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RA5a: Structure,environment and staffing policy

The Institute of Germanic Studies (founded in 1950) is a member-institute of the University of London School of Advanced Study (established in 1994) and partakes of their common identity as independent national and international centres of excellence in their respective disciplines and fields, open without discrimination to researchers from all academic institutions, outside as well as within the University of London, and functioning principally for the benefit of those researchers and their institutions. Research Assessment returns of the member-institutes of the School should be read in the light of this primary role of promotion and facilitation of research by persons not on their own staff.
The permanent academic staff of the Institute consists solely of the Director, Professor R. Görner, who was appointed w.e.f. January 1999 on a part-time basis, and the Deputy Director, Professor J.L. Flood. The appointment of unpaid research fellows in Exile Studies, Reception Studies, Nation and Cultural Identity, and German Cabaret has strengthened the Institute’s research culture further. In addition, a new Sylvia Naish Fellowship has been created. The Institute also benefits from a Research Assistant to the Director, paid for by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.
Part of the staffing policy is to secure funding for turning the part-time Directorship into a full-time appointment and to create one or two new posts at junior level in connection with the proposed foundation of a Centre for the Reception of Austrian, German and Swiss literature.
Following the HEFCE Review of the School, the Council has accepted that, for this and other reasons, the RAE is unlikely to reflect adequately the research contribution of the Institute, but nevertheless has invited it to submit to the current exercise pending the introduction of other, more appropriate, peer review arrangements.

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