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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Externally funded invitations to speak at prestigious conferences and symposia:
Bindman -
Helsinki, Prague 2000; Davies - London '97, Prado '99, Nicosia, Cyprus '97, Bilbao '99, N.G., Athens '99; Dethloff – London N.G. ’97, Royal Academy ’99 (Getty funded); Fer - Vancouver '99, Berkeley, CAA Boston '96; Garb - Boston '96, Sydney '96, Washington '98, Berlin '99,Chicago '99; Gretton - Art Institute Chicago '96, Mexico '96; and Dartmouth New Hampshire '98; Hemingway - Warsaw '96, Washington Univ. of St Louis '97, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia '97, Northwestern Chicago '97, 2000, Chicago 2000; Koerner - Davidson College '96, Courtauld Institute '96, Cambridge Univ. '96, Oxford Univ. '96, Leiden Institute for Advanced Study '97, Univ. of Vienna '97, Univ. of Frankfurt '97 & '99, Columbia Univ. '98, Swathmore College '98, Centre Pompidou '98, Stanford Univ. '98, Ashmolean Museum '98, Harvard '99, Burke lecture Indiana Univ. '99, Univ. of Munich '99, Brieger lecture Univ. of Toronto '99, Univ. of Texas at Austin '99, Brit. Acad., Brit. Mus., 2000; Schwartz - keynote address Berlin '97, opening address Karl-Ernst Ostmans Museum '97; Weston - Paris Louvre '97, Dartmouth, New Hampshire ‘98, Suny Purchase New York ‘98; Wilson - Zagreb 2000; Wright - N.G. Washington; Chambers - Portugal ‘99.
Academic Visitors to the Department: Tomas Harris lecturers, usually young scholars from abroad (see RA5a). Other eminent visitors include, from the USA - Hal Foster, Yves-Alain Bois, Michael Fried, Ann Wagner, Carol Duncan, Michael Denning, Anthony Lee, Robert Lindsley, Paul Jaskot, Carol Ockman, Hollis Clayson, Joseph Connors, O.K. Werkmeister; from Moscow - Tatiana Nikolaeva, Georgy Gachev, Inessa Svirida, Oleg Tarasov, Mikhail Allenov; as guest curators at the Strang - Stephen Bann - After Delaroche, '98, David Alexander Affecting Moments 2000.
Appointments to learned advisory bodies and editorial boards: A very significant number of members of the Department have been, or still are, on the editorial boards of The Oxford Art Journal - Garb, Hemingway, Schwartz (also Reviews Editor) and Simon Baker (Editorial Assistant), and Art History - Fer, Hills, Koerner (International Advisory Board), Weston. The following have also been appointed - Bindman - Scholar in Residence, Wellcome Institute; Ed. Board of Burlington Magazine, Print Quarterly: Publications Committee - Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art; General Ed. - Blake's Illuminated Books, for William Blake Trust/Tate Gallery, 6 vols, 1991-95, pbk 98, 1-vol. ed. (T.&H.) 2000; Ed. with P Wagner, (Landau Univ.) & F.Ogee (Paris-VII) of Hogarth: Representing Nature's Machines ( MUP), 2001; Hemingway - Adv. Ed. Kunst und Politik: Jahrbuch der Guernica-Gesellschaft; Koerner - Assoc. Ed. RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics; Guest Ed. for Special Vol. on 'Factura', RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 2000; Adv. Ed. Reaktion Books Ltd.; Adv. Ed. Word and Image, Arachne: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Languages and Literature, Series Founder and Ed., Topographics, Reaktion Books.
Awards and other signs of esteem to individuals: Bindman - awarded in ‘96 Mitchell prize for best history of art book in English (£15,000 shared with Malcolm Baker) and Historians of British Art Group of CAA, USA, annual prize for best book on British art of the year, for Roubiliac and the 18th century monument, '95. Invited to give The Walpole Lecture, Lewis Walpole Library, Yale Univ. '96. Research Consultant to St Andrews and Aberdeen Univs; Glanville - Silver medal awarded by the town of Agen, for discovery and restoration of Tintoretto painting; Hemingway -Visiting Professor, Northwestern Univ., 2000; Koerner - External Reviewer for Northwestern Research Programmes, '98; Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Invited as Slade Professor, Cambridge Univ. 2002-3; Polansky Visiting Lectureship in History of Ideas, the Hebrew Univ. of Jersusalem, 2001.

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