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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

The University of Sheffield has quickly evolved into one of the UK's foremost centres for community-based clinical research especially in HSR, and as exemplified below its research staff are increasingly being recognised for their contributions.

Akehurst Member NICE Appraisal Committee; Formerly Specialist Advisor to House of Commons Health Select Committee; Chair, Trent Working Group on Acute Purchasing; Founding Chair, InterDEC now InterTASC; Founding Chair, Evidence-based Commissioning Group (Trent & Northern &Yorkshire Regions of NHS); Editorial Board Member Journal of Medical Economics.
Booth Member of Advisory Boards: ARIF, Centre for Health Information Quality, and EPI-Centre, Institute of Education, London; Invited address, ISTAHC, Edinburgh (1998) and LIANZA Conference, New Zealand (2000); Editorial Board member Journal of Clinical Excellence, Evidence Based Healthcare, Health Information Libraries Journal.
Brazier Member NICE Appraisal Committee, NHS HTA Commissioning Board, MRC Advisory Board, NHS HTA Primary and Community Care Panel (1998-2000) and Trent HSR Board (1994-98); Chair Scientific Committee of the International Society for Quality of Life conference, Barcelona (1999); Invited speaker Outcomes Collaboration Conference, Canberra, Australia, 1997.
Campbell Member MRC Advisory Board, MRC HSR Fellowships panel, DoH Primary Care Awards Committee, NICE Appraisal Committee; Chairman, Royal Statistical Society Examinations Board; Chairman International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Education sub-committee; Invited speaker: International Conference on Teaching Statistics 5, Singapore, (1998), School of Modern Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Trieste (1999), Drug Information Association Conference on Statistics, Barcelona (2000); Adviser to the BRI Enquiry (1999).
Clancy Chair Research Committee Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine; Member Acute Panel HTA R&D programme; Alison Gourdie Memorial Prize (1996).
Crane Leverhulme Special Research Fellow (October 2000); Designed and managing the first international comparative study of older homeless people in England, Australia, and the USA.
Dolan Visiting Professor in Health Economics, University of Oslo; Chair of the Student Prize Competition for the Third World Congress in Health Economics; External reviewer for the Health Economics Research Unit, Aberdeen; Invited talk at WHO meeting on summary measures of population health, Marrakesh 1999; Associate editor Risk Decision and Policy.
Fox External Advisor University of South Australia Centre for Research in Nursing and Health Care; Invited addresses: Instituto Superiore de Ciencias da Saude-Sul, Lisbon, Portugal, University of East Anglia Research Methodology Conference, King’s Fund seminar; Shortlisted for Communique award in writing excellence; Grant referee: ESRC.
Gariballa Organiser British Geriatric Soc. national conference on Nutrition, Disease, and Ageing (Warwick 2000); Author British Geriatric Society National Guidelines on Nutritional Supplements for Elderly Patients (2001).
Gott Invited to give keynote lecture at the British Geriatric Society’s Spring Meeting (2002); Consultant to the National Sexual Health Strategy; Referee for Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Goyder Gave the Bradford Hill Seminar, Dept of Community Medicine, University of Cambridge; Prize for best paper presented at British Association of Emergency Medicine Conference 1997; Member of Expert Reference Group for NHS HTA review on false negative results in screening.
Hall President, Royal College of Paediatrics (2000-2003); Member National Task Force for children; Chair Children’s sub-group of the National Screening Committee; Author Health for All Children, the national guide to preventive child care programmes; Invited lecturer at conferences worldwide.
Howe Chair of Research Group, Royal College of General Practitioners (2000-2003); HEFCE Specialist Subject Reviewer for Medicine (1998-2000); Elected member of the National Executive of the Association of University Departments of General Practice (1997-2001); Elected member of National Council of Association for Study of Medical Education; Marshall Marinker/MSD Foundation Certificate of Merit (1999); Eric Gambrill Memorial Scholarship (2000).
Hutchinson Chair, CMO Working Group on the Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (1999-2001); Director, Royal College of General Practitioners Effective Clinical Practice Programme (1996-2000); Chair, Northern and Yorkshire R&D HSR Commissioning Group; Invited keynote speaker Australian Outcomes Collaboration Conference, Canberra, (1998), and ISOQUOL Conference, Barcelona (1999); Member, MRC Advisory Board and Fellowship Review panels; Member, NICE Guidelines Advisory Group (1999- )
Jolly Member GMC Working Party on Research on Performance Procedures for Poorly Performing Doctors, and of the GMC’s Technical Research Group, Revalidation Working Party; Deputy Editor Journal of Medical Education, and Member of Editorial Board Teaching and Learning in Medicine.
Machin Consultant to the WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, Geneva, Switzerland; Consultant National Cancer Centre, Singapore; Invited speaker New Zealand Society of Oncology, Wellington, New Zealand 1999; Editor Statistics in Medicine and member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Cancer.
Maheswaran Invited address, HES Conference London 1997, and Hypertension Society, London 1999. Convenor 1st European Conference on GIS, September 2001.
Mathers Gave the Fulton lecture to the RCGP, and invited keynote addresses to the Italian National Academy of Family Physicians, and ASEAN Primary Health Care Conference; Chair Trent Focus, and member Trent HSR Fellowships Committee and Trent R&D Advisory Council.
McCabe Invited member ISPOR scientific panel in cost effectiveness modelling; Invited member of two global expert panels for Pfizer Limited; Organiser of International Consensus Conference on cost effectiveness modelling; Member Trent R&D HSR Commissioning Group.
McKee Visiting researcher at the Dalarna Research Institute, Falun, Sweden; Consultant to the British Psychological Society on Health Issues in the Elderly; Invited speaker at European Science Foundation, Hirschorn, Germany (1999); Editorial Board Social Psychological Review.
Morrell Invited speaker Institute of Health Sciences, University of Oxford (2000); Invited speaker Research and Development Conference, Department of Health, London (1996).
Munro Council member of the UK Public Health Association; Public health adviser to the Centre for Innovation in Primary Care; Co-author of The Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook (published in English, Japanese & Italian editions); Member of the National Audit Office external advisory group for reviewing NHS Direct; Editor Health Matters (1988- )
Nicholl Gave the CJ Shanaberger Memorial Lecture to the National Association of EMS Physicians of America (1999), the Maurice Ellis Lecture to the British Association of Emergency Medicine (1998), and the keynote address to the European Emergency Medicine Society, Brussels (1997). Chair Society for Social Medicine (2000); Deputy Chair HTA commissioning group; Member MRC Advisory Board, National Public Health Awards commissioning group, European Transport Safety Commission’s working party on post-impact care, the International Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society’s working group on trauma reporting, Scientific Advisory Panel of the Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital; Editorial Board Trauma.
Papadakis Referee for Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Biophysical Journal and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Parker Visiting Professor – Palmerston, New Zealand (2000); Secretary, British Geriatrics Society HSR Special Interest Group; Examiner: Diploma in Geriatric Medicine of Royal College of Physicians.
Parry Invited keynote talk at the NHS Executive South East Regions ‘Modernising neonatal intensive care’ meeting (2000); Referee British Medical Journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood, and Journal of Health Services Research and Policy.
Payne Elected National Committee Member, Society for Social Medicine, and representative on the European Public Health Association (EUPHA); Member of the Academic Subgroup on the CMO’s Strengthening the Public Health Function Project; Member of the Advisory Board, York Health Economics Consortium; Member of the Royal College of Physicians’ (Edinburgh) Consensus Panel on Lipid Lowering; Member of the HTA Programme Methodology Project; Invited speaker International Conference on Cardiology, Turin (2000); Elected member of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine;
Peters Invited member: RCGP Health Outcomes Indicators for Asthma (1998); Pulmonary Hypertension Treatment (2000); Sheffield Health Authority inhalers (2000); Invited Addresses: Society for the Study of Human Biology (1997); British Diabetic Association annual conference (2000); Committee member, hon sec, Society for the Study of Human Biology (1997- ); Reviewer for American Journal of Managed Care, and Journal of Biosocial Science (1997- ).
Philp National Director for Older People’s Services, England (2000-2003); Advisor on Quality in Health Care for older people, WHO, Regional Office for Europe (1994- ); Founding Chair of British Geriatrics Society, Special Interest Group for Health Services Research (1999-2000); Community Trust Visiting Professor, Canterbury, New Zealand (2000); Series Editor, Supportive Evidence for the National Service Framework, British Medical Journal; Member, Editorial Board, Ageing and Mental Health (2000- );
Pickin Invited lectures at SDO programme launch, London (2000) and Edinburgh Consensus Conference on lipid lowering, Edinburgh (1999); Member of SMAC CHD sub-committee (1997).
Shackley Invited address International Conference on Down’s Syndrome Screening Policy, Athens, (1997); Invited address on Economic Evaluation at the Operational Research Society Conference, London, (1996).

