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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


1. Awards: Clout FBA 98; D.Lit, London 01; Battarbee DSc London 97; Longley DSc, Bristol 99; Gilbert DLit, London 01; Munton AcSS 00; Warren King Carl XVI Gustaf's Chair in Envir. Sci. Lund Univ 00-01; Lowenthal AAG JB Jackson Book Prize 01; Gandy Fellow, Graham Fdn for Adv Res, 98; Bassin Fellow, Remarque Inst. NYU 99; Saich ESA Res. Fellow, 97-8; Taylor NSERC of Canada Res Fellow 99-00.

2. Contributions to the discipline Munton VP RGS/IBG, 97-99, Chair Conf 99; McDowell Geog, Env.and Earth Sci. Subject Adv. Bd. 00; Kneale, French, Koser RGS-IBG Resch Gps. Burgess & Munton organise AAG session, 99; Dennis AAG session, 98; Gandy IBG session, 97; AAG session, 98; Crang (Co-editor, Ecumene); Dennis (J Urban History, CUP Studies in Historical Geography); Bassin (Geopolitics), Batty (Env and Planning B); Davies, Book ed. Public Understanding of Science; Dwyer Book ed, Gender, Place and Culture; Newslet RGS/IBG Women and Geog St. Gp 97-00; A Jones Sci Adv. Cttee, Economie Rurale; Longley Computers, Environment and Urban Systems; Rev Ed, Env and Planning B; McDowell (Rev. Ed. Antipode, Int. J Urb and Reg Res).

3. Convening interdisciplinary research seminars Bassin/Gandy Landscape aesthetics 99; Battarbee Human impact on lake ecosystems 00; Burgess/Harrison ESRC Envir Decision-making sems 97-98; Davies Lond Public Understanding of Sci Seminar 97, 98; Dennis Metropol Hist, Lond IHR, 93+; Lond Canad Studs Ann Conf 96; AJones EU Project seminars 99-01; PJones Thames Est Forum 00; Holmes Special AGU Meeting, Boston, 99; Mackay EU Adv study courses, 97-98; Maslin AGU, S Francisco, 99; Varley Lat.Am.St.Assn, 97; Geographies of Home 00; Wood EU Knowledge-Intensive Services & Innovation Workshops, Lond, Naples, Lisbon, Amsterdam, 96-97.
4. Senior positions in the management of science and science policy Battarbee St. Cttee, NERC PRESCIENT and Env Diagnostics Progs; Director, PAGES PEP III and LIMPACS progs; Director, HOLIVAR, ESF Life and Env Sci Prog; Burgess ESRC expt witness, HoC Cttee on Energy and Climate Change; Member, EN Soc and Ec Adv Gp; Chair, Bd Trustees, Global Action Plan; Board Member and Chair -97; Landscape Research group; Dennis Sec, Anglo-Canadian Assoc; Chair, London Conf Canadian Studs, since 93; French Member, MAFF/EA Broad-scale Modelling Technical Advisors Group, 00+; Gilbert ESRC advisor, Advanced Course and Res. Scholarships, 00-01; Wellcome Trust, Pop Studs Panel, 98+; Specialist advisor, World Bank, Inter American Development Bank; Harris Chair, Int Policy Adv Cttee, Int. Soc. Photogram and RS; Secretary. ISPRS Commission II; Expt Evaluator, EU 4th FW Prog. 97; Harrison Member MAB UK Urban Forum; Member, London Mayor's Envir. Commission 00; Longley 98-99 Review Panel, ESRC Data Archive 98+; Exprt Advisor, GIS and Remote Sensing, John Wiley & Sons, 99; Member, DTI Foresight Retail and Distribution Panel; Mackay Intnl Sec Baikal International; UK Coordinator, Royal Society BICER Committee; Member, RS Envi, Advisory Network; RS Working Group on Future of SSSIs; McDowell ESRC Masters Course Assessment Panel; CASE Awards Panel, Postgraduate Awards Panel 97-99; Munton Expt Evaluator, EU 4th FW Prog. 97; Chair, Stg Cttee, ESRC 'The Nation's Diet' programme, 92-98; Member Mgemt Cttee, ESRC/BBSRC Link Programme, 'Eating, Food and Health', 98+; Member, Politics, Economics and Geography Research College, ESRC, 97+; Salt Co-ordinator, Eur Migr Info Netwk; Rapporteur, CoE Migration Strategy; Varley Co Member British-Mexican Soc; Int Advisor, Swedish Agency for Res. Coop.

5. Funded invitations to present papers Adams Europe, Canada, USA; Bassin USA, Germany, France, Denmark; Battarbee Stockholm 97, Beijing, Lanzhou 98, Durban, Tokyo Perth, Singapore, Christchurch 99, Innsbruck 00; Burgess Paris 97; Stockholm 98; Trieste 99; Batty frequent; Densham Lyon 98; Redlands, CA 98; Washington DC 99; Cordoba, Denver 00; French USA; Gandy Canada; Gilbert World Bank 99; Berkeley 01; Argentina 99; Brazil 99; S Africa 97, 98; Venice 99; Naples 99-00, Berlin 98; Koser Jordan 99, USA 00, Canada 00, Copenhagen, Neths 01; Harris Japan, S Africa 96, Argentina, Switz 97, France 97, 98, 99, Austria 99, Canberra, Neths 00; Harrison New York 98;Taiwan 98, 00; Longley (frequent); Mackay U Massachusetts 00; Maslin AGU, 97, 98, 99, 00; Lisbon 98, Carcans, Fr 00, IGC, Rio de Janeiro, 00; Rome 00; McDowell Berkeley, Tampere 99, Rutgers, Cork 00; Salt Budapest 98, Tokyo, Perth (WA) 99; Varley Boston, Cambridge, 96, Spain 97 Lesotho, Brazil, Paris, 98, Venice, Mexico, Texas 99, Cairo, Texas, Brazil 00; Warren Sudan 97; Wood Utrecht, Bonn Brussels 97, Karlsruhe Brussels 99.

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