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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

a Editorship of journals and book series; participation in editorial boards
27 staff participate in editing 44 scholarly journals and specialist book series (as editors or editorial board members). 20 of these items appear in the UK, 24 comprise leading journals and series in 15 other countries (Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, USA). SSEES is also the base of one of the two leading international journals in the field of Russian and East European Studies (Slavonic and East European Review), and of two refereed book series.

b Election to learned societies, involvement in their work and that of research councils
14 staff have been elected to 27 bodies, 12 in UK, 11 abroad (Finland, Germany, Russia, USA). In the UK membership includes service for the ESRC (e.g. Director of East-West programme), MHRA (e.g. as a director, committee), British Academy Overseas Policy Committee, British Academy Research Scholarships Board), South-East European Studies Association (e.g. secretary, treasurer), German History Society (committee), Slavonic and East European Medieval Studies Group (convenor), 18th-century Russian Studies Group (convenor), Chatham House (RIIA) (convenor Post-Soviet Business Forum, F. Skaryna Belarusian Society (trustees, vice-president). 3 staff have been elected fellows of the RIIA and 3 of the Royal Historical Society.

c Membership of relevant national and international committees
12 staff serve as members of 15 national bodies and 10 international bodies in 8 countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Poland, Romania, USA). In the UK staff serve on the executive committees of the University Council of Modern Languages, British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES), governing bodies of the Centre for Defence Studies (London), Warburg, Institute of Historical Research, Britain-Russia Centre, British Association for Central and Eastern Europe. Service abroad includes membership of committees of the American Council of Learned Societies, International Geographical Union’s Commission for New Industrial Spaces, Baltic Historical Commission, Nabokovski Foundation, planning committees of the Quinquennial Congresses for Slavic and East European Studies, and for Finno-Ugric Studies.

d Invited papers at international research conferences, especially keynote papers
34 staff have presented 136 invited papers at 129 international conferences in 18 countries (36 conferences in the UK; 93 abroad). 31 presentations were keynote papers: 4 in the UK (Aberdeen/Hughes, Belfast/Hughes, Durham/Kirby, LSE/Hamilton), 27 abroad (Amsterdam/Carter, Bratislava/Pynsent, Budapest/Abondolo, Bracewell, Hamilton, Rady, Dublin/Hughes, Greifswald/Kirby, Groningen/Hamilton, Helsinki/Branch, Kirby, Kraków/Hamilton, Pilsen/Pynsent, Prague/Carter, Pynsent, Schöpflin, Rome/Abondolo, Stanford/Bracewell, Tartu/Grayson, Thessaloniki/Hamilton, Turku/Kirby, Vienna/Carter), and covered Russian, history, literature and politics, Baltic, Central European and Balkan historical, economic, political and geographical questions, and Hungarian and Finnish Studies.

e Organisation of international conferences
22 staff have organised 46 international research conferences in the UK; 10 staff had lead roles in organising 10 research conferences abroad (Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia). Conference themes included all the SSEES disciplines and regions and were in most cases interdisciplinary. SSEES research conferences have led to the publication of some 30 books and numerous articles over the assessment period.

f Invited lectures at other HEIs or invited international lecture tours
31 staff delivered 73 invited lectures at 28 HEIs in the UK, and 122 lectures at 73 universities in North America, Japan and Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland).

g External funding
In addition to the funding listed in RA4, SSEES receives annually £23K from the Modern Humanities Research Association to support editorial work on the Slavonic and East European Review. In 1996 SSEES received a legacy of £800K to establish a research post in Albanian Studies. The capital yields £45K annually which is spent entirely on research and postgraduate work. In 1997 SSEES received a legacy of £60K (generating £2.5K annually) in support of postdoctoral Slavonic Studies. During the assessment period, income of £50K generated by SSEES-Communicaid (commercial joint venture) has provided research grants to staff and students. SSEES is committed to maintaining these external streams of funding for research.

h Visiting posts
6 staff have spent periods abroad as visiting professors: Bartlett (2 weeks, Potsdam, 1999); Deletant (US Holocaust Museum, Washington DC, 200/01); Friedrich (German History, month, 1998, 2 months, 1999, Göttingen; 2 months, Berlin, 1999); Kirby (Baltic History, year, Åbo Akademi, 1996/97); McMillin (Russian literature, six weeks at Japanese universities, 1996); Pynsent (Czech literature, 2 months, Leipzig, 1997).