Spence Royal College of Psychiatrists Research Prize and Medal (1997); Royal Society of Medicine Essay Prize in Psychiatry (1997); DeWitt-Wallace Visiting Research Fellowship to Cornell Medical Centre, New York (1999); Invited lectures: American Psychiatric Association, New Orleans, Summer 2001 and World Psychiatric Association, London, Summer 2001. Reviews editor Cognitive Neuropsychiatry.
Thomas Member National Lottery Charities Board Research Grants Commissioning Group; associate member HTA programme commissioning board; member NHS R&D primary/secondary care interface commissioning group (1996-1998); Visiting scholar Centre for Health Research, Portland, Oregon (2001); Invited member of HRH Prince of Wales’ working group on Integrated Medicine; Former committee member SSM; editorial Board Complementary Therapies in Medicine.
Tsuchiya Invited presentation at WHO conference on Summary Measures of Population Health, Marrakech, (1999); Poster Prize Committee, 3rd International Health Economics Association meeting, (2001), York; refereeing for Journal of Health Economics and Health Economics.
Walters Trent Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee (1997- ); Examiner for the Royal Statistical Society Graduate Diploma (1998- ); Referee for the Journal of Public Health Medicine, Quality of Life Research, Statistics in Medicine and Pharmacoeconomics.
Warnes Chair British Society of Gerontology (1994-2000); Led UK bid to host International Association of Gerontology World Congress (1997); Invited papers to meetings of inter alia Royal College of Physicians, International Scientific Union (Geographical Sciences) Madrid, Canadian Association of Gerontology, and Nihon University, Tokyo; Academician, Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences (2000).
Woodruff Special Advisor on psychiatry services to Royal Medical Services, Jordan; Plenary and invited speaker at International Conference on Schizophrenia Research, World Congress Biological Psychiatry; Scientific Advisory Board International Society Human Brain Mapping, Specialised Services Commissioning Group; Editorial Board Behavioural Neurology.
Young President, Tissue Viability Society; Member, Stroke Association R&D Committee; Founding Treasurer, British Geriatrics Society HSR Special Interest Group; Care Assessment Task Group, External Reference Group, NSF Older People.
Zheng 2 papers at Society for Neuroscience Meeting, November 2000, New Orleans, USA, and 1 at EPSRC Image Processing and Machine Vision Forum, April 2000.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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