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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Joint PI on 12 grants, total ~£1M. Hydrology: NERC £270K with Cox (Oxford), Wheater and Onof (Civil Engineering, Imperial College). TSUNAMI £55K with Chandler and Wheater. MAFF £211K with Wheater. Math Biology: NERC £155K with Hurst (Biology, UCL). EPSRC/BBSRC £42K with Mollison (Heriot-Watt), £129K with Grenfell (Zoology, Cambridge).
Fearn EPSRC £112K with Brown (Kent). DTI £44K with Thompson (Chemistry, Birkbeck). BBSRC £130K with Taylor (Food Science, Nottingham).
Omar North Thames RHA £140K with Morrissey (Biomedical Sciences, King’s College). Garfield Weston Trust £102K with Royston and Taylor (Cardiac Surgery, Imperial College). Bowling-Pfizer £45K with Taylor.
Senn Total ~£1.1M. Wellcome £260K. Amgen £40K. CIBA-Geigy SFR 60K.
Chang. PI Fearn
Clarke (joint with UCL Epidemiology and Public Health). PI Farewell.
R. Bird. PI Isham.
S. J. Cornell (joint with Zoology, Cambridge). PI Isham.
P. Guiblin. PI Isham.
Rosati. Amgen-funded. PI Senn.
M. Vannucci (joint with Kent). PI Fearn.
M. Webberly (joint with UCL Biology). PI Isham.
Z. Yan. PIs Chandler, Isham.

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