i Number of PhD external examiner appointments
18 staff served as external examiners for 34 PhDs, 23 in UK HEIs, 11 abroad (Finland, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Sweden, USA) in the fields of language, literature, history, economics, geography, politics, international relations, environment.

j National and international honours
Hosking is FBA (Service was elected FBA before moving to Oxford, and Davies before his retirement). In recognition of their research 4 staff have received honorary PhDs from institutions in their region of specialisation in recognition of their work during the assessment period (Croatia/Carter, Poland/Davies, Romania/Deletant, Russia/Hosking), 2 staff have received UK civic decorations (Branch/CMG, Deletant/OBE). 1 staff has received a senior Estonian civic decoration (Branch).

k Acting as readers for publishers and journals
29 staff regularly provide reports on academic books and articles for 42 journals and academic publishers in the UK and for 21 publications abroad (France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, USA). Refereeing covers work in all the SSEES disciplines and regions and is commissioned by leading journals and publishers such as Contemporary Politics, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Europe-Asia Studies, Geographical Journal, International Affairs, Journal of Modern History, Nations and Nationalism, Political Studies, Slavonic and East European Review, Slavic Review, Arnold, Blackwalls, CUP, Harwood, Hurst, Macmillan/Palgrave, OUP and Routledge.

l Research-based consultancies, evidence of successful collaboration of users of research
All staff are regularly consulted by the media about developments in politics, economics, social, cultural and language matters in their regions of specialisation. Specialist advice from staff is also regularly sought by public and private institutions and NGOs. Examples are the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (Branch, Smith memoranda for policy discussion), FCO (seminar participation, country briefing for diplomatic staff), British Council, Know-How Fund (Deletant was a member of the policy committee; he and Williams compiled ‘good governance’ reports for Romania and Slovakia respectively), and DFID (Kolankiewicz prepared programmes leading to expenditure of some £7M). Other bodies seeking advice from staff include the Treasury, Prime Minister’s Office (for country briefing), Unilever and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Examples of collaboration abroad include advice and briefings for USAID, European High Commissioner for Minorities (Schöpflin), Soros Foundations, NATO, various EU institutions (especially DGs XII, XVI), World Bank, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (staff have acted on 13 occasions as election monitors in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia), UNCTAD and OECD (Radošević).

m Award of prestigious research fellowships and other honours, prizes and awards
Fellowships: Davidson: British Academy Research Readership (1997/99); Deletant: Levehulme Major Research Fellowship (2000/03); Hosking: Leverhulme Personal Research Professorship (1999/04); McMillin: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (1996); Schöpflin: Jean Monnet Chair in the Politics of European Integration (1998). Prizes: Carter: Edward Heath Prize Geography Prize (1997); Deletant: Romanian Cultural Foundation Prize (1997); Hawkesworth: Heldt Best Translation by a Woman in Slavic Studies Prize (1999); Hughes: Nove Best Book in Slavic Studies Prize (1998); Pynsent: Cyril and Methodius Medal (Slovakia, 1998); Nevermore Award (Czech Republic, 2000); Schöpflin: ‘Pro Minorities’ Medal (Hungary, 1996); Wigzell: Katherine Briggs Folklore Prize Runner-up (1999); Williams: BASEES/Orbis Best First Publication Prize (1998). Other: Branch: elected foreign member of Latvian Academy of Sciences (2000); Carter: elected honorary member of Croatian Geographical Society (2000); Deletant: elected honorary member of Institute of History (Cluj, 1997), ‘N. Jorga’ Institute of History (Bucharest, 1998).

n Assessor for senior academic posts and grants
8 staff have acted as assessors for professorial positions at 15 universities: 5 universities in the UK and 10 abroad (Canada, France, USA). 10 staff regularly act as assessors for research grant applications for 10 bodies: 5 in the UK (AHRB, British Academy, ESRC, Leverhulme, Nuffield) and 6 abroad (Australian government, CEU Budapest, Czech Academy of Sciences, EU Framework V. Soros Foundations, US Science Foundation).

o Republication of SSEES research by publishers abroad in translation at their request and expense
During the assessment period research of 11 staff was republished in translation: Croatian: (Bracewell/ monograph; article); Czech (Pynsent/monograph); Hungarian (Hamilton/chapter. 2 articles); Japanese (Kirby/article); Polish (Kolankiewicz/article); Russian (Bartlett/article; Grayson/2 articles); Slovak (Beasley-Murray/article); Spanish (Rady/2monographs); Swedish: (Hughes/article; Kirby/ monograph). An article by Bracewell was included in the international anthology Bandits of the Sea (New York, 2000).

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