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International Research Collaborations

1. CNRS: (i) Simplicité et poésie; présence et oubli de Philippe Soupault, an international colloquium at the Bibliothèque de France, 1997: Mathews, Worton (ii) An international research group based in Luxembourg involving CNRS/ISCAM and the Université de Paris V, with the participation of scholars from Germany, Italy and Russia as well as Luxembourg, France and the UK (2000-1): Mathews, Worton

2. Onderzoekschool Literatuurwetensschap/Netherlands Graduate School for Literary Studies (OSL): (i) international graduate research seminar, 1998-: UCL/OSL bilateral arrangement, 1998-9; UCL/OSL/University Aarhus trilateral arrangement, 2000-1. Four to five PhD students from the French Department in an international group of 20-25 give papers each year. Guest speakers: Wendy Steiner, David Perkins, Hans Bertens representing OSL, Homi Bhabha, Lavers, Mathews, Worton, members of the English and Dutch departments representing UCL. Set-up arrangements with OSL and arrangements for 1st seminar: Worton; arrangements for seminars 2-4 and general development: Mathews. (ii) Further collaboration is planned between the French department, other UCL departments and the following research groups in OSL: Cultural identity and postcolonial writing; Modernism; Poetry Analysis

3. AHRB-funded Centre for the Studies of Literatures of Africa and Asia, SOAS/UCL: Management Committee: Worton. Advisory Board: Mathews. Research group co-leaders: Haddour, The City as Metaphor of the Modern in the Literature of Asia and Africa; Paizis, The Social Context of Literary Production and Consumption; Worton, Gender Studies in Cross-Cultural Contexts. Presenting papers: Agar, Harrison, Mathews

4. AHRB Large Research Grant

Real men and others: towards new masculinities. An analysis of contemporary theories and representations of the masculine. A collaboration with Judith Still, Department of French Studies, University of Nottingham: Worton

Chapters in the following collective volumes (a selection, excluding output listed in RA2)
Censorship: An International Encyclopedia, London, 2000; Leak The Holocaust and the Text. Speaking the Unspeakable, ed. Andrew Leak and George Paizis, Macmillan (London), 1999; Marlière Cent ans de socialisme septentrional, ed. B. Ménager et. al., Centre d’Histoire de la Région du Nord et de l’Europe du Nord-Ouest (Lille), 1995; Voices of France, ed. Máire Cross and Sheila Perry, Pinter (London), 1997; Reading Bourdieu on Society and Culture, ed. B. Fowler, Blackwell (Oxford), 2000; Communication and Society in the new Millenium, ed. S. Papthanassopoulos, Kastaniotis (Athens), 2000; Mathews The Violent Muse, ed. Rod Mengham and Jana Howlett, MUP (Manchester), 1994; Literature and the Visual Arts in Nineteenth-Century France, ed. Peter Collier and Robert Lethbridge, YUP (London and Yale), 1994; Reconceptions: Reading Modern French Poetry, ed. Russell King and Bernard McGuirk, University of Nottingham Monographs in the Humanities (Nottingham), 1995; Matlock Lanternes magiques, tableaux transparents, ed. Ségolène Le Men, Réunion des musées nationaux (Paris), 1995; The Cultural Institutions of the Novel, ed. Deirdre Lynch, William B. Warner, Duke University Press (Chapel Hill), 1996; Field Work: Sites in Literary and Cultural Studies, ed. Marjorie Garber, Paul Franklin, Rebecca L.Walkowitz, Routledge Press (New York), 1996; Repression and Expression: Literary and Social Coding in Nineteenth-century France, ed. Carrol F. Coates, Peter Lang (New York), 1996; À La Recherche du 19e siècle: langues du 19e siècle, ed. Graham Falconer, Andrew Oliver, Dorothy Speirs, University of Toronto Press (Toronto), 1998; Mercer Instead of Full Stops, ed. Susan Sellars, Women’s Press (London), 1996; Blackwell’s Companion to Art Theory, Blackwell (Oxford), 2000; Poésie et poétique en France 1830-1890. Mélanges littéraires en l’honneur d’Eileen Souffrin Le Breton, ed. Peter Edwards, Honoré Champion (Paris), 2000; Paizis Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture, ed. Alex Hughes and Keith Reader, Routledge (London), 1998; Worton Il senso del nonsense: Scritti in memoria di Lynn Salkin Sbiroli, ed. Monique Streiff-Moretti, Mireile Revol Cappeletti and Odile Martinez, Edizione Scientifiche Italiane (Naples), 1995; Text into Image: Image into Text, ed. Jeff Morrison and Florian Krobb, Rodopi (Amsterdam), 1997; Le Corps textuel de Hervé Guibert, ed. Ralph Sarkonak, Lettres Modernes: Collection L’Icosathèque 20e (Paris), 1997; La Nouvelle hier et aujourd’hui, ed. Johnnie Gratton and Jean-Philippe Imbert, L’Harmattan (Paris, 1997); Framse Literatur na 1945, deel 1: Figuren uit de Canon, ed. Jan Baetens and Konrad Geldof, Peeters, (Leuven), 1998

