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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

UoA3 staff have given over 250 plenary and invited lectures at international and national meetings during this period. Selected markers of esteem include:- Brown- Assessor, Australian Academy of Science; Advisor, Japanese Ministry of Science and Culture; Assessor, South African Foundation for Science; Chairman, International Committee on Second Messengers and Phosphoproteins; Chairman, International Advisory Board for the International Conferences on Cellular Signalling. Cannings- Advisor to INSERM, France; Scientific Advisory Board, Miriad Genetics (Salt Lake City, USA). Coleman- National Committee member, UKCCCR Breast Group. Editor, Cancer Treatment Reviews. Cooke- Chairman, British Fertility Society, Simpson Oration, Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; DOH, Director of CJD Centre dealing with Gonadotrophin. Co-ordinator, EU Erasmus project. Crossman- Member Royal College of Physicians Cardiology Speciality Advisory Board; Member British Heart Foundation Grants Committee. Dockrell- Barnett-Christie award, British Infection Society. Duff- President, International Cytokine Society (USA), (first European); Council member, European Cytokine Society; Medal of the Swedish Society of Medicine; Monitor of Clinical Trials in malaria, WHO; Scientific Advisory Boards of Deutcherheumaforschungs Institut, Berlin and Molecular Medicine Centre, Dublin (TCD & UCD); Invited speaker at American Thoracic Society and American Nephrology Society; RSM Visiting Professor Yale University and National Cancer Institute, USA; Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences; Member, Committee on Safety of Medicines (DOH) and Chair of CSM Biological Sub-Committee, the vCJD and Blood Products Expert Group, and the vCJD and Vaccines Expert Group; Member Health and Life Sciences Foresight Panel, DTI; Chair, Foresight International Health Group; Member Foresight Healthcare Genomic Medicine Group; Member, Advisory Board MRC; Wellcome Trust Clinical Panel; Research Committees of Arthritis Research Campaign, DEBRA, and Guide Dogs for the Blind; Founding Editor, Cytokine; Founding Editor, GeneScreen. Dower- Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry; Member, Scientific Committee, Oliver Bird Fund of the Nuffield Foundation; Scientific Advisory Board, Interleukin Genetics Inc, Boston. Eastell- Council, American Society for Bone and Mineral Research(first European); Visiting Professor, Mayo Clinic, USA; Corrigan Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland; Invited review New England Journal of Medicine (Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporesis); Board of Trustees, International Society for Clinical Densitometry (first European) Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences; Hospital Doctor of the Year (1997), Osteoporosis Category; MRC Clinical Trials steering committee (RECORD study); Secretary Bone and Tooth Society. Hamdy- Member Scientific Committee European Association of Urology; Director of Education, Council British Association of Urological Surgeons; Member, UK Co-ordinating Committee on Cancer Research. Hancock-European Representative, Council of the International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Disease. Chair, MRC Renal Cancer Planning Group; Chair UKCCCR Melanoma and Renal Cancer Sub-Committees; National Trial Co-ordinator Advanced Hodgkins Disease Study; Chair, Association of Professors of Oncology. Heller- MRC PMIB Board Member. Editor in Chief, Diabetic Medicine. Hellewell- British Heart Foundation Grants Committee, Intensive Care Society Research Committee. Higgenbottam- UK delegate, European Respiratory Society. Chair, Pulmonary Circulation Working Group, European Society of Cardiology. Jackson- Executive Editor, British Journal of Pharmacology; Vice Chair, Management Committee, Subscribers Journal. Johnson- Zachary Cope Memorial Lecture, Royal College of Surgeons; MRC Advisory Board Member and Trials Chair; Chair, Medical Advisory Committee to the Secretary of State for Health; Chair, Working Group on Ethical Guidelines, Senate of Surgeons. Kanis- Scientific Advisory Board, Pagets Disease Foundation, USA; Trustee, International Osteoporosis Foundation; Trustee, Health Council on Osteoporosis ; Bone (European Editor). Ledger- founder member of Network of Academic Reproductive Medicine Units, international group based in Adelaide; Scientific Advisory Committee, Wellbeing Grant Awards Committee, and Clinical Guidelines Committee, Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Scientific Editor, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. MacNeil- Secretary, European Society for pigment cell research; BBSRC Engineering and Biological Science Review Panel. Makris- Race and Sanger Award, British Blood Transfusion Society. McCloskey- Chair, Osteoporosis (National Charity); Member Royal College of Pathologists Working Group on Clinical Guidelines for Osteoporosis. Paley- Design