sec UK Panel of the IUGG 96-99; Senior Scientist. Montserrat Volcano Obs 96; Ed Board Acta Vulcanologica, Volcano & Seismology; Invited opening speaker: All party Parliamentary Group on the Earth Sci 2000; Res Income 96-00, £710k
Meredith: Professor; Mem of Scientific Comm for 3, EU-funded conferences on "Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics" (98-00); Invited Speaker at ESF conference Acquafredda, Italy 2000, at "High Temperature Rock Fracture Mechanics",Tohoku Univ, Japan 97&98; Mem of Internat Review Panel to evaluate Research Instit for Fracture Technology for Jap Min of Sci, Educ & Culture - 1997; Research Income 96-00, £305k; Co-I on JIF grant.
Pickering: Professor; Advisory Ed The Island Arc; Ed Board J of Geol Soc; Invited speaker EUG 10 Strasbourg 99, AAPG International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 98, CONCORD Conference, Toyko, 97, 13th Australian Geological Convention, 96; Research income since 96: £520k.
Platt: Professor; Member NERC Earth Science PRC; Invited speaker, Penrose Conference on Erosion and Exhumation, Crete, 1996, Conference on Exhumation of High-Pressure Terrains, Rennes 1999, Conference on Eclogites, Kyoto, 2001.
Price: Professor; Member Academia Europaea; Awarded Schlumberger Medal of Min Soc of GB (99); Leverhulme Res Fellow (97-8); Elected Fellow of Min Soc of America (97); Ass Editor JGR-Solid Earth; Ed Board PEPI, and PCM; Sec of the IMA's Comm on the Phys and Chem of Minerals; Mem of NERC ESTB; Plenary Lecturer Toronto IMA (98); Grant Income 96-00, £650k
Rawson: Professor; Council Geol Soc; Chair GS Strat Comm; Chair Subcomm Cret IUG; Voting Member ICS and ISSC of IUG; Invited speaker to the Asociacion Paleo Argentina, Buenos Aires (1996), Organiser 4th Internat Workshop of the Lower Cretaceous, IGCP Project 362,  London September, Session chairman at 5th & 6th International Cretaceous Symp, Freiberg & Vienna.
Ross: Reader; Mem NERC Earth Sci PRC; Fellow Min Soc Am; Ass Ed of the Am Minerl; Council Member Min Soc of GB; Member of Min Society of America’s Awards Committee; Keynote Speaker, EUG10; Invited Speaker, AGU, Fall Meeting 2000; Grant Income 96-00, £370k.
Sammonds: Roy Soc URF;Visiting Prof (by competition), Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo Univ, 1999; Member, Roy Soc Environmental Advisory Network; Invited Speaker, IUTAM Symp, Fairbanks, 2000; Grant Income 96-00, £760k. PI on JIF grant.
Saunders: 35 Invited Lectures; Meteorological Consultant, Risk Management Solutions Ltd and St Paul Reinsurance; Research income 1997-2000: £431k.
Stofan: US Presidential Early Career Award and is Project Scientist for New Millennium Project (NASA/JPL). Member International Astronomical Union Nomenclature Group for Venus.
Thurow: Reader; UK Rep Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Science Steering Panel; Member DFG-OPD Research Grants Committee; Member NERC-OPD Committee; Member, Evaluation Panel, Dynamics of Earth's Environment (E-SSEP) and Liason to Arctic Drilling Program Planning Group; Invited Participant in Legs 167, 169 & 178 of the ODP; NERC Income 96-00,£260k
Vita-Finzi: Professor; Elect Fellow Am Phil Soc; Org Com Geol Soc meeting "Coastal Tectonics", Co-Convenor, Am Phil Soc Symp, USA, 2000; Invited Speaker Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, Rome 1998, National Taiwan Univ, Taiwan 1999, Univ do Noreste, Brazil,1998, Keynote address Int Conf on Land Degradation, Turkey 1996.
White: Professor; Hon Member Soc of Explor Geophys, 1996; EAGE Awards Comm; EAGE-SEG Keynote speaker 1997; EAGE session chair 96-00; Industrial res income since 96: £417k.
Wingham: Professor; CryoSat Lead Investigator (99-); Member (97-00) NERC MSTB; Member (97-00) NERC Earth Observation Experts Group; Independent Member (00-) NERC STB; Member (98-) DTI Earth Observation Programme Board (EOPB); Contributor, IPCC 2000 Climate Change Assessment; Scientific Ed. (00-01) Ann. Glaciology; NERC Income 1996-00 £850K.
l The following mostly younger staff have developing research careers, but already perform research that is nationally or internationlly excellent:
Bown; Sec Subcomm Jurassic Strat IUG; Dep. Ed J Nanno Res;Invited Speaker Geoscience 2000.
Bristow: Member, Com British Sedimentological Res Group; Ed GeolSoc Special Pub 75.
Burgess: Member of EPSRC Peer Review College (00-); Member NERC ICPS Committee.
Invited panellist, UNICEF review meeting "Arsenic in Bangladesh", Dhaka00;Editorial Committee International Association of Hdrogeologists Congress, Cape Town, December 2000.
Connell: Arrived in UK from Australia in 1999 but already PI on 2 EPSRC grants.
Feltham. Just 28, UCL Res Fellowship and has already won NERC funding £150k.
Hudson-Edwards: Appointed new entrant lecturer in 98, already on Council Mineral Soc; Co-Org, British Sedimentological Res Group Workshop, Edinburgh, 1999; Member, Ed Board J of Geochemical Exploration; Investigator on 2 NERC grants.
Kaminski: Member, Com. Foram Group BMicpalSoc; Member, Com. ODP Arctic Drilling Planning Group; Member, Ed. Board J Polish Geol Soc; Member, Ed.Board Micropaleontology; Member, Ed. Board Paleontographica Italiana; Invited Speaker, 1st Polish Micropal Workshop.
Laxon: Member ESA Cryosat Science Team; Member, NERC "Autosub Under Ice" and "Abrupt Climate Change" Committees; Member, WCRP ACSYS OPP Comm; Grant Income 96-00,£300 k
Milsom: In 2000, Invited Keynote speaker, IGCP430 workshop, Covasna, Romania; Charles Univ 'Tectonics' International Summer School, Roztez, Czech Republic; British Geophys Ass meeting, 'Applications of Magnetic Maps', London; PANCARDI/Europrobe Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia; AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco.;UK rep IGCP Project 383;
Platzman: Co-investigator on 2 current NERC grants and see 6b below.
Roberts: Birkbeck College Rosalind Franklin Prize 97; Treasurer, Tectonic Studies Group; Invited Speaker, EU Conference on Fault Populations, Naples 98, and at Special Symposium of IGC, Rio de Janeiro 00; Invited Session Chair, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco 98.
Underwood: Appointed in Sept 2000. Invited talk (98) "Purbeck Biotas and Environments", Pal. Ass.; Invited paper for Pal. Ass. Special Publication "Cretaceous Vertebrates".
Wood: Member, IOP/BCA Physical Crystallography Group Committee; Regular winner of beam-time at CLRC ISIS Neutron Source, worth >£250k in review period.
l The following hold Royal Society or Leverhulme Research Fellowships. We believe that this demonstrates the holders to be at least nationally excellent researchers although relatively young: Alfe (appointed 00) , Bell (Research income £610k), Dunkin (RAS Council Member, Chair of UK Planetary Forum), Sankar (Research income £620k), Vocadlo (Dornboss Prize of SEDI section IUGG, 99, NERC grant holder), Wright (co-organiser NATO ASI, Il Ciocco, 98, NERC grant holder).

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