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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Richard Blundell
and Ken Binmore awarded Leverhulme Research Chairs. Richard Blundell, Costas Meghir (with Alan Duncan, Nottingham University) awarded Ragnar Frisch Medal 2000, for the best applied paper published in Econometrica over the past five years, awarded every two years; Orazio Attanasio Elected to the Council of the European Economics Association; Costas Meghir Bodosakis foundation prize in Economics 1997 awarded to "Best Economist of Greek descent" under 40. Elected to the Council of the European Economics Association; Andrew Chesher British Telecom Group Finance Award for Quality (1999); Victoria Chick, Bundesbank Chair, Free University of Berlin, 2000/1; David Pearce OBE (2000); Ken Binmore CBE (2001).
Research Council Recognition
ESRC Research Centre funding for ELSE, CMAFP, CSERGE.
Editorial Positions
Philippe Aghion
Managing Editor Economics of Transition (until 2003); Richard Blundell Co-editor of Econometrica (since 1997); Co-editor Journal of Econometrics (1991-97); Co-editor Contributions to Economic Analysis (1998-); Orazio Attanasio Managing Editor Review of Economic Studies; Assistant editor, Research in Economics; Wendy Carlin Managing Editor Economics of Transition (from 2000); Steve Machin Editor Economic Journal (1998-); Editor, International Journal of Industrial Organisation (1995-97); Costas Meghir Editor Economic Journal (1996-2001); Co-editor of Econometrica (2001-); David Pearce Joint Editor Ecological Economics (to 1998), World Economics (from 1999); Ian Preston Editor, Fiscal Studies (from 1998). Members of the department are on the editorial boards of more than 30 journals. The department has a professionally-managed journals office with a staff of three to provide administrative and secretarial support to staff with editorial responsibilities.
Conference organisation
The following were Programme Committee Chairs for major conferences during the period:
Richard Blundell Econometric Society European Meetings, 1996 and 1997; International Institute of Public Finance 1998 Congress in Cordoba, Argentina on "Public Finance, Employment and Labour Markets"; Andrew Chesher EC2 Conference, Dublin 2000; Econometric Society European Meeting (1999); Philippe Jehiel European Economics Association (1997); Costas Meghir, Econometric Society European Meeting (1997). Study Group organisers: Tilman Borgers (co-organizer ESRC Research Seminars in Game Theory) Andrew Chesher (Econometric Study Group Conference, 1987–99); Stephen Smith (co-organiser, Public Economics Working Group); Andrew Newman (focus session organiser, ESSET 2001, Gerzensee).

Scientific Advisory Panels
Philippe Aghion:
Member of Executive and Supervisory Committee, CERGE (Prague); Richard Blundell: British Household Panel Study Scientific Advisory Panel; National Centre for Longitudinal Studies National Strategy Committee; British Academy Research Committee; European University Institute Research Committee. National Academy of Science Panel. Andrew Chesher: Chair, ESRC Election Studies Steering Group, ESRC ALCD Working Committee, Vice Chair, ESRC Research Resources Board (1997-2000); member, ESRC Time Use Survey Steering Group, ESRC/RES Research Liaison Committee (to 1988); National Food Survey Committee. Steve Machin: ESRC Postgraduate training guidelines committee. David Pearce: Chair UN ECE working group on economics of transboundary air pollution; Academic Panel, DETR. David Ulph: member of the High Level Economists Group advising the European Commission Joint Research Centre – The Institute for Prospective Technology Studies.

Fellowships of Learned Societies
Philippe Aghion
, Richard Blundell, Ken Binmore, Andrew Chesher and Costas Meghir are Fellows of the Econometric Society. Ken Binmore and Richard Blundell are Fellows of the British Academy. Orazio Attanasio is Faculty Research Fellow of the NBER. Philippe Aghion, Orazio Attanasio, Wendy Carlin, Andrew Newman are CEPR Research Fellows. Wendy Carlin is a Research Fellow of the William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan. Stephen Smith is a CESifo Research Fellow, Munich University. Philippe Aghion, Ken Binmore, Richard Blundell, Costas Meghir and Orazio Attanasio are members of the Council of the European Economics Association; Richard Blundell was elected to the Executive Council of the Econometric Society. Andrew Chesher, Ken Binmore are members of the Council of the Royal Economic Society. Victoria Chick, Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences (1998).
Keynote Lectures
Orazio Attanasio
: World Congress of the Econometric Society, Seattle (2000); South American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Lima (1998); Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, Buenos Aires (1998) and Bogotá (1997); European Economic Association, Toulouse (1997). Richard Blundell: Woodward Lectures: University of British Columbia (1997); TOW Lectures: University of Iowa (1998); Hannon Lecture: Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society, ANU (1998); Keynote Lecture: ESEM, Berlin (1998); Hicks Lecture: Oxford University (1999); Econometric Society World Meetings, Seattle (2000): Invited Plenary Address: International Institute of Public Finance, Seville (2000). Tilman Borgers: Discussant of Rubinstein’s 'Churchill Lectures', Cambridge (1996); Lectures on evolutionary game theory at RES Easter School (1997); Discussant of Weibull’s plenary lecture at ESEM, Toulouse (1997); 10 Year Anniversary Symposium of CenTER, Tilburg (1998); Annual Meeting of Germany’s Society for Operations Research, Magdeburg (1999). Victoria Chick: Review of Political Economy Conference, Trier (1997); Conference on The General Theory after 60 years, Brazil (1996). David Pearce: Public lectures, Universities of Perugia, Copenhagen, Cambridge; Leventis Foundation Lecture, Nicosia (1997); VDK Spaarbank Lecture, Ghent (1999).

PhD prizes
Rogerio Andrade, The Dynamics of Conventions (supervisor Victoria Chick) and Naercio Menedes Filho (supervisor John Van Reenen); won prize for the best PhD thesis by a Brazilian student, 1998.
Luigi Pistaferri (supervisor Costas Meghir) was selected for the RES Tour, and appointed to Stanford University. Sonia Pereira (supervisor Steve Machin) won the prize for the best paper at the 1999 International Institute of Public Finance Conference.

Ken Binmore
(8th), David Pearce (14th) and Philippe Aghion (17th) appear in list of 20 most-cited European Economists, Eichenberger et al, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, Vol 1/2 (2000).

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