Council Millennium Product Status for MRI System, Displayed in Millennium Dome. Peake- Co-Director, WHO Collaborative Centre for Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders; WHO Expert Advisory Panel in Human Genetics; President elect, International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis(ISTH); Investigator Recognition Award ISTH; Chair, Scientific and Standardisation Committee ISTH; External Assessor, Netherlands Academy of Medical Science; Scientific Programme organiser, World Federation of Haemophilia Congress, Dublin 1996; Convenor, DOH Assessors Panel for Clinical Scientists in Haematology; Member, Royal College of Pathologists Standing Committee on Clinical Science; Chair, British Society of Haematology Clinical Science Sub-Committee; Member, Clinical Scientists Board of CPSM; Chair British Journal of Haematology Management Committee, Editorial Board and Research Trust; Trustee, British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis. Editor, British Journal of Haematology; Founding Editor, GeneScreen. Powers- Editor, Nutrition Research Reviews. Qwarnstrom- active funding from NIH, honorary faculty member, University of Washington, Seattle. Ramsey- President, British Hypertension Society; Director , BHS Information Service; Consultant Advisor to Chief Medical Officer on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Member and Chair of 3 MCA Sub-Committees; Member BHF Chairs and Programme Grants Committee; Honorary Consultant to the Army. Read- Chair, Scientific Committee, Federation of Infection Societies; Chair, Scientific Committee European Congress of Clinical Microbiology (2002). Rennie- Ashton Lecture, Royal College of Opthamologists; Editor of Eye; Council Member and Vice-President, Royal College of Opthamologists. Reynolds- Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, symposium organiser and invited speaker; MRC Advisory Board; Pfizer, Schizophrenia
Advisory Board; NIH collaborative grant with San Diego; Academic Advisory Board, Nanjing Brain Hospital; Chairman, Medical Advisory Board, Huntington's Disease Association; British Association for Psychopharmacolgy council member and representative on UK Life Sciences Committee. Ross- Society for Endocrinology Council Member & Clinical Subcommittee, Lilly HYPOCCS International Advisory Boarrd, Editor of The Endocrinologist. Sayers- Member Exec Committee, Biochemical Society; Secretary, International Conference on Nucleic Acids (NACON), and scientific programme committee. Shaw- ‘Sheila Essey Award’ of the American Academy of Neurology (first European); Secretary to the European ALS/MND Consortium; Member World Federation of Neurology Working Group on MND, Li Po Shan/Dr Vincent Lecture, Hong Kong Neurological Society; Member European Neurological Society Scientific Committee on Motor Neurone Disease; Director of Care and Research Centre, Motor Neurone Disease Association; Member of the Exec Committee of the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland; Member of the Motor Neurone Disease Research Advisory Panel; Expert Advisory Board, Committee on Safety of Medicines; Member Association of British Neurologists Clinical Research and Academic Committee. Tanner- Member, Department of Health COMA Panel on Child and Maternal Nutrition; Member, Research and Medical Advisory Committee, Cystic Fibrosis Trust; Member, Medical Advisory Committee, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Taylor- Member, Nutrition Working Group, Cystic Fibrosis Trust; Medical Advisor, National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Thomas- Faculty member, United Nations Bacterial Molecular Genetics Course (Trieste), Tidy- Council Member, British Gynaecological Society. Tucker- Prestige Visiting Professor, University of Otago, NZ., ESRA lecture, European Society of Regional Anaesthesia; Expert Advisory Board, Committee on Safety of Medicines; Committee Member, British Pharmacological Society; Lilly Prize, BPS 2000; IUPHAR Councillor. Underwood- Vice-President, Royal College of Pathologists; President, British Division, International Academy of Pathology; Editor, Histopathology. Weetman- Henning Lecture, Endocrine Society of Australia; Invited review, New England Journal of Medicine (Medical Progress; Graves Disease); Founder Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences; Member, MRC Advisory Board; Secretary, the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland; Editor, Clinical Endocrinology. Wells- President elect, International Society of Gynaecological Pathologists; President, British Gynaecological Cancer Society; General Secretary, Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Whyte- Council Member, Royal College of Physicians; Member, European Research Society Long-Range Planning Group; Member, Wellcome Trust Clinical Interest Group; Member, Scientific Committee of British Lung Foundation. Wood- Vice-President, Transplantation Society; Council Member, Vascular Surgical Society.

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