Articles in the following national/international refereed journals (a selection, excluding output listed in RA2)

A Calder Seventeenth-Century French Studies, 17, 1995; Gilbert Exemplaria, 9:1, 1997; Harrison Romance Studies, 25, 1995 (special issue, Confronting the Censor); Leak Sartre Studies International, 1:1-2, 1995; Marlière Esprit, 201, 1994; Cahiers du Centre de Recherches Administratives, Politiques et Sociales (CNRS), 19, 1994; La Revue Politique, 6, 1995 (Belgium); Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, 4, 1996; Bulletin du Centre Guy Mollet, 31, 1998; Les Temps Modernes, 601, 1998; 605, 1999; Témoin, 20, 2000; Variations, 2: 2000; Mathews Paragraph, 19:3, 1996 (special issue, Painting and Narrative); Matlock Grand Street, 53, 1995; Yale Journal of Criticism, 9:2, 1996; Art Journal, 55:2, 1996; Mercer New Comparison, 17, 1994; Paizis Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, 3: 1995; Worton Revue des Sciences Humaines, 232, 1994; Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée, 21: 1-2, 1994 (special issue, Reading Signs/Lecture de Signes); 22:2, 1995 (special issue, Review of Scholarship – Ross Chambers); L’Esprit Créateur, 37: 3, Fall 1997 (special issue, The Politics and Aesthetics of Contamination of Purity/La Politique et l’esthétique de contamination et de pureté); Nottingham French Studies, 37:1, 1998 (special issue, French Erotic Fiction: Ideologies of Desire); Forum for Modern Language Studies, 34:3, 1998; L’Ecole des Lettres 89e année, 14, 1998 (special issue, Le Génie du Lecteur); Mattoid: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies, 52-53, 1998; Œuvres et Critiques, 33:3, 1998 (special issue, Michel Tournier)

Review articles

Agar: Modern and Contemporary France, 7:2, 2000; Gilbert: Revue des langues romanes, 98, 1994; Mathews: Poetics Today, 17:2, 1996; Matlock: Art Bulletin, December 1994; Mosaic, 30:1, 1997; Worton: Translation and Literature, 8:1, 1999
Video output
Posséder et détruire: stratégies sexuelles dans l’art d’occident. Co-authored and associate directed, accompanying the exhibition of the same title, the Louvre, October 2000; Le film 100 têtes, co-authored and associate directed, shown continuously at Julia Kristeva’s exhibition Visions capitales, the Louvre, ‘Parti pris’ series, 1998; The Choiseul-Praslin Murder of 1847 Written, directed, edited. On the archive material relating to that event. Screened at the Conference of the Society Architectural Historians, Los Angeles, 1998; at the Université de Paris 7, 1998

Exhibitions, international conferences, symposia organised
Organising team, The Millennial Border: New Novel 1950-2050, University of Aberdeen; Haddour City Limits, University of Staffordshire, 1996: exhibition and conference; Leak Speaking the Unspeakable: Representing the Holocaust, with Paizis, UCL/Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1997; Sartre: Intellectual of the Twentieth Century, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, 1999; 7th Conference of the UK Society for Sartrean Studies, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, 2000; Marlière Pierre Bourdieu: interdisciplinary critical perspectives, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1995; Citizenship/Laïcité: Anglo-French perspectives on toleration and rights, co-organised at the Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1996; Mathews Painting as Narrative, Worton, Institute of Romance Studies, 1995; Paul Éluard, Poésie ininterrompue, with Worton, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1995; André Breton, a re-evaluation marking the centenary of his birth, with Worton, Institute of Romance Studies, 1996; The Ethics of Text, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1997; Time and the Image, co-organised at the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, The Tate Gallery and UCL, 1998; Imaging the Word, with Matlock, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1999; OSL/UCL, international graduate seminar, UCL, 1999 (Papers given on all occasions except André Breton); Matlock Co-curator, Lanternes magiques, tableaux transparents, Musée d’Orsay, 1995; Paizis Class and Gender in Popular Culture, Institute of Romance Studies/Centre for English Studies, London, 1994; Romance in the Global Village: Translating Love Cross-Culturally, Institute of Romance Studies/Centre for English Studies, London, 1995; Worton The (re)structuring of masculinity, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1996; Speaking the Language of Men, Institute of Romance Studies, London, 1998

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