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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

In 1996–2000 the 11 Category A, A* and C staff returned as research-active published 3 books, 129 refereed articles, and 32 other major articles; gave 10 keynote and 87 invited conference presentations; served on 18 editorial boards and 27 professional committees; and collaborated in obtaining over 40 grants, worth over £1.8 million.
The following staff profiles highlight individual status, interests and evidence of external esteem. Further details of research projects may be found in RA5. Partial details of publications (1997–1999) are online at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Stats/research/publist.html. Research reports (1996–2000) are at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Stats/research/abstracts.html.

Dr R E Chandler (Cat A. Apptd Jun '97). Stat for climate- & weather-related problems. Inv vistng scientist CSIRO Land & Water W Australia. Inv spkr Bernoulli Soc/Int Environmetrics Soc Conf; Int Conf Combinatorics; Int Mtg Stat Climatology; RSS Envir Stat Study Group. Inv lectr Inst Atmos Phys Beijing ’01. Extensive res consultancy (Env Agency, UK Met Office).
Prof A P Dawid (Cat A). Foundns of prob, stat & forecasting; condl independence; Bayesian inf and decision thy; prob expert systems; causal inf; forensic stat. RSS Guy Medal (Silver) ’01. IMS Rietz Lectr ’01. Pres Int Soc Bayesian Analysis, Conf Pres ISBA 2000. Ed, Trustee, Biometrika. Disc paper (causal inference) JASA. Keynote spkr UAI/ICML/COLT (Madison). Inv partcpt/spkr “Neural Networks & Machine Learning” Newton Inst; “Causal Interprn & Identifn Condl Indep Structures” (also organiser), Fields Inst; “Learning in Graph Models”, NATO (Erice); “PES for Genetic Analysis”, HSSS/DINA. 23 other inv presentns. Joint sci orgr Valencia 6 (Bayesian Stat), Jerusalem (Foundns of Inf). Visitors J Mortera (Rome), P Grunwald (Amsterdam), V Didelez (Munich). Stat expert witness/adviser, several criminal cases.
Dr V Didelez (Cat A. Apptd Jan ’01. PhD Dortmund ’00). Graphical modelling; event history data; causal inf. Inv partcpt/spkr “Causal Interprn & Identifn Condl Indep Structures” Fields Inst. Inv spkr Symp & Wshop Causal Inf, Ghent ’01; Int Assoc Gerontology Vancouver ’01. Inv discusst ISI; HSSS Closing Wshop. HSSS-funded visit Munich–UCL to work with Dawid.
Prof V T Farewell (Cat A). Clin trial methodology; assessment of surgical performance; AIDS epidemic modelling; stat inf & methodology. 10 inv presentns incl keynote address Biometrics Soc (Brit Regn). Ass Ed JRSS(B), Stat Consult Ed AIDS, Sect Ed Stat Models Encycl Biostat. MRC Studentship Rev Panel. Systemic Lupus Int Collaborating Clinics Res Group. Extensive appl med collabn.
Prof T Fearn (Cat A). Chemometrics; multivariate analysis; Bayesian inf. Hirschfeld award (near-infrared spectroscopy) ’01. Ass Ed JRSS(C), Biometrika, J Nr Infra-Red Spectrosc. Rev Ed J. Chemometrics. 8 inv presentns incl Gordon Conf Stat in Chemistry. Stat sub-comm R Soc Chem Analytical Meth Comm. Numerous courses for industry (spectroscopy, chemometrics).
Dr R F Galbraith (Cat A). Stat thermochronology; stat graphics. 2 inv presentns incl keynote spkr Fission Track 2000. Business Manager Biometrika. UCL Biol Serv Eth Comm.
Dr H Wilkinson-Herbots (Cat A. 18 mths maternity leave + 19 mths half-time). Stat genetics, forensic inf. R Soc Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship. Inv vis researcher Kath Univ Leuven.
Prof V S Isham (Cat A). Spatio-temporal processes; hydrology; epidemic modelling. Keynote presentns IMA Conf Math Med & Biol (Oxford); Wshop Spatial & Environm Stat (Freiburg); inv lect series Winter Schl Populn Dynamics (Woudschoten); PIMS Thematic Summer Math Biol (Vancouver); Schl Modern Stat Meth Med Res (Trieste). 12 other inv conf presentns. NZ Math Soc Vis Lectr 1996. Organiser EPSRC/RSS Res Wshop Stoch Modelling & Stat Analysis of Epidemics. Series Ed Chapman+Hall/CRC Monographs Stat & Appl Prob. RSS: Vice-Pres, Exec, Council, Pres Nom Comm, Honours Comm. Trustee Biometrika. Bernoulli Soc Comms: Prob & Stat in Phys Sci, Pres Nom. EPSRC Math Coll, Chair EPSRC Managed Prog Stoch Modelling Sci & Techn. Vice-Chair Math Biol Comm Wellcome Trust. Visitors inc D Daley (ANU), D Vere-Jones (Wellington), M Roberts (AgResearch, Wellington), G Yeo (Murdoch). Major joint grants hydrology ~£440K, 5 PDRAs (NERC, MAFF, TSUNAMI); biology ~£320K, 2 PDRAs (EPSRC/BBSRC, NERC).
Dr R Omar (Cat A*. Apptd Sep ’00. Joint with UCL Hosp NHS Trust). Multi-level modelling; repeated measurements; epidemiology. RCGP prize (BMJ breast screening paper). Inv lectr Heidelberg, Bangladesh, Imp Coll, MRC. Extensive lecturing res methodology for health care professionals.
Prof S Senn (Cat A. Joint with Epidem & Pub Health). Drug development; cross-over trials; meta-analysis; bioequivalence; decision thy. 2 RSS read papers. 27 inv presentns incl keynote lectures IIR Conf Bioequiv (London); DIA Biostat Wkshp (Tokyo). Inv address Europ COST B1 programme. Ass Ed Stat in Med, Stat Meth in Med Res, J Epidem & Biostat, Biostatistics, Appl Clin Trials, J Soc Franc Stat. RSS Council, PSI Sci Comm. Numerous encyclopaedia contributions, editorials, letters & pharm industry presentns.

Dr K Skouras (Cat C. Full time to June 2000, incl 18 months leave Greek National Service). Stat forecasting; predictive inf; Bayesian decision thy; financial portfolio management. RSS Research Prize ’01. Inv discusst ISI.

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